Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review

Vapor 4 Life is the Award Winning smoking sensation that offers the user the ability to enjoy a cigarette that is free of tar, tobacco, and many of the other chemicals and substances found in traditional cigarettes. V4L's new Vapor Zeus is an amazing addition to their proud product line.

Blu Cig Reviews

Blu Cigs come from the same marketing geniuses that sell ketchup popsicles to women in white gloves. This e-cig comes in a sleek, stylish, minimal design on a standard magnet flap box with a matte finish.

Volcano Inferno Review

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes is one of Americas top electronic cigarette providers. They offer nearly limitless options from their Volcano Kit, Magma Kit and Inferno kit to liquids, Clearomizers, Tankomizers and more. With so many accessories and upgrades, Volcano is certainly making a name for themselves.

Stog Classic Bundle Review

Warning: Stog is no longer available for purchase, we recommend one of these quality starter kits instead: V2 Cigs Blu Cigs Green Smoke Bedford Slims Volcano Presentation/Packaging 5/5 The Stog Classic Kit comes in a small, white top-slide box with with a logo that's more American than a 99MPH fastball of apple pie to the face. The contents inside are neatly organized in their own faux felt compartments, adding the benefit of not having to dig through a bunch of cheap plastic or cardboard dividers to get at what you…

Stog E-Cig Reviews

Stog's presentation is a no-nonsense dose of American attitude, and the product follows through on the promise. The reliable and comfortable battery, big vapor production and insanely convincing flavors make it an incredible product for the transition away from smoking. And with the addition of their ultra-slim PCC, this kit is made truly portable.

South Beach Smoke Reviews

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Kit has received some serious improvement to the battery with 4.2 volts of power and a crystal red-lit LED. With some improvement to their flavors could become one of the best around. For right around $60, it's still a good value as it is.

WetFlame Electronic Cigarette Reviews

The WetFlame Hydro ECig Kit speaks directly to its name. The graphics on the outer portion of the box look like rushing water. The various grades of blue and waterfall effect make the box an eye-catcher. With a quality product and top-notch customer service, the WetFlame brand has proven it will be around for a long time.

Volt E-Cig Sealed Automatic Battery Review

Overall (Not An Average) 5/5 This is something a little different form what we'd normally do, but we felt that this product from Smokeless Image (part of their Volt line) warranted its own review. It may seem a little silly- it's just an automatic battery, right? Well, it's a sealed automatic battery which is something that we haven't really seen before in the e-cig world, especially in this class of products- mini or micro batteries. Smokeless Image has essentially taken their KR808D battery used in the Volt and modified…

Smoke Revolution VGO

Presentation/Packaging 4/5 The Smoke Revolution VGO Kit comes in a small black box with a weaved matte finish and the simple “Vgo” logo bearing the tagline: “For high quality and life enjoyment”. They’re definitely keeping it simple here but the box comes with everything you need to get started with an eGo, including a leather pouch to carry the assembled unit. It would’ve been nice if they got a little more creative with the box but it’s really a non-issue, it’s simple but appealing enough. Battery/Responsiveness 4.5/5 I’m

Firebrand Firebolt Review

Packaging and Presentation 3/5 The Firebolt by Firebrand comes in a black or white (depending on flavor) box, the same dimensions as your standard cigarette pack. Unfortunately, the flip-top isn’t actually there, it’s just a normal flap that comes open. You can also modify foam inserts in the box to hold your one battery, three cartomizers and charger at easy access. The box benefits from Firebrand’s sense of graphic design, which pulls it off better than other similar cigarette-pack boxes. More importantly, it has all the…