Update on the FDA Deeming of E-Cigarettes

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As most of us are aware, the mental midgets/Gestapo that run the FDA have us vapers in their gunsights and want to regulate it as a Tobacco product.

I have not heard any updates on this so I decided to do a search and take a look.

http://www.fda.gov/newsevents/publichea … 172906.htm

So far, according to the FDA this is what vaping “may” cause…………….

congestive heart failure,
hypotension, and
other health problems.

Seems to me that they have left out “Root Rot” and the “Black Plague”

And a bad case of the “Trotts”.

Forget about cleaner lungs, whiter teeth and better health in general.

Nuff said, you now have the link to in the immortal words of Frank Zappa (Let Me Straighten You Out”!)

Not that our comments will ever be read unless we include cashiers checks with lots of Zero’s 😈

CE5 V 3.0 Wickless Clearomizer Review

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A while back, Bogdan who is valued member of the ECA family who is also the proud owner of his own vaping business in Romania sent me the newest version of the CE series clearomizer, the CE5 V3.0 wickless clearomizer.


As most of the ECA family knows, I have never had any luck at all with any of the CE series of clearomizers dating back to the CE4 series AKA the “Stardust”.

If they did not start to leak almost immediately after filling there was almost always the issue of some kind of strange chemical taste to whatever E-Juice I filled them with. And even when I rinsed the heck out of them, the ones that did not leak delivered lots of dry hits if you did not allow a minute or two between each “puff” and just did not last very long at all.

But now we have this newer “wickless” version of the CE series, the CE5 V3.

Very easy to fill by removing the drip tip and filling. The opening is on he small side but it can be filled with any standard dropper bottle or eyedropper but a needle tip is much easier, and holds a little better than the 1.6 ml it is marked for. I am guessing 2 ml.

The description states that it is a wickless unit and uses no silica. Hard to prove or disprove as what you can see is a small metal tube with holes for juice to enter the chamber of what I am going to call the atomizer.

The atomizer unit can easily be replaced by unscrewing the base from the body and has a very nice fit with a knurled surface for easy handling.

Anyway, I fill with a 60/40 PG/VG mix and based on past experiences I stand it upright on a tissue and wait for the flood of juice to begin. I go to check back in about an hour and all the juice is where it is supposed to be inside the unit and not soaking into the tissue. So far, so great.

Now I go to attach it to my Vamo V2, set it to 8 watts and give it a vape. Even after an hour of having juice in it, I get a very little taste and not a lot of vapor. I give it a couple of puffs without any power to see if it needs a little priming action. Hit the power button… Dry hit.

Time for plan B. I drain all the juice out of it and I find some 70/30 ml juice that I had and refill it and let it set a bit.

A pretty big difference. This time I am getting some fairly decent flavor and some vapor as well. But when I go to try to chain vape I start getting back to dry hits.

Time for plan C. Once again I drain it and I get my hands on a 80/20 PG/VG mix and fill it with the new mix and the results are very, very different from plan A.

The CE5 V3 seems to like the thinner 80/20 mix. I am getting some pretty decent flavor as well as some respectable vapor production set at 8.5 watts. No more dry hits unless I really push it with some chain vaping back to back which I normally don’t do anyway.

To sum this up, this is a HUGE improvement over the CE units that I have tried in the past. It does not leak, holds a decent amount of juice, easy to swap out the atomizer tube and it really likes the thinner 80/20 juice that many vapers seem to prefer.


And thanks to our Vaping Brother Bogdan for sending this along to share with the rest of the ECA community and please take the time to visit his website as he seems to be stocking some pretty decent gear at some pretty good prices if my currency converter is to be believed. Not to mention at the time I am writing this he is having a 25-55% off sale!

Cleaning Your Kanger ProTank V1

November 14, 2013 by · 8 Comments 

At first look, it seems that for the most part, you really don’t need to clean it.

Fill after fill, the glass looks clean and so does the base of the unit.

Nothing but an occasional rinse needed.


The tube that connects the top of the coil head to the drip tip will indeed accumulate what I like to call “Crud” that adheres to the inner wall of the tube and the drip tip.

