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Thankful for a Vendor - Win a Tesla Mod

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:59 pm
This contest will be a little more involved because this is a very big prize. :shock:

To be entered, you have to write a letter (100-300 words) to a vendor who has influenced your vaping journey. This would be a thank you letter to the vendor as if you're writing directly to them, not to the ECA staff. I know we all have a vendor or two that have made us feel important or special to them. They may have gone above and beyond with their customer service, talked to you personally, or just had a product that changed the way you vape.

The winner of this contest will be picked by the ECA staff. This person will win the Tesla mod by iVape! Below are pictures:

We will also have 2 runner-up prizes. These will be a surprise!!

***This contest will end Feb 27th at 4pm est***

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:16 pm
Dear Halo and Staff:

There were so many vendors to choose from and juices and just where does a person start. Thanks to your great customer service and your personal forum I have been off analogs for almost six months now.
Remember when I was learning the g6 battery well it was learning for sure and even though I had over filled the carto you replaced it once anyway and proceeded to send a personal e-mail of how to do a better job and save my battery life.
I also discovered it is not good to put the wrong end in your mouth because moisture ruins them :lol: :lol: :lol: Ok I was sleep vaping that morning.
Thanks for all the free samples of juice when I ordered with you. I will always be a fan of halo. And because of the great people in your forum I discovered ECA I have learned a great deal there, made friends and even got a bottle of your Juice with points.
Thanks for the cool T-shirt at X-mas and I will be ready for your next t-shirt contest on the shirt most needed to be replaced :!: :lol: :lol:
Just signing
Kelli from Ky
(as a regular customer I think you will know me by that) :D
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:22 pm
Dear Joyetech, I would just like to say how thankful I am that I came across your website. Before I did I was smoking a pack of Newports everyday. One of my friends told me about electronic cigarettes so I went online to check it out. I went to a whole bunch of different forums, and most of them said that the Joyetech was the best company for selling electronic cigarettes, and E - Juice. I did some research, this was a WHILE ago, and I heard about the eGo-t. I told myself that if I really wanted to stop smoking I should get the best available electronic cigarette on the market. I went to one of your joyetech vendors called Good Vapes. So I got on the Good Vapes website, and immediately went to the customer support. I called them up, and usually when I call customer services, they take forever, Good Vapes, on the other hand took me to a representative almost immediately. She showed me how to order what I needed, and also when I asked about the kit she said that it was the most popular kit that they had, and it was "flying" off the shelves. I ordered the e-Go-T Starter kit which came with a whole bunch of stuff. This kit came with two manual batteries, two tank atomizers, a USB and wall adapter charger, five cartridges, a user manual, and even a carrying case to put the electronic cigarettes inside. It also came with a 10 ml bottle of E-juice, and you could pick whatever flavor you wanted. I picked menthol of course. You guys had it all figured out. You gave the customer exactly what they needed, if not more. It was my first electronic cigarette that I ordered so it felt like weeks to finally come in the mail, but in reality it only took about 3 days. I used flat rate USPS Priority shipping and it was about five dollars Three days was really fast for where I live. When I got it and tried it out, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I was never going back to smoking analogs. It was the coolest thing that I had ever seen. It felt like I was smoking a real cigarette, without all of the chemicals in it, and it even tasted better. After I used the ego-t for a while, I decided to do some more research on electronic cigarettes. I found a TON of information about the facts concerning them, and the new models they were making. All of this eventually led me to ecigadvanced, which my brother found first, which I am REALLY grateful for. I learned a ton of stuff about electronic cigarettes, made friends, and even reward points. So you guys led me to ECA which I am probably more grateful than the starter kit that I first purchased from you. I never thanked you guys, Joyetech for making the product and showing me one of your vendors, Good Vapes. So I wish that I thanked you guys earlier for opening so many doors for me, and actually got me off my pack a day habit for about 3 years now. I am a full time student, so I don't have much money to spend, but the batteries I got from the ego-t are still working perfectly fine. I just put a clearomizer on top because the atomizer burnt out and I didn't have the money to keep replacing them. So thank you Joyetech, and thank you Good Vapes for not only helping me quit cigarettes all together, but for also leading me to new and different websites that I could enjoy, ECA for example. I post blogs and forums, earn points, and I can get e-liquid for free, and that is a big help seeing as how I am pretty much broke. So once again Thank you Joyetech, and Good Vapes! You probably saved my life! :D I would rate the costumer service 9/10. I would rate the product 8/10, but the batteries a 10/10. So overall I would rate my experience a 9.3/10!
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:03 pm

I wanted to say, ”Thanks”.

