Anatomy of a Box Mod

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Just like learning biology, understanding the basic knowledge of the anatomy of your box mod is important. This will allow you to easily set up and maintain your device.

Generally, all box mods contain the following parts:

  • Battery

The battery is the life of your vape kit. This is where the power lies. Your battery power determines how much resistance your device can handle.

Some vape mods come with built-in batteries, while others are removable. The latter is more common. A good battery can last for many cycles before it eventually dies out.

For box mods, the bigger the size of the box mod, the longer the battery life. Most mods have a battery output of between 40 to 100 watts. However, there are some multi-celled regulated box mods such as the Smoant Battlestar 200W TC Box Mod which is powered by dual 18650 batteries.

  • Main Body

This mod is essentially the “brain” of your vape mod. It allows you to regulate how much power is being supplied to your atomizer. Vape mods come in different types and shapes.

This is where most of the tasks are carried out. It houses the battery, and it features the controls to regulate the resistance and wattage of the device. Most mods are compatible with different tanks. There is a connection port on top of most mods for attaching your tank.

If you are a beginner,  choose something handy such as the Smok X-Priv Baby box mod kit. This device is simple enough to be suitable for beginners, but it does an impressive job in terms of performance. If you are an advanced vaper, you can opt for a more sophisticated device like the Smok H-PRIV 2 Box Mod or the Lost Vape Furyan Mech Mod.

Now that we have looked at the basic features of a box. Let us look at the other components of a vaping device.

  • Atomizer

There are a lot of atomizers to choose from on the market. Most of the latest atomizers have a diameter of between 22mm to 25 mm, but some are bigger. It can be tricky to pick the right atty, by the way. Choosing bigger airflow holes means enjoying bigger clouds but weaker flavor. Smaller airflow holes give you great flavor, but the vapor production is weak.

There are two types of atomizers; those with disposable coils and those with rebuildable coils. The former is recommended for newbies while the latter is more suitable for experienced vapers.

  • Coils and wires

Coils are the heating element of your vaporizer. The most common types of coils are made of Kanthal, Nichrome, Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel.

Kanthal coils are recommended for beginners since it has a high resistance. There are also special wires like Clapton Wire and Alien Wire designed for vapers who are into cloud chasing and flavor chasing.

  • Wick

The purpose of the wick is basically to absorb your vape juice so it can be vaporized by the heated coil. The type of wicking material you should use depends on your personal preference. Some of the most common types of wicks are Cotton, Stainless Steel Mesh, and Silica Wick.

  • Vape juice

What is the use of having a good set-up if you do not have an e-juice? There are tons of vape liquids available on the market. E-juice flavors range from fruity and candy to mint and tobacco. E-liquids come with different nicotine strength levels.

There are many benefits to buying a box mod. It allows you to enjoy temperature control vaping among other things. If you want a lot of power from your device, a box mod is the best option for you. Box mods also have long battery life.

There are a box mods on the market from different brands. Check out to find out the best box mods on the market and where to get them at affordable prices.

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