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14500 ego VV from ConstantVapor...

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:06 am
Okay... so here's another review that is long over due. I must say that I am glad I waited though. A review during the first week would not have been so good. But since getting used to it... well, I use it a LOT!

Image ... -900MAH-VV

So, first off is how you put the battery in... the bottom half of the unit is the battery tube and it screws apart right smack dab in the middle of it! Not sure why it was done this way instead of a bottom cap type of configuration.. but it works. Now secondly... the voltage controls are on the bottom of the top half of the unit... yep... right in the middle of the unit! The voltage contol buttons are very well made. They don't feel or look cheap or flimsy at all! 3 volts to 6 volts in .1 increments!! This is such a nice feature. It works as it should... up, down and even if you hold both buttons down for a few seconds.. the lock of the voltage. This is definitely a nice feature - especially with the placement of the controls in the middle. It is a tad bit longer than the ego Twist 1000mah.... ya, that long! But, it also has all of the VV that the Twist does not. After a learning curve of figuring out the best most comfortable way to hold this unit... well, it's a faithful companion now! I love, love, love to use my full size vivi nova on it! And with the full VV.. I can utilize some of the higher ohm heads and find that "sweet spot" with juices.
It came with the unit its self, two 14500 batteries, a convenient plug straight into the wall charger and since it was a prize... a 5 pack of SR cartos. The 14500 batteries are not the longest lasting especially at higher voltages but, they also take no time to charge and with the two batteries... no worries! and if you vape at lower voltage you of coarse get some more life from your batts. It is an ego ultimately so anything you can thread onto your ego will fit this as well. That is VERY nice!
Ultimately.. this is a nice, well built pv. It has full VV features 3-6 volts, a puff counter, battery life on the LCD and ego/510 threads. It solid and works as it should. I have not had one issue with it at all! Once you've gotten used to the controls in the middle (which doesn't take that long).... You have a great PV! I'm really happy with it.