Mostly leftover VG residue that I suspect that has built up over time.

You can see it yourself if you look inside just right with some light above you.

A darkish brown substance. Fortunately very easy to clean.

Remove the base, give it a rinse and set aside.

Then take the rest of the tank and put it in a glass or a bowel of very warm soapy water and let it set for a bit.

Then get a couple of Q-Tips, insert after a soak and run them though the drip tip and into the tube, rubbing the insides until the Q-Tips come out clean.

Give the tank a flush under the faucet, then a soak and another flush, air dry and you are good to go.

You will be amazed to see how much “Crud” comes out of it!

You don’t have to do DIY to mix your own special E-Juice

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Even if you don’t have a full DIY lab at your disposal, you can still create your own custom flavor E-Liquid.

How often have you wondered what two or even three of your favorite flavors would taste like if combined?

Stop wondering and just do it!

It is especially easy to do if you are using clearomizers or tanks. Just take two or three of you favorite flavors and mix them together.

Perfect example, for my version of Irish Coffee, I will fill my ProTank about half way with a wisky flavored E-Liquid and the other half with coffee and cream. Seal the tank, give it a good shake and you now have a custom blend.

I also like Brandy and Fruit Flavors. Same deal, mix about half Brandy and half Peach. Now you have a Peach Brandy flavor.

The possibilities are endless and you are limited only by your imagination!

UncleRJs Raisoned Brandy Review

September 25, 2013 by · 6 Comments 

I am beyond pleased to be writing the first ever review of this new flavor from Bulk E-Juice.

Uncle RJ’s Raisoned Brandy

http://bulkejuice.com/index.php?main_pa … cts_id=270

Which the good folks at BEJ were nice enough to name after me.

This flavor is the end result of an idea that I shared with BEJ after falling in love with their standard brandy flavor.

As most of you know, brandy can be made from just about any kind of fruit or berry after a long fermentation and distillation process. So I wondered what a brandy made from raisins would taste like and what an E-Juice based on that flavor profile would vape like.

After quite a few months of trial and error, BEJ was able to produce this product to meet their lofty standards and send it to me for trial in my prefered 60/40 blend at 18mg of nicotine.

To make a long story short, this flavor absolutely needs a minimum of 3 weeks of steeping time to fully mature for the best flavor.

But when it does, WOW!

A very smooth and mellow brandy flavor with the natural sweetness of raisins. A pale golden color with a sweet raisin aroma.

Using a Kanger T-2 with a 2.5 ohm head attached to my Evic set at 8.0 watts gives me that wonderful Raisin/Brandy flavor with a really good amount of throat hit and a hearty cloud of vapor.

This flavor has become a treasured part of my permanant E-Juice rotation and a special treat for me.

Damn it is good!

Thank you Bulk E-Juice for taking the time to not only listen to a customer but to follow up on an idea and bring it to life as you have done so very, very well!

Can Energy Shisha Give the E-Cig World a Kick of Caffeine?

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Can Energy Shisha Give the E-Cig World a Kick of Caffeine?

Electronic cigarettes have been with us for several years now, and other than new e-liquid flavours and different coloured LED tips, there really aren’t anything new and interesting being offered in the e-cig world. Energy Shisha, however, is a definite new kid on the block, offering caffeine hits rather than nicotine hits. The device offers an energy booster in the form of a purple, crystal tipped electronic flavoured cigarette with a caffeine and taurine typically found in energy drinks. People most likely to use this product are students, truckers, clubbers, and anyone who needs a boost when burning the midnight oil.  But will Energy Shisha really appeal to people in the same way that electronic cigarettes have?

Caffeine Infused Electronic Shisha: The best boost we’re looking for?


Electronic cigarettes have been successful (Forbes, ‘Electronic cigarettes Sales Pass $1bn’ 2013) because they fill a need – the need to continue the physical act of smoking whilst avoiding any of the dangerous chemicals inherent in regular tobacco cigarettes. The explosion of the e-cig market has yet to challenge advances made by the energy drinks leviathan. Red Bull – just one of the many energy drinks on sale recorded US sales alone of $3.433 billion dollars, between July 2012 – July 2013 (Energy Fiend, ‘The Top 15 Energy Drink Brands’ 2013).

