Tell All the People That You See…

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…to follow me down (to ECA — thanks Jim Morrison) .

Yes fellow babies, we’ve all had the opportunity to read the forum post from Brad about Getting the Word Out regarding our beloved little corner of the interwebs and it’s time to spend a few minutes a day to get the Mission Accomplished.  So what can we do?

Are you a member of a vape group? If so, make sure everyone knows about ECA.  Tell them about the awesome camaraderie, the brilliant information available, and the goodies that can be theirs.  Have them all become members…maybe by holding a little contest in your vape group (bite the bullet, buy a bottle of juice or an eVod or something) and randomly select someone from your group who joins up for the Big Prize.

Converted anyone to vaping? Make sure that you give them an ECA card.  I’m hoping that we can all nab some of these to pass out, but if you order from the VFF store, ask for a few (and set one aside).  Make sure you give one to new vapers you convert and let them know about the place. I’ve told some people about ECA only to learn they’ve gone to that Other Place instead.  Handing them the card will make sure they end up at the right place.  Now about that card I asked you to set aside…if you have a printer, go pick up some business card stock at Staples or Office Depot. Scan both sides of the card and print some out so you can always have some to distribute.  So what if it costs four or five bucks…you’re not that big a cheapskate, are you?  And while you’re at it, spend a few points and order an ECA shirt and wear the thing.

Have you ordered something/anything from the Vape for Free store? Probably you have…so take a minute to send an e-mail to the vendor and let them know you got their product from ecigadvanced.  And tell them how you’re really grooving on the fact that they support the place — and make sure they know that they’ll be seeing some of your vape business in the future.  Post product reviews on their websites making sure to make mention (discreetly) of ecigadvanced.

Ever bought anything at all that’s vape related?  Trick question — of course you have.  So post a review in the forum under “Reviews.”  You don’t need to post War and Peace or Atlas Shrugged, but let us all know what you think about the stuff you buy — and then alert the vendor to your review.  Perhaps post a link to your review on the vendor’s site (most all vendors have a place for reviews/comments).  Hone your writing skills, become an interwebs sensation AND bring people to ECA.  Bonus!

Are you on Facebook or some other social media site?  Then I know you’ve posted about at least once a day, right?  (And I’m not talking about clicking the FB , Twitter and G+ buttons to get points).  What?  I’m not sure I understood that — I thought I heard you say “yes,” right?  Good.  And if I heard wrong, make amends.  I’m sure there’s something or someone you can post about on Facebook that someone in your Vast Circle O’ Friends would find useful.  Link to something on the site, like one of Klaus’ awesome reports, or one of Abby’s interviews, or one of your own reviews in the forum or a blog post you’ve published.

Do you belong to other forums, online groups or whatever?  Find a way to mention ecigadvanced once in awhile.  You don’t have to be blatant about it…just something like, “Oh, some guy from Orlando on told this ludicrous joke about Lawrence Fishburn” or whatever lame stuff I might post.  Be creative and figure out some way to post about the place.  Maybe even add it to your signature if that kinda option is available.  The thing is, Google’s algorithms base a site ranking by how many times a link to a particular site appears on other sites during normal interaction.  The more we can get all over the intertubes without obvious spamming, the higher the ranking and the more people will come and the better off we all are.  Capiche?   Hell, add a signature file to your e-mail client with the URL to ECA; someone’s bound to wonder about it and click on it to see what’s up. 🙂  And here’s some images to use for banners on your on websites, blogs, sig files, whatever, thanks to Brad & the Gang:

Let’s all step up to the plate and help get this place growing.  Let’s make vendors, n00bs and even old pros aware of the fact that if they aren’t at ECA, they’re wasting their time.  Think up some other stuff we can all do and add it to the comments below.  Do it for ol’ Slap, willya?  Don’t make me beg — but I will if I gotta.


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  1. morrinb says

    We all need to do our part!

  2. Aaron says

    I tell anyone I can. I have converted about 5 people so far

  3. Mike says

    Well that made this topic easy enough to like and tweet. Good job!

  4. tiffjamesnjj says

    i love ECA, and want them to remain as awesome as they are, fantastic points slap!

  5. Danielle says

    It’s the least we can do, I don’t come across many people trying to switch, but when I do and they want some advice, I point them in this direction .. Looks like i need to kick up my referrals !

  6. slap_maxwell says

    Here’s hoping we can lay the groundwork to really get things going for the Staff who make it all happen for us!

  7. MrsCasey says

    Great post Slap. Love to business card idea!

  8. TheCrookedOne says

    Spread the word…..This is a great forum…..The folks that hang here aren’t to shabby as well:)

  9. brianwilson says

    You can count on it!

  10. imtheboss says

    Great article man!

  11. MrsB3 says

    Great ideas. We all have to do our part.

  12. bybees3 says

    Great stuff, Slap. Might talk to folks at Brick and Mortar stores and see if you could leave business cards or even flyers….

  13. slap_maxwell says

    Good idea about the B&M shops. I’m going to talk to a couple this weekend about leaving some cards or info about ECA!

  14. DemonFire says

    No worry about begging Slap! We are happy to help out!

  15. Chad says

    Thanks Slap. I needed some ideas about how to help out. This covers some good ones!

  16. Michelle says

    Great idea’s and I will be doing them!

  17. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    I’ve been doing this as much as possible. Especially to vendors

  18. Hannah says

    i love eca im always spreading the word

  19. muertala says

    Great Ideas

  20. brock says

    told 3 mo people yeahhhh buddyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!

  21. Tony says

    Good ideas

  22. LOVE2VAPE says

    Me and my wife just joined ECA and already I feel right at home. Was thinking about advertising ECA on ECF, might get banned for it lol but as long as I can come back to ECA who cares 🙂

  23. Anthony says


  24. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    I have posted on both FB pages and told everyone I know. 🙂

  25. RCO67 says

    I spread the word as much as I can slap. You are correct. If we want to keep ECA growing, we gotta get the word out to as many people as possible.

  26. slap_maxwell says

    I’ve noticed a few new members the past week…let’s keep spreading the word!

  27. Nev NYC says

    we hit 100k last week and already have another 3k since. That says alot if you ask me..

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