Aqua Vapor Electronic Cigarette Reviews

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Packaging/Presentation: 4/5

The Aqua Vapor EGO Starter Kit comes in a tank or cartridge style electronic cigarette, unlike the two-piece kit that I have reviewed by the company in the past. The product comes packaged in a black, square box, with the brand name and logo on the outside. The inside is packaged in two layers. On the top layer, you will see that the kit comes with two batteries, along with heat protectors. On the bottom layer, you will find the USB and wall chargers along with the manual.

Battery/Responsiveness: 3/5

The battery on the Aqua Vapor Ego Starter Kit was outstanding! It lasted for a little over a day at a time for me, and when I was charging the battery, I could use the other one that comes in the kit as my back-up, so I never went without smoking. The Responsiveness was not an issue as it’s a manual eGo battery. The battery gave enough power so it produced thick, vapor with each draw. I was really impressed with the battery overall.

Vapor/Flavors: 5/5

As mentioned earlier, the vapor was produced in thick, smoky clouds that were very satisfying and realistic as a previous smoker. The flavors offered with the Aqua Vapor Ego Starter Kit were phenomenal. They definitely have the most original flavors that I have seen and tried so far. For instance, the product has a Rbull flavor that is very comparable to the energy drink, Redbull, which I have never seen with an ecig before. They also offer blueberry, multiple tobacco flavors, menthol, and many many more. The array of flavors only added to the satisfaction with the vapor that was produced by the Aqua Vapor Ego Starter Kit.

Overall: 4/5 (Not An Average)

Overall, I was very happy with the Aqua Vapor Ego Starter Kit. It was a very exceptional eGo battery product, and I would definitely recommend it to any one interested in trying out e-liquid. The contents were packaged well, the battery life was great, and the vapor and flavors were outstanding.

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  1. Peggy Sykes says

    This is by far the best e-cig around. Not only is it the best product, but the best price also.

  2. Darren says

    I purchased from Aqua Vapor and was not impressed. The logo on the Battery looks way to much like a cult symbol and I didnt really want to carry it around for that fact….If I could have.

    It worked for a couple of draws and the taste was blaaa….Then just stopped working period.

    I got frustrated, forgot about it for a while and then came across it one day. Said “hey, ill try and charge this up one more time and maybe it will magically work!”…..WRONG! The entire battery got SOOOO hot it dangerous!

    I emailed Aqua Vapor and they said …. “buy a new….So Sorry!”

    I said …No thanks, you fooled me once!

  3. Keith says

    Bottom-line is that AquaVapor has a plethora of starter packages to suit your needs AND at a very good price. Their “juice” is also great and made here in the USA. I got the PCC starter package. The PCC is a personal charging case that can be used to charge your batteries while you’re on the road or away from an A/C outlet. The PCC is in itself a battery which charges batteries. You can charge ecig batteries up to 16 times without having to charge the PCC. You can’t beat AquaVapor’s juice either. Great prices and great flavors. I highly recommend AquaVapor.

  4. Danny says

    I received the kit in 3 days. Batteries were charged right out of the box and ready to use. I got the prefilled menthol carts on the classic 4081 with a PCC and salem menthol juice. Love the product and will be using aquavapor for all my vaping needs. A plus is they PCC kit works with a battery I already had from another supplier. I must say though that the aquavapor batteries are better so I’ll probably retire the other ones I have.

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