Valentines Day is coming… And I know just what to get my girlfriend.

February 5, 2013 by · 29 Comments 

Valentines Day is approaching it seems faster every year. Usually I don’t know what to get my girlfriend at all. My new girlfriend on the other hand is different. I have a special feeling about this one. Almost everything about her is perfect, except for one minor flaw…She smokes. Not only is it slowly killing her, it is also tempting me, which I HATE. I have tried numerous times to get her to switch to an e-cig, but she won’t even bother to TRY one. I don’t have much money, so between now and Valentines Day, I am going to try and rack up as much points as I can. There is a nice starter kit for 800 points, which I am not very close to, but I think I can get it if I stick to it! My own e-cig is taking its toll, but like I said, something about her is special. If I can get my points right I will get her the starter kit for Valentines Day, whether she likes it or not. I already know she is going to hate it, but I am going to force her to try it by all means necessary. When she finally tries it out, I will have saved another person, because I know she will love it. She hates the smell of cigarettes, so she showers a lot. With the e-cig that I hope to obtain, she won’t have to worry about that. I just have that feeling where I KNOW when she takes the first few hits, she won’t smoke another cigarette again. That’s a win win for me. I saved another person from those darn analogs, and my girlfriend will no longer be smoking around me, and we can Vape together FOREVER !  Lol

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