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Dressing sense is the first-ever impression that anybody can make on others. Thus it adds points to your

personality if it is perfectly managed. You can wear any dress you want, whether it’s long, short, flat, etc.

There are many possibilities, but the right choice can make you look perfect. Your body shape determines

what should wear, so do not go after trends. You should choose your dress which accentuates your natural

features. Let us find out what is the most suitable dress according to your body type.



Rectangle body:

If you have a straight and athletic body, you fall in the rectangle body shape category. In this case,

wrap dresses allow you to stand out. It makes your curves prominent and highlights your

torso. Furthermore, you can add flow bottoms that help to enhance your curves. Color blocking can

highlight your shape and will give you a more defined waist. Low rise pair of jeans will help you to balance out your torso.


Apple Body:

In this body type, you will have a full torso and graceful thin legs. In this case, A-line dresses show off your legs. A V-shaped neckline flatters your chest and gives a vertical look. A shift dress is suitable to hide bulky parts around the tummy. Boot cut jeans are also a great way to highlight your figure.



In this body type, you have equally proportional shoulders and hips with the slim waist. You can show off

your figures with the help of body-hugging dresses. A slim wrap dress can also help you to define curves

and draws attention towards your waist. Furthermore, high rise skinny jeans will help you to make your

curves more beautiful.


Inverted triangle:

Broad shoulders and a narrow lower body are the traits of the inverted triangular body shape. In this case,

you need to highlight your lower part to keep a balance between the upper and lower half. You can

keep your top simple and le bottom stand out. Ruffles and flow skirts add volume, which helps to make

your curves more prominent. Furthermore, you can wear sleeveless dresses which do not broaden your

shoulders anymore. Wide leg jeans that will balance out your lower part will give you a fantastic look. Check more dresses design here.


Pear body:

This body type is the opposite of an inverted triangle. This body type consists of a narrow proportion of

shoulders as compared to the hips. You can wear off-shoulder dresses that highlight your shoulder and

balance your body. Furthermore, wrap dresses can draw attention towards your chest, and a slim-fitting skirt will highlight your natural curves. You can wear jeans with a contoured waistband with

a mid or high rise waist, which will keep your hip and thigh area slim for the jeans.


Spoon shape:

If you have a larger proportion of hips than the upper half and a defined waistline, you fall in the spoon shape category. Straight skirts and pencil skirts give a beautiful look to this body shape. Ruffled and

puffy blouses give more attention to the shoulders and highlight your arms. The fabric fits best around your butts and hips.



Triangle body type:

In this body type, shoulders are less in proportion as compared to the lower body. You can wear

jackets, blazers, denim jackets, or even a sweater to highlight your shoulder area. You can go for t-shirts with dark colors which makes your shoulder wider. You can also wear a shirt with vertical patterns to

balance out. It would help if you avoided polo t-shirts. When it comes to hips, do not wear something baggy or large, which can disturb your proportion.


Inverted triangle:

This body type has traits opposite to that of triangle one. In this body type, you should avoid skinny jeans.

You can go for a straight cut, which will add weight to your lower proportion. You can add a belt that

diverts attention towards the waist. V neck shirts look amazing on this body type. Avoid crew neck t-shirts which can divert attention towards the chest. It would help if you also avoided jackets that have a lot of paddies.


Rectangle body type:

In this body type, there is an equal proportion of the shoulders, waist, and hips. In this case, you can go for the odd pair of jackets and trousers, which will define a fine line between your upper half and lower half. You can go for button-up shirts, turtle neck t-shirts to give your shoulder a wider look. Coats, blazers, and double padding jackets will also suit your body. Follow for more dresses


Oval body type:

This body type has a proportion of waist more than that of the shoulders and hips. For this body shape, low colored shades with the dark-colored pants draw attention towards the lower part of the body.

Moreover, you can wear a jacket for a balanced look. You should avoid turtle neck t-shirts and wide crew

neck t-shirts. You can go for round neck t-shirts. You can wear shirts with dark colors with vertical stripes, which make the chest stand out.


Trapezoid body type:

This body type is closer to the inverted triangle shape but has less proportion of the shoulders than the inverted triangle. This body type can wear almost all types of outfits because it is

balance in nature. All the body types mentioned above try to maintain such a posture that will make them

look like a trapezoid body.

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