The Vamo by SmokTek Review

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As per request of a few lades and gents in the forums I have decided to post my review of The Vamo in the members blog.  So here ya go!

A little back story behind getting this device. I finally got tired of having my eGo batteries die after not even a full day of use. I also didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t control the vapor production of different liquids because I could change the voltage or power going through my cartomizers. After doing a TON of research I finally settled on The Vamo from There are several different factors that drew me to this device. Since this is a device this review will be much longer and more detailed. I also wanted to give this device a little more time than just a day or two like I do with liquids so I can completely understand the device inside and out.

This review can be found at my blog as well:

The new VAMO Advanced Personal Vaporizer is sleek, powerful, reliable, full featured and very well built with the same features as the Rev.2 ZMAX.

For this review I vaped a variety of different cartomizers ranging from 2.0 ohms to 3.0 ohms, a 3.0 ohm atomizer, and a Vivi Nova Tank with a 2.4ohm resistance. I also vaped several different liquids all which have come from Mister-E-Liquid which were Gray Matter, Cups O’ Peanut Butter, Dew Des Mountain, Chai Tea, Jamocha Haze and a 2 of their test flavors.

For the start of my device reviews I’ll be mentioning the price since that is always in the front of everyone’s head. The starting price for this device is currently $59.00 when this review was written. Remember that is ONLY for the device, not including any batteries or chargers. When I bought the Vamo I was new to PV’s so I bought an Efest 18650 Hybrid IMR 2250ma battery – button top, Efest 18650 IMR 2000ma battery – button top and the Trustfire TR-001 Charger -black which made my total bill come to $87.48. Though after adding those few items to my cart the price of this was still much cheaper than just buying a Provari. With that being said I think that the Vamo has a wonderful price for those just starting to get into variable voltage and power. Wait… what!? Yeah, I said it. Variable voltage and power. That information comes later in the review. I’m only docking this half a star because I don’t like spending money.

At first glance when this removed for the box this device is beautiful. I purchased the stainless steel version not knowing that you could get this in gun metal or chrome. I wish I would have looked deeper into SmokTek’s website because I wouldn’t have hesitated on the gun metal. Anyways, the device is rock solid and has a bit of weight to it (which shows me that this device is not cheap even though the price is cheap). The display is bright and crystal clear, no mistaking what the screen says. The screen is visible during the high noon sun which is an added bonus. The buttons match the device in color which is ok but I would have preferred the option to change those out for a different color. A You-Tube review of this device showed that this device was a scratch and fingerprint magnet. Now I’ve had this device for about a week or two and I have yet to see any scratches. I’ve knocked it over five to 6 times accidentally breaking a few drip tips off in the cartomizer in the process but I do not see any scratches. The fingerprint magnet issue is definitely noticeable. That really doesn’t bother me since a paper towel and a little water fixes that issue. The only complaint I have is that I would prefer the battery knob to have been cut differently but that’s in the functionality department. Overall I really enjoy the appearance of this device. I get jokes thrown at me left and right at work about it because they say it looks like the neuralizer from Men in Black. That’s ok, I’m not smoking and you are!

In this rather inexpensive package there are a ton of features that the big-bad PV’s are all starting to have and some that are new. You have the ability to check your resistance of the hardware you have on the device, check how much power is left in your battery, changing the voltage, changing the power, turning the device on and off, going from RMS to another option that I’m not quite familiar with and you can change the physical size of the device.

When you unpackage the device and put in a fresh battery you are in RMS mode at 3.0v. You can press the left button to drop the voltage by .1 and the right button to increase voltage by .1. Press and hold both + and – buttons for about 3 seconds to switch to variable wattage which by pressing the left and right buttons you can increase and decrease the power by .5 watts. If you press and hold the + button on the device for for 10 seconds you can switch over the the option that I’m not familiar with which has been called “inaccurate mode”. Since I was a newbie to VV and VW I decided to keep the device in RMS mode during the review. If you press and hold the – button for 3 seconds you can see how much power is left in the battery. By pressing and hold the + button you can check the resistance of your hardware you are currently using on the device. To turn the device on/off press the large button you would use to vape about 5-6 times. And of course to vape with the device make sure the Vamo is on, set your watts or power where you would like them, press and hold the large button and start vaping. For your information I decided to keep this device in the variable wattage setting because no matter what resistance hardware I had on the device I could always make sure I was vaping at the same power. I had to alter the power a little between different hardware but that was fine. A few clicks and I vaped away.

One unique feature to this device is the ability to change the physical size of the device. Out of the box this device is configured to for a single 18650 battery or two 18350 batteries. If you unscrew the device at the center seam between the battery cap and the solid seam just below the buttons the barrel comes off the device. If you take the battery cap off the barrel that just came off and put it back on the device you are now setup for a single 18350 battery. I think this feature is wonderful however I only own 2 18650 batteries currently so I couldn’t really experiment with this feature. I can tell you however with the setup for an 18650 battery this device fit perfectly in my hand.

The Vamo also has 510 and eGo threading which fits all 510 carts/attys, eGo carts/attys. The only problem is with a Kanger T3. It’s too snug of a fit and doesn’t let you either get a proper connection or enough air flow. I’m okay with that for the fact that I’m still only using 510 carto’s or the Vivi Nova Tank.

