The Volt v.s The Blu (For the Mini Style Vaporer)

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If you are just wanting to get into the vaping world or maybe you just prefer the mini over a larger e-cigarette, odds are you have many options to choose from and have had many companies wanting you to try their products for various reasons. And with every brand saying that they are the best it is a very confusing time trying to search for the right starter e-cig.  The VOLT by Smokeless Image and The Blu are two e-cigarettes I feel that any newbie vapor has probaly come by before.  So I decided to give them each a test and to review my personal opinion on the two.

First off I tried the Blu, after hearing outrageous good reviews all over the internet and being advertised nearly everywhere I figured that it would be a good vape machine.  Upon opening the package I noticed everything was there as it should be. It had a portable charging case, 2 blu ecigs, the usb/wall charger and the manual of course.  After everything was finishing with the charge cycles I put on one of the classic tobacco cartridges.  With the first hit I felt that the taste was good, but the only problem was the throat hit was very low if any at all.  So I took approximately 10-15 more long drags off of it and noticed continually that there was little to no throat hit, and as a former Marlboro Red smoker this impacted the quality very much for me.  I kept up with the cartridge until it was finished(the next day) and noticed through out the entire carto that there was very little throat hit and even worse, the battery needed to be recharged twice.  I was very upset with this.  I decided to give the other battery a go and charge the other in the carrying case.  This time I put a Cherry Crush cartridge on the battery.  Throat hit was slightly better for me, but still not even close to an actual cigarette.  The flavor was modest but not as flavorful as I had hoped.  My final opinion of the Blu ecig is that if you smoke lights or ultra lights, this kit would be good for you so long as you always have a charger on hand.  Otherwise I do not recommend it.


MSRP: $70 – $90 for a kit.    1/5


THROAT HIT:        1/5

VAPOR:                    2/5

FLAVOR:                 4/5

OVERALL:              2/5              MY OPINION: DISSATISFIED

Now for my review of the Smokeless Image Volt starter kit.  So when I ordered my Volt starter kit ($40) with discount codes, I recieved it in the mail later that week.  Upon opening the package it was set up nicely yet compact.  The contents included 1 usb/wall charger, 2 ecigs (one manual, one auto) of my choice, and five cartos (tobacco sampler pack) along with the manual.  After charging both of them I started with the auto.  I put on a 555 carto on this one and vaped it throughout the night.  I loved the throat hit and the power the ecig produced for a mini.  So I tried the manual and had an even better throat hit considering the manualability.  I switched to each individual carto and found that I really enjoyed 3/5 of them which surprised me considering most tobacco flavors companys have are not as good.  Each battery lasted me approximately 1 1/2 days of moderate vaping which was a plus compared to the Blu.  Charging was quick (2 hours) and it was simple and easy to enjoy. The vapor production was amazing as well for a mini. Another plus is that they offer CE3 for these and NANO Clearomizers which allow you to fill them with your own E-Liquid when you advance to that level. Also you can refill the cartridges.  Overall I enjoyed this vape and actually continue to use mine for when I go out.

MSRP: $40 – $45 (This Kit)      5/5

Battery Life:                       5/5

Throat Hit:                         4/5

Vapor:                                 5/5

Flavor:                                4/5

Overall:                               4.5/5           MY OPINION:  GOOD VAPE, GOOD PRICE, GOOD FOR BEGINNERS OR MINI STYLERS


So to conclude I have to say that the VOLT was far superior to the BLU.  The customer service is great to, and there are very many more options to their items.  Check them both out and do some more research but without a doubt I am sure that you will conclude the same that I have. The Volt is superior.  Thank you EcigAdvanced and I hope this helps the community one way or another.  Enjoy NEW VAPERS!!!

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  1. slap_maxwell says

    From what I’ve been told by the folks at Johnson’s Creek, the sauce they make for the blu Classic Tobacco cartomizers is mostly VG, which helps explains the lack of throat hit.

    I’m surprised the Volt battery lasted a day and a half; back when I used them, mine used to last about 3 hours tops. They must be using much better batteries these days!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Flux83 says

    Nice Comparison I will have to look at the volt more closely.

  3. tiffany says

    nice comparrison! this will be a big help to people that want a kit that looks like a cigarette, but is good.

  4. Morrinb says

    nice comparison, thanks for sharing.

  5. nick says

    good info. every female coworker thats seen my ego complains about how big it is (pardon the massive pun), and always mentions blu. i have their interest & if i cant get anyone to start on something a little more in the middle of the pack, then ill recommend the volt.

  6. RCO67 says

    Nice comparisons. I’ve recommended the Volt for some time now for those interested in smaller cig-a-like style ecigs.

  7. ninjanp says

    I agree, Blu isn’t exactly the best place to start… but whatever works!

  8. ghostdogg79 says

    Awww I started with Volt

  9. Aggnizzle says

    Thanks everyone. Just trying to help someone out who can’t get their questions answered.

  10. saboinia says

    KEWL ty for shareing…

  11. Pageanmoon says

    I always tell those that are “dead set” on a cigalike to go with a volt and recommend they get the kit with the PCC

  12. evr569 says

    Very useful piece of information. considering I have more and people asking me about what product I would recommend them starting with.

  13. kjp Kendal says

    Have a friend who loves volt but blu made me look for better and my evic and diy juices are the beans.

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