Energy Shisha are in the business of providing energy and helping to relieve fatigue, just as energy drinks are. Unlike e-cigs, they are not skulking in the shadow of the Food and Drugs Agency in the USA (FDA) and MHRA in the UK.  Shisha sticks, like energy drinks, contain no nicotine and no carcinogens, and carry a greater concern with the regulatory bodies as much as energy drinks carry. According to the Energy Shisha website, 300 puffs on a shisha stick is the equivalent affect of drinking 15 regular cans of energy drink (15 standard energy drinks at 80mg/can is 1200mg of caffeine).  Smoking caffeine means it goes straight into your system though you’ll notice that the packet cautions “no more than five 3 second puffs per session”.

So what is the low-down on Energy Shisha? First of all, the facts and figures.

Energy Shisha Box

Energy Shisha Box
Each Shisha stick contains:
  • propylene glycol,
  • Glycerol,
  • caffeine (0.3% per ml) and taurine.
  • Nicotine free
  • Sugar free
  • Calorie free

According to the manufacturers, Energy Shisha can boost your performance and keep tiredness and fatigue well at bay. Its ability to enhance sensory activity and increase alertness should certainly benefit students who are up all night studying for coursework (or out nightclubbing), and anyone on the graveyard shift who will appreciate a caffeine kick during break time.  It remains to be seen if Energy Shisha will catch the minds (pun intended) of coffee and energy drinkers, but it may have a wide reach considering the device is free of sugar and calories.

The Energy Shisha is available in many nightclubs and music venues throughout the United Kingdom. Expect to see them floating around an all-night dance floor near you. And it won’t just be the clubbers – DJs will no doubt find the devices handy as well as a fashion statement.

The question remains whether or not Energy Shishas will become as commonplace as electronic cigarettes. The energy drink industry has exploded in recent years, with more and more people relying on the quick caffeine hits to help them fight fatigue and conquer the night. The electronic cigarette continues to grow, fighting the regulatory bodies trying to capture the market for cigarettes whilst the energy drink market thunders on. Will the manufactures of e-cigs learn the lesson from the caffeine-hungry masses and jump on the Energy Shisha bandwagon?

This article was written and submitted by David Benjamin from Vape Club, an electronic cigarette brand, with view to becoming a online store for a wide range of e-cigs from individual disposables to fully kitted cig-a-likes starter kits and vaping paraphernalia in the United Kingdom.


Vapeing and your pets

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While quite a good many Vapers own household pets, dogs cats, and the occasional guinea pig.

and thay  bring us joy  comfort,and even the occasional amusement.

And since we all Love our furry  friends
(well most of us do)
It has recently come to my attention that vaping around your cat,and or other household animals, may not necessarily be in his/her best interestyou will
Propylene Glycol,( PG) has been known to be quite harmful for cats.

Propylene glycol is used as a moistening agent in many animal food applications, but not in cat food. Although
propylene glycol is not used in cat food, TheU.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
still considers it “generally recognized as safe”
(GRAS) for use in human food and all animal foods other than for cats1

Most cat food producers stopped using propylene glycol in 1992 when data indicated a
unique sensitivity of cats to propylene glycol. Specifically, studies found that large doses of propylene glycol when fed to cats can produce an abnormality known as “Heinz body” in the cats’ red blood cells. Although Heinz bodies
only appear to shorten the lives of feline red blood cells, FDA expressed concern that the bodies could cause anemia in cats.
In a final rule in 1996, FDA declared propylene glycol in or on cat food not generally recognized as safe.
Some of the Common signs to watchout  for:
• Severe sedation
• Walking drunk
• Seizures
• Tremors
• Panting
• Anemia
• Lethargy

Animals[edit source | editbeta]
Propylene glycol is an approved food additive for dog food under the category of animal feed and is generally recognized as safe for dogs,[35] with an LD50 of 9 mL/kg. The LD50 is higher for most laboratory animals (20 mL/kg).[36]

