Aqua Vapor Classic RN4081 Review

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Packaging and Presentation 2/5

The Aqua Vapor was packaged in a small magnetic drop box, with a very “corny” use of branding. The box had black and grey stripes with a branding symbol that was supposed to be an “A” and “V” (I assume). The contents were packaged individually within the box, and I did not find a manual that would help explain how to use the product to a beginner. For example, I am not a beginner, but the flavored cartomizers were very confusing in trying to figure out how to apply them to the battery to change to a menthol flavor. The product came with a USB and wall charger, and I am a huge fan of the USB. It’s very accessible and convenient for travel. Over all, I was disappointed in the presentation and packaging

Battery/Responsiveness 2.5/5

The battery had a fairly decent life. It seemed to last on average for around 3 hours, at least, before needing recharged. It had a cheap, “plastic-y” feel to it, which made me feel like I was smoking on a toy. The sensitivity of the battery was also decent at best. It took a deep breath to get a satisfactory amount of vapor from the product. The Aqua Vapor’s responsiveness wasn’t as sensitive as most of the other products that I have tried in the past, and therefore I wasn’t very satisfied.

Vapor/Flavor 2.5/5

The Aqua Vapor produced an abundant amount of vapor which I was very satisfied with. The only throwback to this was that it took an excessive inhale to get just the right amount of vapor out of the product. The vapor was very realistic, however, and looked like actual smoke in the air, as it lingered for a few seconds after each exhale. The flavor of the Aqua Vapor was fair. With the classic tobacco flavor, I didn’t think it was the best flavor I had ever tried, but it definitely wasn’t the worse tobacco flavor that I had ever had.

Overall 2.5/5 (Not an average)

Overall, I wasn’t very happy with the Aqua Vapor. It’s branding and packaging seemed corny to me, and it was confusing to assemble other flavored cartomizers to the battery when I wanted to change flavors. The battery had a decent life, but it wasn’t sensitive enough for my taste. I was satisfied with the vapor, and I thought the flavor was ok, even though it had room for improvement. If this was the first e-cig product that I had ever tried, I don’t know if I would still be an electronic cigarette fan today. Luckily, there can be improvements made, to enhance the Aqua Vapor to make it stand up to the other excellent products out there on the market today.

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