There is a First Time for Everything…

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I pull up to the end of my driveway, yet another end to yet another workday. As usual, I open my driver’s door and step out into the street. The standard grunt and groan as my back and legs are stretched shortly follow.  I walk over to my mailbox to fetch my daily junk mail, already keeping in mind that spot on the floor of my truck where it will no doubtingly end up.

What’s this? A strange plastic envelope-like container rests in my box, clueless as to what it may be, I reach in and examine it. There must have been some mistake, I hadn’t ordered anything. A quick look over of the package and oddly, it is addressed to me. A series of possibilities flash through my confused mind, to no avail.

I then recall that strange text I received from my father the week prior, asking for my exact address with no explanation or reason. Hmm, two and two go together easily enough I suppose, but what could this object be? The sender was some company whose name I had never heard of, and no other clue was presented externally.

Wanting to get home to let my dogs out back, I climb into the truck and crawl up the hill to my house. Once inside and my pup’s bladders emptied, I open the package to reveal an item I knew of but had never seen before.

An electronic cigarette.

Ugh, I remember my parents talking about them to me over the phone some time ago, this odd techno fad in which I had no interest. But what the hell, I open the box, read the instructions and plug the battery in.

Plugging in a cigarette, what a foreign concept.

I take a shower, feed my best friends and have some grub for myself, I then notice the “cigarette” battery is fully charged. So I once again read the instructions and clumsily assemble the three-piece “cigarette”. I place it to my mouth and attempt my first “electric drag”…

Words cannot describe.

Literally, I could not for the life of me put into words what this “thing” was. It certainly wasn’t a cigarette, that is for damn sure. It doesn’t taste like one, doesn’t feel like one, and very much does not smell like one. This isn’t going to work.

It doesn’t taste bad, mind you, but it certainly lacks that smokey kick in the chest. I give it another try, this time going for broke, I pull out all the stops and bring it into the deepest reaches of my lungs.

Holy ****!

It took about a minute or so before the coughing came to an end. This thing may have a future after all. I carried on with it, here and there, for the rest of the evening, slowly learning it’s attributes and tendencies. At the end of the night, I was laying in bed watching a movie, puffing away. It was nice not having to put one out and relight another constantly.

Then I dropped it.

It landed right on my chest, garnering a startled yell from me, followed by a quick series of frantic patting to the area. Then I remembered that it wasn’t actually burning, that was the first moment of true appreciation.

I won’t drag on any longer, the rest of the story goes without saying (ever notice how that phrase is almost always followed by the rest of the story being said?).

The vapor transition had begun…

(This was one year ago this month!)


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  1. tiffjamesnjj says

    well put story!
    and i think that plenty of us have freaked when we dropped our e-cig on themselves.
    wtg on the year!!

  2. Michelle says

    Awesome story! I was on the edge of my chair lol
    And a most amazing gift

  3. Mike says

    Ha, good story. And congrats on the year stinky free!!!!

  4. Tyler says

    lmao great post

  5. RCO67 says

    Good read. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your first year!!!

  6. morrinb says

    Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nerva666 says

    hahaha grats on a year and grats to your folks for randomly sending it to ya haha

  8. bybees3 says

    Good stuff. Congrats on your year.

  9. Hannah says

    awesome post!

  10. VapersWin says

    Nice writing, very entertaining. Also a congratulations for kicking the habit.

  11. mrcrunch08 says

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  12. stogismkr says

    Congrats on the Vaporversary!

  13. Dale Van Droof says

    Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on making it a year.

  14. Stephen W says

    Congrats man!

  15. Flux83 says

    Congrats good post

  16. slap_maxwell says

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I wish someone would have bought me my first instead of me having to buy it. 🙂

  17. saboinia says

    congrats……………..keep going……………great post

  18. Tony says

    awesome post

  19. MrsB3 says

    Way to go, dad. Congrats on your success.

  20. bybees3 says

    Funny how we still think like smokers sometimes. You don’t realize how much it is a part of your life.
    I’ve just now stopped rolling down the window of the car when I start to vape.

  21. MrsCasey says

    Thanks for the story Ben. Congrats on your one year vapeversary. That’s a great Dad you have!

  22. slap_maxwell says

    Good one, Bybees3; it IS nice not to have wind blasting one ear while driving. 🙂

  23. Todd says

    Very cool story! Even cooler how it all started and turned out. Thanks for sharing!

  24. carlos says

    very cool. 🙂

  25. aaron says

    Congrats on a year of vaping!

  26. varguar says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that has done the drop and yell in the beginning!

  27. FloridaVaping says

    Awesome story. Welcome to the land of vaping. It has def been a life-changer for me..God Bless

  28. Chello hernandez says

    I enjoy not having the smell of ciggz in my house and my kids said finally we can go to school without smelling like stinky ciggz..

  29. Nev NYC says

    cool story!!!

  30. slap_maxwell says

    Heck yeah! One year is an awesome milestone…better than the millstone of cigs for sure!

  31. Andrew says

    I am working on my 4th week right now completely analog free, your story made me laugh especially the dropping it and patting out the imaginary flame

  32. Donald Hammond says

    Awesome story. Congrats on 1 year.

  33. kelliperkins says

    You have awesome parents for sure.

  34. kelli perkins says

    Love your writing…great humor in it and congrats the first year is the hardest…for me the first day but hey you get the point.

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