Veterinary[edit source | editbeta]
In veterinary medicine, Heinz bodies are associated with the consumption of onions by cats,[10] dogs, and various primates, and a symptom of paracetamol poisoning in cats. Thiosulfate compounds in the flesh of onions have been identified as the cause.
Propylene glycol was once a common ingredient in soft moist cat food. According to the FDA “It was known for some time that propylene glycol caused Heinz Body formation in the red blood cells of cats (small clumps of proteins seen in the cells when viewed under the microscope), but it could not be shown to cause overt anemia or other clinical effects.Symptoms include fever, sudden weakness, loss of appetite, dark colored urine, pale mucus membranes in the mouth, and skin discoloration. However, recent reports in the veterinary literature of scientifically sound studies have shown that propylene glycolreduces the red blood cell survival time, renders red blood cells more susceptible to oxidative damage, and has other adverse effects in cats consuming the substance at levels found in soft-moist food.[11] In light of this new data, CVM amended the regulations to expressly prohibit the use of propylene glycol in cat foods.”[12]

From <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz_body>
http://msdssearch.dow.com/PublishedLite … age=GetDoc

From <http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poison/propylene-glycol/>

Similarly, propylene glycol is an approved food additive for human food as well.[37] The exception is that it is prohibited for use in food for cats due to links to Heinz body anemia.[38]
From <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propylene_glycol>
Just love your pets
don’t vape in their furry faces
and your cats, and other pets  should be okay.!!

show them the same consideration you would another human being.

Its been one year.

September 25, 2013 by · 7 Comments 

Well all my tests are showing an improvement. The really odd one was the bone scan showed improvement in the hips. My house doesn’t smell like a ciggy and is really easier to clean.
I tried the njoy and it so reminded me of a real ciggy that I had to run back to my vic and deep inhale lol Actually I didn’t like it as well as what i am vaping.
I hope everyone has the success that I have had this year and never ever go back.
I want to say that I will always support those who started vaping and not big brother. I tried njoy to help them spend their money. I might be a good starter for someone but I don’t think it would lead to quitting if that is what one wants. Not to mention it didn’t last long.
I have tried many things by many companies in the last year thants to ECA! Thanks guys otherwise I would probably have been stuck on g6 and halo only and may have went back to smoking. Because g6 sux.
I have met many people who have become very special to me. Robovape, Snake, Uncle, Sylvia, Slap….just for starters. I have sent many people here with bracelets….
and have helped a few get started on the way to not using tobacco.
But I couldn’t have done it with out the help and support of this site which I might say are the friends.
If your just getting started here…..give it a chance because I have learned a lot. No dumb questions except the ones you didn’t ask. There is a lot of knowledge here and many areas to find it in.
Thanks all for your help.

Its been a great year!

August 13, 2013 by · 5 Comments 

Well I have been smoke free for going on a year. My doctor ran many tests at the time that I quit. Some of those results are starting to come in. Next month we will do the lung test again.
Well lets see, what all has improved to date?
1. I can breathe better and walk further.
2. Blood work now has no red flags.
3. Bone scan actually showed improvement on the hips. (haven’t got the full report just what the tech said. Next month is my year and the final tests will be done)
4. Taste is back.
5. After spring cleaning I have found it easier and faster as all the yellow junk isn’t there.
6. Clothes smell better (or so i am told)
7. I am actually saving money now.
8. Chest x-ray is clearer
And just think this is only 10-11 months. Think what a few years will do. Or for that matter how many years I may have added to the quality of life.

