Apollo Mini Kit Review

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Presentation/Packaging 5/5

The Apollo ECig packaging is a very classic little black box.  It reminded me of watching old movies of the Roaring 20’s with all the elite having their little cigarette cases.  The box is about the size of a normal pack of cigarettes and is very lightweight and easy to handle.  The closure on the box is very secure and does not open at will when in a purse or pocket.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

The battery for the Apollo ECig is sleek and slim – compared to my actual cigarette it is an exact match in size.  I expected the battery to be heavier than it was, but found that, when necessary, I could hold it between my lips without feeling like I was going to drop it.  Although the responsiveness was adequate for my taste, I must say that I was a little disappointed in the battery life.  After 2 ½ hours, it was time for a recharge, but I did heavily use the unit (I used to chain smoke.)  The recharging process was extremely easy as the box contains a recharger and extra battery.  When the recharger in the box runs low, you just plug into any USB outlet and you’re ready to go in no time.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

I was thoroughly impressed with the flavor and vapor produced by the Apollo ECig after the first couple of minutes.  When first drawing on the ECig, I noticed that my lips were damp and sticky.  I rubbed my finger across the end of the cartomizer and noticed a slight moisture.  Once the “newness” wore off, the flavor reminded me of the taste of an actual “light” cigarette (not full flavor).  When exhaling I thought I was smoking an actual cigarette as there was plenty of vapor being expelled.

Overall 4/5  (Not An Average)

I am exceptionally pleased with the Apollo ECig as a substitute for my continual pack.  The only disappointment was that once you look at the package you expect a slim sophisticated cigarette – go back to the old movies and check out the cigarette holders and really long cigarettes.  Maybe I expected a black battery and cartomizer to complete the classic look of the box. Still, design squabbles aside, I think it’s a great kit for the beginner.

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