Vaping On the Road: Part 2

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I once again found myself on the road for five days with a low supply of juice. I try to plan this out, but like a low tank of gas, I still try to see how far I can go. Remind you of that Seinfeld episode when Kramer test drives a car for Jerry and both he and the salesman go for the limit of how far that car would go on a tank of gas?

I did plan ahead and ordered some juice to be delivered at my destination. Unfortunately, I did not care for it. Maybe it needs to steep. Is there a good cheesecake out there? So I start my search and was about to head to a local tobacco shop hoping they would have a few selections and saw an e-cig shop locally. I have never walked into an e-cig shop and was excited.

There is a great little shop in Bellingham, WA. They just moved in and the store front still has the old name…some bakery or food place. When I entered, it was a new store feel with a lounge area. Clearly, they are in process to get their “feel” down.

The clerk was great and instantly we had that e-cig connection unlike walking into a coffee shop or donut place. This connection is significant. In time, it will wear out, but there is a sense now that we are a community that stands alone, yet hopes to be accepted one day at large.

The juice selection they had was strong and I found a flavor I always wanted to try, Sweet Cigarillo from High Caliber. As a former Swisher Sweet smoker, I wanted to try this from the get-go. I was not disappointed. It has an RY-Four taste but captures the cigarillo overtones with more gusto and strength. I also picked up a pack of Boge cartomizers as well.

This was a pleasant experience, to actually walk into a store front and speak with the workers. They all had their individual flavors they make as well as stocking a wide selection. I enjoyed discussing how they treat a newbi and what they get them started on.

Outside the store, before I walked in I noticed someone vaping. There was that instant connection…“Hey bro” with a quick nod.

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  1. kelli perkins says

    I wish we had a shop in my area if I could afford it I would open one. People still stare when I use my e-cig or mod lol

  2. saboinia says

    with the hey bro i bet you fellt at home

  3. dahcwon says

    I glad you found a good local vape shop i got three or four around me and they all are pretty good for the most part. I’ve never tried Boge cartomizers, but I’ve heard they are really nice.

  4. Courtney says

    There need to be more shops like than in Texas. Ordering online is great, but the convenience of a walk in location is always nice.

  5. Sepsis says

    I love it when i’m actually able to find a vape store nearby. Unfortunately, the ones i have found nearby carry nothing that tickles my fancy or that i dont already have. however, the atmosphere at most brick and mortar stores are AWESOME.

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