I, as many other newbies, have felt overwhelmed, ignorant, and lost trying to figure out what to buy. With all the different batteries, mod, cartos, clearos, tanks, attys, tips, bingles, bangles, thing-a-majigs, do-hickies........ARGH!!!!!!!!! I many times just wanted to buy whatever and hope for the best. I searched site after site trying to make sense of it all, comparing kits, prices, accessories, and the like. I found most places to be somewhat helpful, but was still very unsure of what I was doing. Not the way I like or usually buy anything. Nothing worse than buying stuff and realizing you can't use it.

Then, I found !!! I saw that you had a good selection of most of the popular 'stuff', competitive pricing, and links to videos and other instruction. Great! However, as informative and helpful as these things are, none of them were the determining factor for me. What made me know I had found the site for me was that when I click on an category, kit, or item, not only do I find links after the description showing any essential item(s) that I may need to go with it, but at the bottom of the page, a complete group of all the compatible items that will work with that particular product. As soon as I realized what all that stuff was, I had such a feeling of relief. I no longer felt like a blind squirrel searching for a nut. I even, almost, felt like I knew what I was doing!

You took the fear out of decision making. You made mine and my wife's initiation into the world of vaping fun and worry free.

Thank you for this now and for many healthier years to come,

Bill Bybee
WARNING: The use of e-cigs is known to cause Clear lungs, Easy breathing, and Lack of coughing....... :D
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:04 pm
I would like to thank Mt. Baker Vapors, after sampling some pluid, I became obsessed with the flavor of pluid but to my chagrin pluid is almost always out of stock, then I heard about magic fairy and what do you know they are out of stock as well, this is when I was introduced to Mt. Baker Vapors about their Absinthe flavor and their "Build Your Own E Juice" so I ordered some Absinthe with a personal twist. I believe that it speaks volumes about a company that lets you be a "Do It Yourself" without "Doing It Yourself", and their customer service is outstanding, for example I ordered 11 parts of Absinthe, 4 parts Rum Tobacco, and 5 parts Orange with 2 extra shots of Absinthe on their site, and after placing the order I said oh crap I wanted a little more black licorice flavor, so I called the number on the site and behold I got someone right away and I told him my order number and requested to add more black licorice, and not only did he grant my request he also helped me to make sure the flavor profile was exactly as I wanted it based on my preferences, I thanked him for his superb customer service, and looked at my e-mail 2 hours later and holy crap they corrected my order and shipped it and sent me a tracking number, and I checked the tracking number at USPS and wow the tracking number had a status. I have to say that Mt. Baker Vapors is 5 stars in my book, and I consider them now my one and only e-liquid supplier.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:31 am
Dear Hoogie and Madvapes crew,
Its be a long relationship we have had. When I first entered the world of vaping, I had no idea what I needed. I started out on a 901. It did its job, but not well enough. Then I discovered Madvapes. I had a ton of newbie questions. You answered them all. Not once did you ever treat me like I was a fool. This was a real turning point in my vaping life.
You set me up with a 510. It was the bait. In no time I was hooked. I needed more power. You suggested the roughstack. It was a big step for me. I'm glad I had taken that step. Oh the power, the stamina of a big battery mod. There was no turning back. You started powder coating them. I asked if you were doing a purple one. You said no. I explained that it was for my better half and she would not use a roughstack unless it was pretty. Next thing I know, I'm getting a message stating a purple one was on its way. This opened up the vaping world to her. She has not looked back.
Hoogie and team, I want you to know what this all means to me. Because of all your help, We are going to live longer. We are going to get to spend more time with our kids. We have three and another on the way. (no she would not let me name the new one Hoogie). We will get to see our kids grow up and have kids of their own. Because of you, we have been healthy enough to help other make the switch. The switch to see their kids grow up.

