Firebrand Menthol Ice E-Liquid

Kevin Burke
by Kevin Burke
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February 26, 2012

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The Menthol Ice name made a lot of sense to my taste buds. A combination of menthol and smoke, the Firebrand Menthol Ice made for a very realistic flavor. The vapor was produced in nice amounts by the VG-based e-liquid used by Firebrand. The mild smokey taste combined with a deep, strong menthol burst made for a well-rounded menthol, I was pretty impressed with the flavor.





One Response to “Firebrand Menthol Ice E-Liquid”

      RCO67 on February 23rd, 2013 3:39 pm

      This was the first juice I tried from the ECA VFF store. Just because it doesn’t take a lot of points to try Firebrand, don’t let that stop you from trying it . I liked it, you may like it too.

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