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What is the best (most reliable, longest lasting, and best TASTING) e-cig on the market???

    Posted 6 years ago

    Michael, It is pretty much personal preference! What ever works best for you! Some people think the joye510s’s are the best, some think Blu is, some think South beach is, Everyone is different on what they like or think works the best. Most people can’t afford to try every brand or type around, the best thing is find a place like Ecig Advanced here and read their reviews or join a forum like ECF and get in on the swap forums or classified forums where you can pick up different units generally at lower prices. I hope that helps you! Max.

      Posted 6 years ago

      Firebrand Electronic E-Cigerettes!! I’d go for the “Falcon” :)

        Kevin B
        Posted 6 years ago

        I definitely agree with you Max, in it’s very based on preferences. Let us know what you want out of an e-cig and we could probably give you a more specific answer, Michael.
        If you can answer a couple of these questions, we can definitely point you in the right direction:
        -What are some of your favorite flavors? (of anything: smoking, food, drink etc)
        -Would you rather have a big battery with longer life or a smaller battery that’s easier to hold?
        -Would you like to have the ability to drip (use liquids from different companies) or keep it simple and use cartomizers only?

        There’s so many choices in vaping, that’s what makes it so great and so much better than smoking!

        And all of the brands you see in our Top 10 are quality products that will be reliable and give plenty of lifetime use, among many others you’ll see in our general reviews.

        And I agree with Lillian as well- it’s hard to go wrong with Firebrand ;) – they have much to choose from.

          Posted 6 years ago

          I made the next step to using empties on the 510′s with Halo with their juice and ordered from Mrs. T’s. Much better then the prefilled carts on v2. But of course like above. Ecigadvanced is helping and encouraging us to shop around and see what works for us. Sounds like Ecigadvanced is accomplishing what they’ve set out to do. I am very happy with what I have, but hoping to keep trying other things. VARIETY BABY! Ty Kevin and Ecigadvanced

            Posted 6 years ago

            Big time answer about Halo vs v2 No burnt cartridges!!! The “flamegaurd on Halo’s does what it says! You can tell it’ needs refilling without gaging on the last 5 hits!!! That says a lot to me

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