The Vamo V2 Review

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Review of the Vamo by Sepsis.

Lately, I have been seeing a ton of people asking about the Vamo or giving mention to the Vamo.  I obtained one from EcigAdvanced’s Vape for Free store a while back, and decided I would do my part and share with everyone my experiences with this device.

First off, this device runs in the price range of $59.99 at average.  I have seen it as low as $39.99 on sale and as high as $75, and these prices are for just the tube itself.   When you see a price like this for a Variable Voltage device, it is kind of discouraging, especially one that is both Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage.  I’m happy to say this is not the case with this device.

The Vamo is currently available in both chrome and gun metal/black chrome. There are also two revisions currently out.  The v1, which comes with plastic buttons, and the v2 which comes with metal buttons.  I obtained the gunmetal version 2 product, which is what will be reviewed here.

Upon unwrapping this device, I was happily surprised.  This device feels pretty solid.  Not Provari solid, but definitely one of the more solid devices I have held.  If you compare it to the a606 or the original lavatube, there is no contest on which is of  better quality.  The metal seems to be fairly durable and sturdy.  The finish is very shiny, and unfortunately that means it is a finger print MAGNET.  The Vamo has the ability to use a 18350 battery in standard mode, or with the included extension tube the ability to use one 18650 battery or two 18350 batteries.  The threads on both the standard mode and extended mode are nice and smooth.  No real need to add noalox, although I always suggest it anyway.  The buttons for up and down, as well as the fire button are of nice quality and really clicky, which I really love hearing a nice and clicky button.  Clickiness is similar to an ego button.  The screen is nice and bright as well.

If you hold the left button down for 3 to 5 seconds, it will show you the remaining battery life left in your battery.  If you hold the right button down for 3 to 5 seconds, it will show you the resistance of your coil.  If you hold both buttons in simultaneously for around 5 seconds, it will switch from Variable Voltage to Variable Wattage and back again.  However, it will not remember what voltage or what wattage you were using previous to switching.  It will revert down to the lowest number, either 3 volts or 3 watts.  Unfortunately, there is no way to lock in your voltage or power,  meaning, that if you hit the left or right button, it will change your voltage or wattage immediately.  Not a huge deal, but  definitely something to be aware of.   The VV goes from 3 volts up to 6 volts and the VW setting goes from 3 to 15. This device also uses pulse width modulation to get the most out of your battery life.  The great thing about this device, akin to some of the newer PWM devices coming out recently, is that you have the ability to switch between AVG setting and RMS setting.  To do this you can hold either the left or right button for around 15 seconds (which is a ridiculously long time to have to hold it, you almost think that its not going to do anything, but it will.  You shouldn’t do it often, its one of those set and forget type things, so its alright)  No1 will be AVG.  No2 will be RMS.  I highly recommend keeping it in RMS setting, as it will show you the most accurate settings for your device.
The buttons are ever-so-slightly rattle, not a huge deal as I personally would think it extremely hard to have metal buttons on a metal device and not expect SOME rattle.

Battery life on this device is pretty nice.  In single 18350 mod I can get around 8 hours of vape time on average.  With an 18650 I can get around 14 hours and with dual 18350’s I also get around an average of 14 hours. Obviously those times will vary depending on your vape pace. Something you should be aware of however, 18650’s fit somewhat loose in 18650 mod with my panasonic button top imr, but works just fine.  Dual 18350 AW IMR button tops however, make it so the bottom cap will not screw down all the way.  Not a huge deal, but I’d suggest trying to find a reliable IMR flat top if you want it to be fully closed in dual 18350 mode. I’m not going to go over numbers with you, because they seem to be around where they should be anyway.  I’m sure Phil Busardo goes over some numbers though, if you really are interested in it.

This device, in my opinion, is a complete and total win for the ecig community.  For $50 (or less) you can get multiple battery options, VV and VW, sturdy build, RMS setting while having the benefit of PWM. Now, the only downside I can see, is a slight rattling of buttons (very slight) and the fact it is a fingerprint magnet. Only time will tell how well this holds up, but so far its going like a champ and I can see this lasting a good long time.  I highly suggest that anyone who is interest in VW or even someone getting into VV look into this device.  It wont break the bank and you get a TON of features for your money!

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  1. Rob says

    awesome review,keep up the good work

  2. tiffjamesnjj says

    thanks for the review! I still have yet to break into the “big kid” mods…. you make them sound painless 🙂

  3. Gorg the blacksmith says

    sweet review, thanks

  4. mongrel says

    Thanks for the review, It really seems this is the best deal going right now. I almost wonder when we’re going to see clearances on some of the higher priced PV’s out there.

  5. The Crooked One says

    Thanks for the review 🙂

  6. walking dead season 3 says

    There is a waiter at my favorite Mexican restaurant named Ace. He’s worked there for years….mmmm…enchiladas.

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