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What flavor would you recommend for a Marlboro light smoker?

    Kevin B
    Posted 6 years ago

    If you’re trying to find something to match your lights, I’d recommend trying out a “medium” flavor from your brand of choice. Most e-cig and e-liquid brands have one or more dark or full tobacco flavors and another medium-light flavor, which is the one you’ll want to look for. Keep trying different flavors, whether they be liquid or cartomizers until you find a couple you can really work with.

    Be sure to take a look at Halo as well, they have some of the best tobacco flavors around, and a good variety of them, so you’re likely to find something a little better than the standard light tobacco flavor.

    If you’re just making the switch though, I’d definitely recommend picking up some flavors that you really enjoy outside of smoking, as sometimes this is much more enjoyable than going for an imitation of your old cigarettes, only to be mildly disappointed.

    Whatever your favorite flavors are- vanilla, strawberry, coffee, cherry, chocolate – there are some great ones out there, and you’ll likely find the taste of tobacco not quite as good after trying one out for some time.

      Posted 6 years ago

      I couldn’t agree more on the second part Kevin.. I just made the switch and got a v2 sample to test out the vapors and found that my favorite ones weren’t tobacco flavors at all. Now I’m hooked on vaping menthol and never smoked menthol before in my life.
      Make sure to try different brands from time to time because the same flavor from one to the next can have and entirely different taste

        Posted 6 years ago

        I agree. Tobacco imitated has not been my favorite. If it is close I don’t like it. If it is not like v2 Red and Sahara it doesn’t taste anything like tobacco. Right now I am vaping Snickerdoodle with a touch of clove and red hot cinnamon mixed. (All three from Mrs. T’s bakery) For the risk of sounding cliche…OMG. It’s that warm and fuzzy sit by the fire with a good book and coffee or hot cocoa feeling. Warming sweetness going in and fresh rich cookie filling your senses on the exhale. I love the 2 different flavor sensation in one vape. Grape from Mrs. T’s with Tiki from Halo does the same. Sweet in then grape pop fizzy on exhale. Mr’s T’s rocks and mix em up. Be a vaporista!

          Posted 6 years ago

          For a Marlboro light smoker, probably either an RY4 or 555 blend of juice at about 8 to 12mg of nicotine. Unfortunantly there is no such thing as a true tobacco flavor, there are some that come close though. You can check various juice vendors, some have sample sizes available rather cheap so you can try and see what taste’s the best.

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