How To Be A Model Vaper

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media-spoonfeeding-cartoonThe electronic cigarette industry has pretty much had smooth sailing, other than the bans we continue to fight and the media who spread propaganda. Many electronic cigarette users are more than interested in beating the media and proving their misleading and untruthful stories for what they are. The part that is difficult about doing this is that it’s everywhere and seems like a force that can’t be reckoned with. Fortunately for us, we’re everywhere too. That said, we can use our large numbers and reach to beat the media, and represent ourselves as model vapers.

Here’s 3 tips on being a model vaper:

1. Knowledge

Having knowledge about the electronic cigarette industry as a whole is one prominent key factor to beating the media. Obviously, knowing what you’re talking about is a great advantage. However, misleading information and bogus stories can float around and you have no way to stop it, but if each person has the knowledge and can stand to correct it, the bad-mouthing media becomes completely crippled even after delivering its message. Having knowledge of the electronic cigarette industry and everything that involves it is very beneficial if you yourself can depict the difference between the truths and the lies, and then make everyone else aware of them.

2. Awareness

Awareness is a must within this industry. It is what has driven this industry to such success, but the awareness of electronic cigarettes must continue to stay strong and we must strive even further to make those near and afar aware of the benefits using electronic cigarettes as an alternative. For starters, using your knowledge of this industry to counter bogus stories released by the media will be a major gain, but it’s also the little things that play a large factor as well, such as using your electronic cigarette in public, attending vaping meets, rallying with fellow vapers, giving business to your local vape shops and helping those around you seperate the truths from the lies.

3. Community

It’s a joint effort, and one of the biggest advantages vapers have over the media is community. As a community we can make a stand and the volume in our voices will increase much more than if there was only one of us. By banding together, informing each other and staying on top of the happenings with this industry, we’re the force to be reckoned with.

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