Study and regulation of electronic cigarettes are needed.

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           With today’s scientific knowledge about the horrible effects that cigarettes have on not only the person smoking it but the people around them, there needs to be a way of stopping the use of tobacco products or at least a safer alternative. There are several different types of stop smoking aids, such as Nicorette Gum, Nicotine patches and lozenges, prescription stop aids, and now Electronic cigarettes that unlike the others have not been approved by the FDA as a safe way of quitting or a safe product to use. One of the biggest problems today with electronic cigarettes is the lack of regulation and accurate tests that can show the effects on the human body or more importantly the improvements on health that it can have on tobacco users.

            The Food and Drug Association current point of view is incorrect and ignorant to the effects that electronic cigarettes can have on the human body. They believe that electronic cigarettes are not a safe alternative due to the fact that the chemicals in these products when vaporized are hazardous. The FDA Kills Smokers  a article by  John Stossel,  he writes about how the FDA wants to ban all sale and use of electronic cigarettes due to the fact that “ e-cigarettes contain trace chemicals that “may” be “toxic.””  and that these chemicals have not been proven to cause any harm and are also found in other products that the FDA has approved like Nicorette Gum, Nicotine patches and lozenges.

            As a current user and past user of cigarettes I do believe that electronic cigarettes  should be regulated. More studies are needed for the FDA or any other government agency to make a correct actions or regulations on it. There have been several studies on electronic cigarettes and what effects they have on current smokers, one that takes place in Greece that is discussed in Ben Hirschler article Greek study finds e-cigarettes no threat to heart. In this study they took 20 young smokers and 22 electronic cigarette user and found that the smokers hadheart dysfunction, including raised blood pressure and heart rate, those using e-cigarettes had only a slight elevation in pressure“. This was the first study worldwide to show the effect that electronic cigarettes have on the human heart and even one of the doctors on the study said that more studies are needed.

            One of the biggest problems present today with electronic cigarettes is the lack of regulation. Web forums and YouTube reviewers are the only way to find out about the quality of a electronic cigarette product but none of these can accurately discuss the safety of these components. In a article E-cigarettes gain in popularity as a way to quit smoking by Jane Kwiatkowski the components are described as such “Electronic cigarettes, made of plastic and metal, have no tobacco. A battery heats a solution that contains propylene glycol (approved by the FDA as a food additive) to create a vapor that users inhale. The solution, contained in a disposable cartridge, is available in dozens of flavors and with various levels of nicotine.” The juice is one of the biggest components that need to be regulated. E Juice as it’s known contains multiple components, the most dangerous compounds is the liquid nicotine, while safe in small quantities in large doses it can be deadly if not handled correctly.  The most needed regulation is the potency and quality of nicotine. The liquid nicotine was originally used as a pesticide but safer “food grade” has been produced by mixing the nicotine with propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin but the liquid nicotine could not be refined in the best way. That is something that needs to be changed.

            Better studies are needed and to be done correctly. In a recent study in the article Metal and Silicate Particles Including Nanoparticles Are Present in Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer Fluid and Aerosol they conducted a study on one of the types of heating elements that are used in electronic cigarettes to find out what types of metals are found in the vapor or aerosol that is produced. The issue that I have with this study is they took this Cartomizer that is made of a kanthal resistance wire, silica fabric, and a stainless steel body and used it in a way that no user of electronic cigarettes would consider a enjoyable or even possible “vape” or drag. The silica fabric is made and needed to hold the eJuice and is only usable when completely saturated, unfortunately in this study they did not use it in the correct manner. When Cartomizers are not saturated they will burn not only the silica wick and fabric but will also affect the  integrity of the wire and the casing. When a any product is used incorrectly the results will be terrible and wrong. Consider driving a car that is on fire of course it will be unsafe and will cause toxic chemicals to be inhaled, so why would a study on electronic cigarettes be allowed. their results are “The presence of metal and silicate particles in cartomizer aerosol demonstrates the need for improved quality control in EC design and manufacture and studies on how EC aerosol impacts the health of users and bystanders.”

            In conclusion better studies that are tested in the correct manner that would be used in real world applications and regulation of the materials and they way they are assembled and used is needed.



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  1. VapersWin says

    I think we all need to know the truth about the effects and all. Basically we want all the credit if they are good and no added cost. But all the testing would cost money. They would never let us all come together and pay for the testing. Instead they would set up a never ending stream of income that is just not fair to vapers.

    On the other hand, if testing does show negative effects, they will do the same. Setting up a never ending stream of income. Its a double edge sword. 2 cents. Thanks for the nice write up.

