Warning Labels Needed!!!

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Now I have always thought that all of the warning labels on products are stupid, like Warning HOT Coffee!! Come on really? my hot coffee  is hot I guess I shouldn’t spill it on my lap. But some warning labels are needed, for instance Pluid and other such liquids should have a warning on them to warn you that this juice can and will destroy plastic tanks. Adding warning labels should be a mandatory regulation that we as vapers should get behind. The MPAA(Motion Picture Association of America) is a collective group of people in the movie industry that self regulates, why shouldn’t we do the same for vaping. If we don’t regulate our self’s it gives the government more reason to take over.


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  1. Tyler says

    Defiantly a great idea.

  2. mjfive says

    great idea….

  3. Mike says

    I am still trying to find out for sure if citrus or gummi bears is a cause for broken tanks. Some say yes, some say no. I got two tanks, an one broke, and one is fine. So my tests were not conclusive.

  4. slap_maxwell says

    I’ve got no issues with voluntary labeling. However, “mandatory” can only be achieved at the point of a government gun. This should be a free market issue, IMO.

  5. aaron says

    Good idea. Most websites I have seen do tell what kind of tanks the juice will crack.

  6. Flux83 says

    I am going to speak to a few juice makers and suggest this concept.

  7. RCO67 says

    I agree with Slap. It should be voluntary. However, if this is what vapers want, we can contact our vendors and make this happen by telling them we want it. If enough vapers say they won’t by juice from vendors that don’t warn of potential tank cracking the vendors will respond.
    Of course they may just put a label on EVERY bottlewarning of tank cracking potential.
    The solution would be to use glass.

  8. Stephen W says

    I know that MBV List their tank crackers on their website. A good rule of thumb is that any citrus or cinnamon flavors are bad news for polycarbonate tanks.

    Sidenote: Since you mentioned the MPAA, you should check out a documentary on Netflix called “This Film is Not Yet Rated”. Interesting stuff!

  9. MrsCasey says

    That’s a great idea. I’d also like to see Vendors do this, on a voluntary basis.

  10. nick says

    i also agree with slap_maxwell. this issue doesnt have the potential to physically or mentally harm anyone (like cigs, movies, stopping chainsaw blade with your hand…). so, yeah i dont see the point of requiring certain labels. but it would be nice if the supplier and/or manufactures tested on various tanks and noted any potential issues, and write it off as r&d expenses.

  11. bybees3 says

    Huh, never thought about it. A simple idea with a whole spiderweb of issues.

  12. tiffany says

    it would be great if ALL the companies tested all of their juices for tank cracking, and even better told you apx. what volt or watts the juice was best at.
    It might be hard for companies that let you mix your own, but this is an idea that can easily evole into reality

  13. varguar says

    I can get behind this since I have had 4 tanks cracked due to juice!

  14. ninjanp says

    I’ve melted too many clearos because I didn’t know. We gotta do this.

  15. stogismkr says

    Great idea, makes me wonder why this has not been done already.

  16. ghostdogg79 says

    fully…..fully agree

  17. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    That is an excellent idea. I don;t use plastic tanks any more but this is a good thing to know.

  18. saboinia says

    good point very true

  19. kelli perkins says

    And may stop up your carto….

  20. cobaltjord says

    Love it! Definitely a must!

  21. Nathaniel` says

    This sounds like a great idea but I agree with the voluntary not mandatory.

  22. ManuDawg says

    I never cracked any tanks but I think it would be helpful to label juice as “Tank Crackin Juice”

  23. hostile says

    the problem is the malic acid content. polycarbonate plastic doesn’t play well with most acids. citric and malic most notably (which are both used in some juices). I think it’s a great idea, but a mandatory regulation?? wtf are you thinking? you want the juice police telling you how you can make your juice? bah.

  24. robovape says

    we’ll be easy pickin’s for the FDA if we start forcing regulations on ourselves… i think it’s good business for a vendor to warn you when a juice might crack a plastic tank, and some easily identifiable “universal” symbol would be totally awesome, but mandatory regulations are about to be a real problem for a lot of vappers and i’d personally like to limit them to as few as possible…

  25. Donald Hammond says

    I think that would be a great idea

  26. TheCrookedOne says

    Agreed ! Who wants the man holding their hand anyway …..

  27. Toweknee says

    I would have no problem doing this for my customers at all. Sometime new vapors will order a juice and not read the whole description. I think you can either add it to the existing label or put another one on. I would probably do the first.

  28. unclerj says

    Warning labels would be nice.

    But to be sure, just take some time to do a we bit of homework.

    Mt. Baker has an excellent list of tank crackers available on their website.

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