Yep, I’m a Hypocrite

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I’m sitting here, watching television, vaping as usual and I started laughing to myself. I don’t want to call myself a hypocrite, but I may have entered into that realm just a tiny bit. I’m ok with that. In this instance, being a hypocrite doesn’t make me a bad person. This time it means that like a lot of people, I got caught up in all the fun.

You see when I started vaping I swore that it was just to keep me off of cigarettes. I didn’t have the money to keep smoking and it was really starting to effect my health, so the cigarettes had to go. I didn’t expect to get wrapped up in all the hype and latest devices. All I was going to care about were what flavors I enjoyed and making sure my batteries weren’t dead. Yeah, that worked.

Within a couple of weeks I wasn’t satisfied with my Ego-T, I’d been reading too much on the forums (my first mistake), and I knew there were better delivery systems. Before I knew it I had a collection of cartomizers, clearomizers, atomizers, etc. I had found something that I preferred. I was happy. My vaping continued…

If I had stopped reading there, I’d have probably been OK, but I just couldn’t. I had to learn more. What are all these other things. I was curious. I decided to try variable voltage, I got a Twist. It was awesome. It had replaced my regular Ego. I realized I had advanced. I told myself that that was it. I’d stepped up. I was very happy with my Twist and Stardust. I didn’t need anything else. It gave me all the vaping experience that I needed. I was great.

I was wrong. I was like an addict. I had to have more. It kept going, I kept acquiring, and that was that. So now I sit here, with my Vtube and my tank setup and I laugh at myself. I was never going to go past my Ego-T and yet here I am. Yep, I got caught up. I’ve learned my lesson. I give up. But you know what, I’ve still not had a cigarette and I’m healthier than I’ve been since I was a teenager. I can live with being a hypocrite.

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  1. Shawn Hawkins says

    We swap one addiction for another. Great article.

  2. dino perris says

    This is one of the things I love about ecig advanced sharing your experiences & thought with my fellow vapors. Well morrinb I’ve discovered vaping is not really cheaper than smoking just a lot more funner & you feel healthier. With that said I became smoke free on may 1st 2012, I had been a part time vapor before this. Since everything is bought with a credit (online) I have all the reciepts saved so I decided to keep a total. Well to date, based on my smoking habit (pack a day=$6.00) & with the online ecig tracker i use to date I’ve spent about
    $200 more on vaping, ouch. I do believe as time goes on I will see a little in savings, because of the trial & error thing when you try something new. The main thing is that I feel healthier & don’t worry about second hand smoke as much around my kids, Yiasou.

  3. Michael says

    I too am a hypocrite! I will stand with you on this glorious smoke free day. I too started out with an Ego. Then it happened! I read a forum. I was doing this all wrong!!!! I can’t stand to do things wrong, I just can’t! So I started buying tanks, VV, building mods, and so on. Now I too am laughing. I am laughing and not losing my breath! It’s funny I read this today because I just posted something in the forum about receiving new vapemail today! If I wasn’t disabled I would have ran to the mailbox when I saw him put the package in there from the picture window of my living room! Vape on!!!!

  4. Sylvie says

    lol thought you were me for a minute there!!
    *grabbing my tube with tank on it*
    so where do we sign up to join the hypocrite club??

    great story 🙂

  5. Patthib says

    Haha…I don’t call this being a hypocrite, I call this being corrupted by the forums! I am just like you…My upgrade corruptions have all been from forums…a.k.a. ECA! LOL
    I do have to admit that I do believe that some of these upgrades are what made me a successful vaper. I am not sure I would have stuck with it long term if I was still using straight cartomizers with stick batteries. My vv tube mods on the other hand…well, I just wanted those! hehe

  6. Lincoln says

    I was spending $7.00 a pack, I was smoking a pack and a Half a day so that’s $10.50 a day on smokes, Now My wife smoked a Pack a day so we were at $17.50 a day, that’s $490.00 a Month ….. Sofar I have spent $45.00 on Starter Kit than I have purchased 4 Bottles already for a total of $23.96 I have been Vaping for 1 month sofar I have saved $421.00 ….. Will be Vapeing forever 🙂

  7. Holly DeLain says

    Sign me up in the club!! LOL Even trying my hand at doing some rebuildable stuff!!!
    Although, I can honestly say that I have saved some money. Maybe not as much as if I would’ve stuck with the cig-a-like batts and cartos… but I’m not really sure that I could have stayed smoke free with them either. So, money aside… I’m healthier, happier, have a cool new hobby and have been smoke free for 9 months now!!!
    I wouldn’t change a thing!!

  8. steven36 says

    the lore of the vape is to strong

  9. Karla Lyle (Msv8PR) says

    It is funny because I too started vaping to save money. Between my husband and I we were spending about $400 a month on vaping. Also started with an Ego and found it just wasn’t satisfying enough to keep me from cigarettes permanently. Now vaping does not just keep me from smoking but has become a full blown hobby. I really enjoy getting new things to try and juices to vape. So although I am not saving nearly as much money as i had planned I have gained more than just a replacement for smoking. It is something I enjoy and I LOVE getting new vapemail. Like Christmas all year round.

  10. Johnathan Brown says

    I think we pretty much all started with saving money in mind. But new toys and new jucies are just too awesome to pass up.

  11. slap_maxwell says

    I’ve been going through phases…started out like you described, then I did actually settle down and bought nothing new (except replacement stuff) for many months. Now, looks like I’m back on the Buy Stuff bandwagon again. 🙂 Where’s the club sign-in sheet?

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