Steeping Guide

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Does this sound familiar? You are waiting on a new flavor from a new company and when it comes, you load up your favorite carto and presto, no flavor. What happened? Well, it could be several things but let’s look at what you could have done to prevent such a harsh flavorless liquid.
Welcome to the world of steeping. Steeping is when you bring out the flavor of a liquid, kind of like when you make tea. If you put a tea bag in a cup of cold water and leave it for 5 minutes it will have very little flavor. If, however you boil the water first the flavor will be remarkably better. This is what steeping does and it can do the same for your e-liquid.
The first thing I like to do is to shake my liquid really good for at least a minute. This helps to stir up flavor particles that might have settled to the bottom of the bottle. I also think it bruises the molecules kind of like getting a slightly different flavor out of garlic or herbs by crushing instead of just cutting them.
Another thing I like to do with a new flavor is to place my liquid in a bath of very warm water, not quite a boil, but around 175 F. seems to do the trick. This will have the same effect as tea and you will find that your liquid will darken slightly, don’t be alarmed, from what I understand, it is caused by the nicotine in the liquid. It is nothing to be alarmed about.
I also like to let my liquid breath overnight. I open the bottle and place it in a cool dark closet. I don’t have kids or pets so I am able to leave it unattended but if you have kids or pets, make sure that you are able to lock the place you are using for this. Nicotine is a poison and should be treated as such. Do a google search on e-liquid safety. After letting the liquid breath, cap it and leave it in the dark place for 4-6 days. It helps to have a supply of ready to go liquid so you don’t dip into the bottle you are steeping.
I recently purchased flavors from a company and when I got them they were like vaping pure sugar water. Very acrid and just a hint of sweetness and very little flavor. I mixed up a batch, gave it the hot water treatment, let it breath and then let it sit in the dark for a week. I had to double check to make sure that I hadn’t gotten my bottles mixed up. The flavor was spot on and prevented me from throwing away about $20 worth of flavor.

The liquid is also light sensitive. I use nothing but brown, green or blue glass bottles to store my closeted e-liquid. It keeps the light out.
I hope that these tips will help you in the future. Vaping is still a new science we’ll figure this thing out together.

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  1. Patthib says

    Steeping can definitely be the key to good juice! Seems like giving flavors a chance to meld allows the flavors to “pop” and taste as they should!
    Great post for helping others understand what steeping is!

  2. Spoon says

    Is this something you should do with all liquids?
    Or mostly darker or sweet ones?

    I’ll have to try it with a few of the samples i have vs the big bottles of the same flavor. See if they get better with these methods.

  3. Scott says

    Every flavor from ecblend needs to be steeped. Ill be experimenting with it very soon! Some times its just too exciting to get a brand new juice.

  4. Johnathan Brown (Sepsis) says

    Thanks a ton for posting this. This could very well help some newer vapers not through away some juice. I have had a couple of times were steeping have helps a LOT. I will say this, i also have had juices that did not taste as good after steeping, so you never know til you try. If you are not happy with a juice when you first get it, there is nothing to lose by steeping it.

  5. slap_maxwell says

    Steeping (or aging) is very important with ejuices, and something very few new vapors know about. thanks for the post!

  6. eczema clothing says

    What’s up, I check your blog on a regular basis.
    Your humoristic style is awesome, keep it up!

  7. UncleRJ says

    I totally agree with this statement!

    But also, I do have to include that time is the best way to steep.

    I have used this method but time and a daily shake is still the best!

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