All that aside finding ECA has been a true blessing. I hope one day to meet those i have made friends with here. I so appreciate all the advice and sharing I have found here.
I am still learning new things. Many things to try yet even.
Thanks to all of you for your support and helping me stay analog free for almost a year.

hugz to all

RJ Reynolds To The Rescue … by Steve Chase

June 18, 2013 by · 11 Comments 

I recently listened to RJ Reynolds Vice President Rob Dunham testify about RJR’s desire to help regulate and tax electronic cigarettes before a sub-committee of the SC House of Representatives. The initial part of his speech could have come from a CASAA spokesman…it was terrific. Unfortunately it went downhill from there. I think that the RJR scheme is all about their cash flow and wanting to overwhelm the electronic cigarette market…It could also be a very clever marketing scheme to help launch their new electronic cigarette with all of the publicity they are generating. As counterproductive as I think their plan is I don’t necessarily blame RJR for trying..it is a free country after all. The politicians however are another story. Many of them are accepting campaign money from RJR and relying on RJR’s information to create law. That they would even consider CREATING a new tax and absurd regulations on people who are desperately trying to save their own lives is reprehensible.

One of Mr. Dunham’s major talking points was to stress and reiterate the ruling by U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon that the FDA could not regulate electronic cigarettes as a medicinal product. His opinion was that it is a tobacco product. RJR is seizing on that ruling to make sure that everyone understands that by law the e-cigarette is first and foremost a ‘TOBACCO’ product. He also pointed out health benefits and gave some faint credit to small independent companies and consumers for helping the product evolve. However the inference I received was that since the electronic cigarette is a ‘tobacco’ product the time has come for RJR to step up to the plate as a good corporate citizen and use its extensive expertise in the tobacco industry to help regulate it…time to take it out of the hands of amateurs and let the professionals take over. Oh…and by coincidence they are introducing their own brand of electronic cigarette to insure that a quality product is on the market. I almost fell out of my chair… this dog and pony show is ridiculous. The electronic cigarette has been in the USA since 2006. The reason it has been so successful is because independent businesses and consumers of the product tested, tweaked and promoted it into a viable solution for the smoking problem. Until very recently the reaction of RJR has been dead silence from the company itself and constant negative sniping from their front groups. They have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if it is financially feasible to add to their product line and then be in position to play both sides of the fence…smoke and vapor.

I am uncomfortable saying anything negative about anyone in the electronic cigarette market because it’s possible that some lives will be saved because of their product. However, the approach RJR is taking is repugnant because they are bastardizing vaping to suit their own desires. For them independent companies and individual eliquid sales are intolerable because that would interfere with their marketing plan. I think that what they want is the perception that ecigarettes are just another way to smoke…a convenience store product…that needs to be in the hands of major corporations in the tobacco industry. They will use their well-established networks and billions of dollars to influence clueless politicians and the general public to drive that point across.

I have no doubt that millions of smokers will give their ecig a try. Some will succeed at switching to ecigarettes (when they find something better) but I think that way too many people will fail because RJR does not want consumers to know what it really took for us current Vapers to quit smoking. The RJR product is just an expensive, one-size-fits-all disposable ecigarette that is an introductory product at best. They have a ‘cigarette’ mindset and don’t want it widely known that puffs of vapor don’t equal puffs of smoke…or that satisfactory nicotine levels vary for individuals, as do a variety of flavors…or that varying voltages can make a huge difference when attempting to switch from smoking to vaping…and they absolutely don’t want it known that there are much better products on the market at a fraction of the overall price per annum than their product is. My concern is that the typical pack-a-day smoker will try the RJR disposable and discover that it will not get them through a day…and figure out that it’s costing them a lot more than a pack of cigarettes would. Now it starts to look like a scam… and that might prevent them from ever trying any other type of ecigarette again. No big deal for RJR because the failed attempt will lead the individual right back to RJR’s bread and butter…tobacco cigarettes. Hmmm… maybe they understand that if they did produce a truly innovative, cost effective (for the consumer) electronic cigarette their tobacco cigarettes would take a huge hit along with their profits.

The bottom line… I think we are in for a rough ride. There is a rat swimming around in the electronic cigarette punch bowl that has billions of dollars to throw around and disrupt all of the great work the vaping community has been doing for years. RJR is not getting into this market because they suddenly got religion about the death and misery their products have caused for decades, they are doing it to stop the bleeding and take advantage of a ready-made and growing market…as usual it is all about the money with RJR.

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