I don’t have the equipment to measure how accurate this device is with its output and displaying resistances but from reviews I’ve watched and read they all say that this device is extremely accurate.

Overall Rating: One of the Best!! 4.5/5
For anyone that wants to get into variable power and variable wattage I will recommend this device right away. The entry point to this device is wonderful because the price is low compared to other devices. There are plenty of options to the device that will keep those with ADD happy. This device is beautiful, easy to use and built rock solid. This will end up being my main device for an extremely long time. One for the record books!

Go to and get yours today! Make sure to get the finish that you want!

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  1. Johnathan Brown (Sepsis) says

    The Vamo really is an exceptional device. And for the price point its absolutely astounding. There was a spring issue with some, but that was a relatively easy fix from the company. For a while you could get the vamo for under 40 bucks. Freaking awesome. Good review.

  2. jimpo42 says

    I just got my vamo recently and I love it. I don’t see myself getting much else except maybe a replacement if I ever manage to break this thing.

  3. bybees3 says

    One of these is in my future. Dollar for dollar, I believe it’s the best mod out there. (Right now, anyway)

  4. Chad says

    I love mine. Good review. Funny what you said about the neutralizer. I’ve been getting the same comment at work.

  5. slap_maxwell says

    You can’t beat the Vamo…awesome VV/VW AND a personal protection device all in one (these babies are hefty)!

  6. Aaron says

    Great review!

  7. Amanda says


  8. morrinb says

    thanks for the review

  9. Michelle says


  10. Michelle says

    I do want a Vamo but its BIG! Is there something in this price range smaller and works as good?

  11. muertala says

    nice review

  12. tiffjamesnjj says

    and this is why i ordered a vamo 🙂
    tired of egos dying….

  13. chuckss says

    Thanks for the review, been looking to get one of these ever since my brother did.

  14. DemonFire says

    Nice review and the exact reasons why I purchased mine. I love my Vamo!

  15. varguar says

    I’m not quite ready to make the jump yet. But Ill keep reading and see if one peaks my interest a little bit more.

  16. MeurigVII says


    You can actually modify the Vamo to be shorter and using 1 18350 battery.

  17. slap_maxwell says

    Indeed, Michelle…and running a single 18350 at lower wattage settings (7 watts or so), you should be able to get a good part of a day’s use out of it at an average vape pace

  18. Amanda says

    Vamos are very nice

  19. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    I love mine…still thinking about a tesla though

  20. imtheboss says


  21. MrsCasey says

    Nice review, thanks.

  22. bybees3 says

    Too many options for APV….Argh!!

  23. Flux83 says

    Wow great review! Very detailed thanks I might be adding a Vamo to my collection

  24. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    Nice detailed review!!
    I love my Vamo and don’t plan on getting another mod for awhile! The bang for the buck can’t be beat!
    The only downfall is the heftiness… but you get accustomed to it!

  25. muertala says

    Excellent review

  26. brianwilson says

    Nice sharing that!

  27. RCO67 says

    Nice write up. I can totally relate to your backstory. ISame reasons I moved on from the ego though it served me well as a gateway to getting off of tobacco.

  28. bybees3 says

    In the words of our forefathers, “Give me Vamo, or give me Death!”

  29. mongrel says

    Love my Vamo, I think it’s popularity among big battery devices will be on the level of the Twist for eGos.

  30. slap_maxwell says

    Ain’t nuthin’ mo betta than a Vamo and a Genesis! Vape-O-Rama!

  31. MeurigVII says

    to be honest I haven’t had a chance to play with a zmax however I have been enjoying my vamo. I’ve dropped it several times and hardly a scratch on it

  32. mongrel says

    The ZMax and Vamo have essentially the same circuitry inside, so really the difference is in the look, and operation due to the single button of the ZMax. So if you want the best bang for your buck, the Vamo is the winner, if you like the look of the Zmax or the interface then it may be a better choice.

  33. Rob w/SmokTek says

    Thanks for a very detailed and well written review! You echo the thoughts of many on this device, it is a winner. I hope you don’t mind if I link this review on our site!

  34. Orion says

    I personally love the Vamo. Been using it since it first came out. Since I have gotten this, I haven’t had a single issue with it. *knock on wood*. Nor have I picked up my Provari. The price is deceiving. The saying is “you get what you pay for” but in this instance you get a lot more than what you pay for.

  35. bybees3 says

    I’m now on my second Vamo, first had a center pin problem. I still think, despite issues many have had, they are a great mod for the money.

  36. Nev NYC says

    i like the Vamo too.. it was my 1st mod after stepping up from egos.. thx!!

  37. says

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  38. Jim Morrison says

    Vamo is by far the best device I have used so far. Even though it is a bit bulky to carry around I still do whenever possible, since it gives the best vape experience out of any of my devices. I first used Voltage mode to experiment with what my preferred Wattage was. Once I discovered my preferred Wattage output (between 6 and 7, depending on the e juice) I have switched over to Watt mode and it automatically adjusts the voltage every time I switch to atomizers with different resistances. I use both 18650s and 18350s, but I recommend using2 18350s for longer vaping and to get the full output from the device. Also use higher ohm atomizers and higher voltage to get the higher wattages to get longer life from both your atomizers and your batteries.

  39. kelli perkins says

    The more I read the more I want to try one. But have been hooked on my evic because it does it all.

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