Aqua Vapor Pro DSE901 Review

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Packaging and Presentation 4/5

The Aqua Vapor DSE901 is a medium sized sleek little number sporting black on black stripes and standout white lettering. The logo on the front is somewhat modern and tribal at the same time. While the box is not large – like a cigar box – it is also not pocket sized. It would fit into a large handbag or backpack, but nothing smaller. Its also one of those “trick” boxes – it looks like a cover that the box slides out of, but is really a magnetic closure type of box.

Battery/Responsiveness 5/5

The battery for the Aqua Vapor ECig is about the same size as a regular cigarette with a life of around 3 hours. It looks unusual in that it has a button on the side that engages the battery. Don’t push the button – don’t get the vapor. This was a little uncomfortable at first and took some getting used to since you couldn’t hold the ecig as you normally would and smoke. The ecig was also very reminiscent of the Roaring 20’s as it utilizes a tapered mouthpiece. It reminded me of an old black and white movie where Greta Garbo was smoking the foot long cigarette in the black mouthpiece. The packaging included a USB charger as well as a wall charger for easy accessibility in recharging the battery. It takes about an 2 ½ hours to completely recharge the battery using either method.

Vapor/Flavor 4/5

Once you remember to push the button, the vapor was outstanding. The longer you push it, the more vapor. I was very impressed with not only the amount of vapor, but also the flavor. The flavor was comparable with a regular medium flavored cigarette. Since the cartomizers were extremely small (enclosed in the mouthpiece) and the ecig itself was 3 pieces, I expected to lose flavor and vapor and was pleasantly surprised when this didn’t happen. The cartomizers, though small, packed a good punch and lasted longer than some of the other ecigs I have sampled.

Overall 4/5 (Not an average)

The AquaVapor Ecig is something I think I would like to own. Although the box won’t fit in a pocket, the charger will. The solid black, 3 piece ecig looked sophisticated and smoked like a dream. This one is definitely worth the cost.

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  1. Stephen says

    I love the vapor, and the taste to me (menthol) was really good. With the PCC I can load it up with 2 battery and 5 cartridges and it lasts me all day. When a battery goes dead, I screw it into the PCC, take out the one thats charged and keep right on vaping. The PCC is a nice size about the same as a pack of cigarettes so it’s easy to carry around.

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