Volt E-Cig Sealed Automatic Battery Review

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Reviewed on 11/03/11

Overall (Not An Average) 5/5

This is something a little different form what we’d normally do, but we felt that this product from Smokeless Image (part of their Volt line) warranted its own review. It may seem a little silly- it’s just an automatic battery, right? Well, it’s a sealed automatic battery which is something that we haven’t really seen before in the e-cig world, especially in this class of products- mini or micro batteries. Smokeless Image has essentially taken their KR808D battery used in the Volt and modified it to be impervious to damage from e-liquid. Automatic batteries traditionally have a hole right in the center of where they contact the carto/atomizer which allows airflow to activate the sensor and turn the battery on. Unfortunately, this makes them very susceptible to destruction by e-juice leaking through and into this hole. With this battery, that hole is gone and likewise gone is the danger that liquid can enter the battery- just like a manual battery, while preserving the automatic function.

If you’ve been dripping e-liquid in a unit with an automatic battery, there’s no need start panicking that your battery may be dead. However, dripping with an automatic can be risky as it’s not that difficult to suddenly kill your battery, especially if you get a little crazy with your e-liquid. If you already drip into an automatic KR808D unit like the Volt, Bloog, Halo, Vapor 4 Life and so on I would highly recommend picking this battery up for that purpose alone. You’ll be able to use all your same cartomizers or atomizers in an automatic function and do it worry-free. While doing the demonstration in the video, I used this battery with a cartomizer that was absolutely flooded, and the unit wasn’t damaged in the least. I wouldn’t recommend trying that at home just for fun though either.

Overall, this is a nice addition to the Volt kit or any KR808D unit/system, especially if  you currently are or want to start using e-liquid. And it’s only $12.95, which is a fantastic price for a battery of any type. Our applause goes to Smokeless Image for providing this simple but thoughtful innovation.

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