5 Ecig Attachments We May See Soon

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The e-cigarette market is continuing to pour out products, but manufacturers are always in hopes for that next hit item. What if the idealists run out of ideas though? – We may end up seeing manufacturers create silly e-cig attachments in the future.

Here’s 5 future silly e-cig attachments we may see:

1. Flashlight Attachment

Though we’ve already seen this attachment come to light, many may be unaware of it. Since there is such a huge market for flashlight enthusiasts (my grandpa collects them), it’s very possible to see an e-cig flashlight attachment take off within our market. The attachment can also be very useful; having a hard time seeing the keyhole in your car one late night, unscrew your atomizer and shine the light with your flashlight attachment. Vapor Moon already sells the Saber Flashlight, which makes use of 9 LED’s and a 510 threaded connection.

saber flashlight

2. Vibrator Attachment

It may sound a bit silly to have a vibrating attachment for your e-cig, but surprisingly it has already been thought of and created, all within a standard cartomizer. I first seen the vibrator attachment a little while after I started vaping, back in the Elixir days (JD’s show). No worries though, it was used as a gag gift… I think. Anyhow, there’s obviously some weird interest in this type of attachment – I found a Reddit post with vapers ready to mod it up.

coming soon
No pun intended!

3. Toothbrush Attachment

Although a toothbrush e-cig attachment may sound a little far fetched, it’s very possible. Just think of the possibilities; blow Reach out of the water with the latest tooth germ fighting powerhouse, the future of teeth cleaning, the e-cig toothbrush attachment!

electric toothbrush

4. USB Attachment

The Innokin MVP already does this, but you may see it become an attachment. The USB attachment will allow you to charge other devices, like your cell phone or mp3 player by the flip of a switch and connecting the device to your e-cig USB attachment.

innokin mvp usb

5. Fan Attachment

Want to beat the heat? – Why not use an ecig fan attachment to cool off. We’ve all seen the hand fans, imagine a hand fan attachment for your e-cig. This one is very silly, but with the pace of our e-cig market, I wouldn’t doubt that some e-cig manufacturer on Alibaba would create it.

hand fan

These attachments are very silly indeed, but can never be ruled out within our market. We’re seeing these devices used for many ways, such as the latest MP3 Player e-cig… so as the famous hair slinging superstar once said, never say never. (joke anyone?!)

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