To Live and Vape in Framingham

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To Live and Vape in Framingham

By Steven Miller


Serious discussion needs to be based on fact, not on emotion or hearsay. In a scientific study, you weigh the facts to formulate a conclusion, not to create your own numbers to bolster your beliefs. Sadly, this is exactly what happened when Framigham, Massachusetts chose to regulate electronic cigarettes. The Board of Health voted last week to treat e-cigarettes like tobacco, banning their use on town property and in municipal vehicles. There are also plans to discuss prohibiting use in restaurants, private offices and other places where the state’s Smoke-Free Workplace Law applies.

Anti-smoking laws are put into effect and enforced to protect people from the dangers of smoking and to protect non-smokers from dangerous second-hand smoke. Using anti-smoking laws to regulate vaping is disingenuous at best. The products are apples and oranges. Do they both deliver nicotine? Yes, but that is where the similarities end. A person can travel from New York to California via a horse and buggy or an airplane. Both deliver a person from Point A to Point B but are they the same? The most infuriating part of this attitude is the prohibition of e-cigs is not based on any facts, just a feeling. The arguments against e-cigs being used in public are all emotional.

Recently, the Metro West Daily News published an article covering this possible ban. Their main arguments are flawed. Let’s take a look.

1. E-Cigarettes are a mystery. What is an e cig? According to D.J. Wilson, the Tobacco Control Director with the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA), “it has not been totally clearly determined what is being exhaled by the user and what’s in that vapor.” This is a perfect example of a misinformed statement. The truly scary thing is that he is the exact person who should be informed, since he is the Tobacco Control Director. “What’s in that vapor?” What is in the vapor has been discussed ad infinitum. So much so that two paragraphs down in the article that great mystery is solved. The answer to what is in the vapor is propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, water and flavorings. All of these ingredients, as the article points out, are approved by both the F.D.A. and E.P.A.

2. E-Cigarettes scare people. “The Massachusetts Municipal Association helped Framingham write regulations after a man recently started puffing on an e-cigarette in the reference section of the town library – to the horror of other patrons.” So, the MMA was reacting to the “horror” of seeing someone use an e-cigarette. This is a prime example of the emotional appeal taking precedence over fact. The author writes that the patron was horrified; horrified to see something that looks like a cigarette. Not concerned, not confused or curious, but horrified. Is it reasonable to ban a benign action simply because someone doesn’t understand it? I don’t understand rocket science, but I don’t want a ban on people discussing it.

3.  E-Cigarettes may lead to people smoking tobacco cigarettes. Another gem from D.J. Wilson, “We don’t want a new generation to start on electronic cigarettes and then switch to tobacco because of their nicotine addiction.” White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes co-founder Matthew Steingraber responds to that thinking with, “Judging by the cost difference and overall experience, switching from an e-cig back to a tobacco cig should happen at a rate similar to that of America suddenly switching from microwaves to 17th century style fireplace cooking.  Will it happen? To 0.001% of the population, yes. Should we expect it to show up on the radar? No.”

E-Cigarettes are here to stay. The market and the technology behind them are increasing daily. It’s time to have an honest conversation about their place in society. A real discussion based on facts, not on emotion. When it comes to our health, honesty is paramount.  Let’s not obscure the issues with baseless accusations.


This is an article written by  Steven Miller, a writer and video producer at White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes.


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  1. mongrel says

    Time and again, there seems to be so much focus in the vaping community about our ‘right to vape’ being taken away. I certainly understand the sentiment, and I don’t support these bans, however I don’t really agree with the arguments and attitudes that are usually brought forth by the vaping community in response to these bans.

    I did not begin vaping so that I could ‘smoke everywhere’. I began vaping so I could quit smoking, and save myself from the many known risks and long term heath effects of smoking. It’s that simple. I lived for years as a smoker where I was forced to find an acceptable place to smoke. The hassle of not being able to smoke never motivated me to quit smoking.

    I am an advocate for e-cigs, I want more people to use them, I want them to be accepted. In essence we have to ‘sell’ e-cigs to people. I don’t say sell as in the traditional sense, we have to sell the idea of e-cigs. The best sales stragtegy is to sell to the most likely customer. Just as you don’t sell snowshoes in a place like Bermuda, we should not be focused on selling e-cigs to non-smokers. My efforts are to introduce e-cigs to smokers, in time if enough non-smokers see their friends or loved ones quit smoking with e-cigs, then they will be an easy sell.

  2. slap_maxwell says

    American journalism has become a pitiful thing…most journalists are little more than prostitutes, writing whatever “facts” someone asks in exchange for Special Consideration. Most are too lazy to fact-check, and even if they were so inclined, their editors are going to push their agendas/bias regardless of fact.

    It’s a shame, because a lot of people will potentially be turned of from the benefits of e-cig use. The blood of those people will be on the hands of ignorant journalists and reporters who lazily push alarmism, falsehoods and industry biases as “truth.”

  3. Johnathan Brown says

    This is a sad, sad thing to read. I sincerely hope their actions do not spread to other places. People need to become INFORMED and study e-cigs instead of just banning them on the assumption that they are more alike to traditional cigarettes than they truly are.

  4. Alex says

    Information is power, I like point 3

  5. Philippe says

    Need to inform people by all the way we can use… Example, using our FB or written to newspapers readers page….

  6. Anthony says


  7. Donald Hammond says

    People need to protest these decisions and inform the ones making these decisions. This is just ridiculous. Half the reason people start vaping is to vape in places you aren’t allowed to smoke. I hope this isn’t going to be the new norm.

  8. Shub says

    Good Article… A good collective of misinformation that can lead to the negativity of ecigs. The more we know, the easier it will become for them to become more widely accepted.. and not as scary!!!

  9. robovape says

    i think vaping in public in places that cigs are normally banned is great when you can do it, but it’s a bonus and not something that i expect… and an ecig ban in gov’t buildings/vehicles doesn’t surprise me one bit…

  10. tiffjamesnjj says

    it is sad when you get generaized missinformation that passes bills 🙁
    Wow just sad

  11. slap_maxwell says

    Personally, what jacks me up is the nerve of some half-wits who believe they have the right to tell anyone else what they may or may not do when it is not impacting them personally one little bit. I cannot stand holier-than-thou scum, which is what the devils who are dead set against not only vaping, but smoking or drinking or whatever it is that they just don’t like….

  12. conqwest says

    truly sucks for the people on that state that someone who is supposed to be informed about these things (MMA guy) is saying rdiculous things like people will switch back to cigs after using a decent e cig/personal vape. Just a little bit of searching even on youtube shows the complete opposite is going on. Also be careful where you vape… i’m surprised they havent trie dconfiscating pv’s as of yet. I’ll hold my tongue because i might be giving the other side some bad ideas.

  13. robovape says

    sad state of affairs when policy is made on such thin statements, and with a champion for the cause like Rush Limbaugh… it’s gonna’ be a hard fight coming up if we can’t find a way to educate…

  14. Chad says

    I like the fact that some ignorant person was horrified by seeing someone use an ecig. lol

  15. saboinia says

    really good in forma tion and thank you for pos ting i t to the board

  16. robovape says

    sadly enough, he is not far from the mark on point 2… maybe horrified is a bit of a strong word, but a lot of people have very strong reactions to people smoking indoors in public and you can’t expect a different reaction from them just because it’s not really a cig…

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