Vaping has become an addiction all on it’s own. LOL

April 16, 2013 by · 23 Comments 

I recently started vaping again since having a bad run in a few years back with a store bought E-CIG. Needless to say there are thousands of more products on the market today than there was a few years ago. Now you have choices between mechanical and Variable Voltage.  Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Plus there are so many to chose from regarding size, height and just about everything else you could imagine. I personally like the Ego when I am fishing because if I happen to drop it in the water I won’t be disappointed.

My goal is to have 20 Mechanical and 20 Variable Voltage by the end of the year. To me it’s like collecting and who knows what the value of some of these will be in the future. I promised myself that I would budget this like I do everything else from bills to monthly spending money, but it is tough to do when you run across a co-op and can save over 90% from a product.

I am also getting into the RBA’s and will be making my own coils and more than likely my own MOD’s. There is actually a lot of money to be saved when you can build your own things especially coils. When clearo’s and such start costing over a $1.50 a piece it makes sense to build your own coils for your tanks or drippers for pennies on the dollar versus shelling out the cost and shipping fee’s.

Anyways, my name is Chris and I am a VAPOHOLIC!


From Springs to Magnets: Upgrading the Chi_You Switch

April 4, 2013 by · 42 Comments 

So after receiving My Chi_You and taking it apart I discovered that the switch uses a spring and not magnets. I decided to upgrade the switch myself, I pulled out my trusty caliper(Highly Accurate Measuring Device) and took some measurements and this is what I have found.

The empty space when the button is pressed is

Height is 4.42mm

Outer Diameter is 9.94 mm

Inner Diameter is 6mm

The Magnets that I had found were perfect for what I needed. I purchased three(could have bought four of them) and after waiting for delivery I am now able to Upgrade.

Also I used a Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue to help keep the brass screw from unscrewing during use.

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