Done with Premade!!

March 25, 2013 by · 36 Comments 

ok, so i have been using pre-made coil and wicks for my RBA’s… they can be pricey, but they are good to have around, so I have heard…

I installed a brand new premade on my phoenix RBA, and it was a big fat MEH, the draw was to airy, and I haven’t had this muted flavor since i was vaping on the T system lol. decided that I had to do something about this!

either way I made an order awhile ago and got some kanthal and silica wick.

BTW i have no idea what gauge this kanthal is.. it came with the igo mini.

Decided to break in the igo mini SS.

And fyi the igo is pretty good, vaping on it right now, good draw and easy to put together!


so i scowered youtube, and rewatched optimos video.


I really like optimo, IMO he is right up there in my top reviewers!

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Properly Align Your Phoenix RBA Airhole

January 9, 2013 by · 17 Comments 

There have been a couple of people I’ve recommended Phoenix RBAs to who have complained about a harsh throat hit as well as vapor production that isn’t quite what they thought it should be.  On looking at their attys, I could see that the airhole wasn’t lined up between the coil posts the way it should be (and maybe this is the case with yours).  It’s easy enough to turn the cap a bit to get it to line up correctly, but it’s also a pain in the gluteus region — and if you have to turn it a quarter turn or so, the potential for liquid oozing out is a problem.

Never fear, fellow babies…I’ve got the cure for what ails you. All it takes is a drill bit or needle-nose pliers, a thin point Sharpie or similar marker and a piece of wood or a plastic gripped screwdriver. Oh, and a Phoenix with an airhole that doesn’t line up properly.

First, remove your drip tip and unscrew the Phoenix cap from the bottom coil piece.  Next, grab yourself an eGo threaded battery and screw the cap onto the eGo threads.  I have an old eGo battery I’ve kept for some reason that won’t hold a charge any longer and used it, but if you’re careful, you can do it with a good eGo (just make sure you turn the battery off, because You Never Know).  Next, insert the shank end of the drill bit (or one of the needle nose pliers jaws or tines or whatever the heck they’re called) into the cap and gently pry against the inside of the cover, rotating around the circumference of the cap’s base.  You should begin to see the cover separate from the threaded insert. Continue carefully prying around until it comes loose.  You should now have the cap in one hand and an eGo battery with a threaded insert screwed to it in the other.  Congratulations!  You’re almost done!  Now unscrew the insert from your eGo.

Insert removed from cap.

Next, take the insert and screw it onto the Phoenix coil base all the way down (this is important — otherwise you’re gonna have wasted your time).  Now hold this assembly in front of you so that you’re looking in between the two coil posts — like you’re aiming a field goal.  Now take your Sharpie and make a mark on the knurled base of the atty right smack dab in the center of the two posts.

Take the cover and place it down onto the coil assembly with the airhole aligned with your Sharpie mark  and push it down onto the insert with your thumb just enough to hold it in place.

Cap pressed finger tight onto insert which has been screwed down onto coil base with hole aligned to mark.

Now carefully unscrew the coil base from the cap/insert (make sure the cap doesn’t separate from the insert) and place the cap with  insert side down (mouthpiece side up, in other words…gotta get this part right) on a sold surface.  Next, take your block of wood (or a screwdriver with a soft plastic grip) and carefully tap the cap down fully on the insert.  Use a number of somewhat gentle taps instead of a single hard Wham!

Closely look at the bottom of the cap and insure the insert is fully seated inside once again.  If so, screw your cap back down onto the coil base and voila!  Your airhole is now properly aligned for optimal airflow.  You may now vape like a sir (or a madam)!

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