Aqua Vapor 510 One

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Packaging/Presentation: 3/5

The Aqua Vapor 510 One is a two piece ecig with cartomizer and manual battery. Kits come with wall charger, usb plug and the ever handy charging pack.  The charging pack has a nice sleek look, basic black with a neon green logo reminiscent of a Type O Negative album cover which is a plus for me.  The pack holds five cartomizers, battery and another plus; a a slot that holds an assembled cigarette. The only downside is that the lid will not close all the way with an assembled cigarette inside. Depending on how particular you are about that sort of thing, it can be easily overlooked.  What it lacks in that area it more than makes up for the easy organization and portability as well as a handy meter that displays the battery life of the pack.

Battery/Responsiveness: 3/5

This kit had  a manual battery, of which  I was not a fan.  The button on it is particularly large and protruding but on the a manual battery conserves battery life. After several draws through out the day however, I feel that for a manual battery it could have lasted a little longer. It seemed to die after a some heavy draws over the course of few hours but again it has a handy charging pack which seems to charge quickly and since it comes with two you’ll have one on hand at all times.  The charging pack itself is quite excellent.  It retained a charge for several days after quite a few battery rotations. The draw is not too bad.  It makes a bit of pop with a new cartomizer once you start but the pull isn’t too hard and it produces a nice heavy vapor.

Vapor/Flavors: 2.5/5

The flavor of I tried was a tobacco.  It has subtle undertones of tobacco but it could stand to be a little more.  The taste is still noticeably artificial and a little bit like the smell of a fog machine and once the cart starts to run out the artificial flavor becomes more abrasive.  If you’re the type that likes to milk your cartomizers for all they’re worth, I wouldn’t recommend it.  You’ll be quick to switch to a new one once the flavor runs out and the aftertaste kicks in. But if the regular tobacco doesn’t tickle your fancy the Aqua Vapor does offer the refillable cartomizer and a variety of liquids and of course there’s always menthol.  As far as throat hit goes, it is smooth but not too sharp.  It’s good for those who prefer a more mild sensation.

Overall: 3/5 (Not An Average)

Overall I give the Aqua Vapor 510 a 3 out of 5.  The packaging and portability of the charge pack makes it convenient and attractive, all though there is the minor flaw of the lid not closing all the way.  The battery is dependable but the flavor leaves a little to be desired but it satisfies none the less.

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