Hoogie, I know you probably hear this all the time, But Thank You. Thank you for helping a couple have the time to enjoy their kids and the life to live.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:28 am
Hot summer day in the dirty streets of the Bronx, 1969. He steps out of the candy store with a coke and a pack of candy cigarettes. Skillfully, pops the top using his trusty Bowie knife; reality, it's a pen knife Grandpa gave him. Flicks the top into the street where thousands of caps embed the pavement. Opens his pack of candy cigarettes, pretends to light one. Is cool as can be.
Mounts his chopper, roars down the sidewalk. Reality, a Schwinn with baseball cards rubbing the spokes. Heads to friends building, enters through back door. Bottom of the stairs is a cigarette machine; tugs the levers and like Ali Baba saying "Open Sesame", the machine opens up. Filled! Someone forgot to lock it. That boy had a lifetime supply of smokes. Unfortunately, that boy was me.

Forty three years later I see Rip Trippers on YouTube, explaining how some electronic cigarette thing works. I watched, read and learned everything I could and finally made the decision to give e-cigs a try. I decided on a Provari and the AC9. Many question about the AC9, I knew squat. Rip and Brent of Vapinaze answered every question, and I had many. Never with condemnation or disrespect. I even received a personal call from Rip, that was a surprise.
There's companies that put out quality products but have snobbish attitudes. I wont buy from that type. That's not the case with Vapinaze. They have a top quality product and are always courteous and go out of their way to help; not only their customers, but the whole vaping community.
That little kid from the Bronx wants to say; thank you. Without your videos, guidance and especially your patience, I don't think I could have ever quit.
Again, thank you,
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:36 am
Tucson Az
February 15, 2013

Vaper Venue
8600 Beach Blvd. #103
Buena Park, Ca 90620

Dear Vaper Venue,
I just want to thank you for the great vaping experience by supplying me with great juice and the conversations we have had via Twitter. This personal touch is what makes a great business and a business that I will be not only buying more products from but will be visiting when I go to California for vacation and I am very excited about as much as going to Disneyland. I even bought a 120ml bottle to be filled full of Monkey Cream, hopefully it will last me more than a month, but thank you for your high quality and delicious juices that keep me off cigarettes. Not only is your Monkey Cream juice keeping me off cigarettes but it is also helping me with my sweet teeth(multi), I love sweet stuff but vaping your juice is helping me cut back on the sweets. The level of communication that you have shown via twitter was very helpful, telling me about juices coming up and suggestions on vaping gear. You have made a customer for life and will be telling all of my friends about you juices, store, and most importantly the level of customer service.

Thanks again,
Member of ecig advanced
Member of The Consumer Advocates For Smoke-Free Alternatives
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:03 pm
Dear LJ's Esmokes,

I would like to take some time to personally thank you for such a great operation you have running. Jake & Lee are incredibly friendly people and are not biased about their products over other companies products. I often feel weird or awkward telling a company that some other companies products might be priced better or better quality, but in the rare occasion I have mentioned this, there is no offense taken. Every time I come into the store, even if I am not buying anything, I have felt very welcomed as a part of the family. Jake is a very friendly person and always willing to teach people any tricks he might know or about any new product that might be around the corner. Most importantly, you guys have been honest & knowledgeable about your products. You are always willing to take the time to deal with new customers and help them with all the quirks and tribulations of new electronic devices. Your sampling tray has helped me realize what kind of juices I like, without paying. Your open arms to hold vape meets and workshops has even more so proven your hospitality to the community. You make your customers feel more like guests. I think your new location has truly helped. I am quite fortunate to have such a strong vendor only 20 minutes away, keep up the good work!!
Thanks again,
John Fellhoelter

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:42 pm
Dear Vapornine:
Thank you for helping me start my vaping journey with a reasonably priced Nebula Deluxe starter kit I bought from you a year ago. I bought from you, because you offered more in your kit at a lower price than the one I bought from a mall kiosk. With the PCC you offered in the kit, I was able to vape while I was out and about without worrying about running low on battery life. I also enjoyed the menthol cartomizers that came with the kit. The videos you provided on your website made it easy to learn the basics of vaping. And, when I needed a refund, you provided said refund quickly with no hassle whatsoever. Since then, I passed my kit to another smoker, and they are also ex-smokers.
Jen Askew