  2. Tyler says

    awesome post keep it up!

  3. Mike says

    I feel so much better, so I am liking vaping anyway, compared to smoking cancer sticks. IDK
    Cool post!

  4. slap_maxwell says

    I’m afraid I disagree with the need for regulation of e-cigs — at least if, by “regulation”, you mean “government oversight”. I would have no problem, however, with the industry providing open, transparent, voluntary “self-regulation”.

  5. Flux83 says

    The reason I want regulation is for quality, if I was to be poisoned by a bad batch of nicotine and the company producing it was in china there would be nothing I could do but if they were a American or at least certified action would be possible. And what about sale to minors, that is a regulation and it should be in place. So some regulation is a good thing.

  6. bybees3 says

    It is a slippery slope, no matter which way the pendulum swings. Whatever regulations, restrictions, or involvement the government has, and they eventually will, the end result will be higher cost.
    That is why I think all vapers should become familiar with some form of DIY. Nic will be the target, so stockpiling it will be the only way to have it, without have to deal with their ‘rules’. For someone who gets down to 0 nic, they will have no problem. The other ingredients will remain available.

  7. slap_maxwell says

    Again, I’m not against industry standards and industry-led oversight…but I do not believe government regulation is better or even desirable for vapers. Look at everything the government “regulates’ today…and look at the billions in lost productivity, increased costs for doing business, increased taxes to pay for the bureaucracies and then look at the results. The free market would do a much better job IMO.

  8. Michelle says

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nev NYC says

    it took decades before cigarettes and smoking was proven to be “harmful”.. i remember when smoking was the norm and ppl would smoke freely wherever they wanted, even in front of children. Now there has been proven evidence that smoking kills ppl. I agree that ecigs are a safer alternative to smoking BUT i would like more research to be done to show if there are any more negatives to this safer alternative. It almost pains me to say but some regulation would be good for the consumers of ecigs. We need more studies done and a standard of quaility control in the production of ecigs and vaping products. It’s impossible to say or even believe that vaping is TOTALLY harmless. I’d agree with safer than smoking but not completely harmless to the user. especially when the buyer really doenst know exactly they are consuming when buying from the hundreds if not thousands of vendors out there.

  10. Flux83 says

    Great tip bybees3 I am waiting for my first order of DIY stuff now.

  11. aaron says

    I can see regulation have some good effects but not sure about it yet.

  12. Morrinb says

    Great writing!

  13. bybees3 says

    Thanks Flux for this blog. It’s provided for a good exchange of ideas and opinions. Added bonus, no one has called anyone idiot or stupid. Kind of a rarity, no on ECA, of course.

  14. nick says

    i also agree that e-cigs should be regulated, mainly as quality control & for age verification. due to the nature of e-cigs & the direct competition, i think testing should be done straight up against all known tobacco cigarette chemicals & carcinogens, as well as the allowable metal contamination as per deemed by OSHA (IIRC, dont remember off hand the agency that runs that portion). rather than jump on the political bandwagon, and assume e-cigs are more harmful or outright ignore any prelim testing; just get it over with and do some proper testing & comparisons.

  15. Tsull says

    I agree with this. I love vaping, but it does concern me sometimes about the lack of regulatory standards out there.. especially with the different e-liquids

  16. Stephen W says

    Regulation IS coming, like it or not. The best we can hope for is that it’s done logically, and with an open mind. The last thing the vaping community needs is a child getting into dad’s ejuice “lab” in the garage and poisoning himself. The media shitstorm that would follow would be one hell of a hole to dig out of. Most of us are ex smokers, and we know how the collective hivemind’s bias can be extremely overbearing.

  17. tiffany says

    it would be nice if they actually tried to tell us what the effects are… but yes, it’s kind o hard since id they stick their nose in, they might screw it all up.

  18. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Wouldn’t regulation significantly drive up the price of ejuice. if it were to be regulated people would need licenses etc to sell and therefore make it a lot harder to get into the business as well as maintain low cost for juices. I understand your point but I sure don’t want the prices to sky rocket.

  19. Andrew says

    Awesome read. Simple regulation yes but not putting us under the scope of the FDA that would be very very bad

  20. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    Nice Post.

    I think they should be regulated for quality control reasons

  21. ninjanp says

    I completely agree.

  22. kelli perkins says

    The v olt over the blue but I will take my mod over both.

  23. Christine Bravo says

    It gives same feelings as given by normal smoking but you were right the effects of electronic cigarette should be discuss as well

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