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I’m a fisherman, and a few years back I took up fly-fishing. Sometime after I got into fly-fishing, When I began to get into vaping and saw how people were building their own coils, I immediately started thinking of ways I could make some things easier with the tools I have for tying flies. Fly tying is essentially the art of wrapping thread, wire, ribbon and other materials around small, and sometimes downright tiny fishing hooks.

So this morning I sat down to shoot a quick video to show someone what I had talked to them about and I figured I might as well shoot a few. I’ve ended up with four videos showing a few different tools I own, and how they can be used in building coils. Unfortunately I cannot seem to embed these videos in this blog, so you’ll ave to click the links to view the videos.

The first tool I’ll show is called a whip finisher. I demonstrate how it can be used to twist two wires together, something useful in making a ‘twisted coil’. The video linked below pretty much speaks for itself. There are two types of whip finishers, you want to get one that looks like the one in the video, the other type does not have a rotating handle, and looks quite different, so it won’t be useful.  I’ve found this for sale at Bass Pro Shops for $8.99

Video Link: RBA Tools Part 1: Twisted coils with a whip finisher.

The second tool I’m showing is called a bobbin threader. It works similar to a sewing needle threader, however it is long and slender and much more practical for what I use it for. In the video I show how I thread a cotton wick through an already wound coil on a phoenix atomizer. I first began using this tool to rewick stardust clearomizers without having to recoil them. These sell for about $5.

Video Link: RBA Tools Part 2: The bobbin threader

Next I figured since I showed a bobbin threader I might as well show you what a bobbin is. The bobbin is used to hold spools of thread, wire, or ribbon during fly tying. Once again the video demonstrates how it works pretty well. I simulate wrapping a silica wick in the video using black thread and a piece of yarn. However you can see by the video how it would apply to wrapping a coil on an RBA.  Bobbins can get expensive, but a decent bobbin, with a ceramic tip can be had for around $10.

Video Link: RBA Tools Part 3:The Bobbin

You will also notice I use my fly vise for wrapping that coil in the video. I mention that it’s probably a bit overkill to buy one for making coils. I have a pretty nice vise that moves in all sorts of different angles, and really isn’t needed for what we’re doing with RBA coils. It simply provides a stready base making coil wrapping a bit easier. Mine probably cost near $100, so as I said, it’s a bit expensive for this purpose, there may be some to be had cheaper, but you may also be able to improvise something that gives the same stability.

In the final video I show a couple extra little tools. I forgot the name when I shot it, but the first is a bodkin. it’s simply a large pin with a nice handle. Then I show a pair of scissors and pliers. I just show these as examples of the types of tools used for this. My idea is perhaps you see one of these tools you like, and might want to get, so I show them all to you in case you decide you want to hunt down some stuff and put an order together.

Video Link: RBA Tools Part 4: A few more.

So that’s what I’ve got. I mentioned Bass Pro Shops, places like Dick’s, Sport’s authority, Cabela’s, even sometimes K-Mart or Wal-Mart may carry some of these tools. I figured I’d share these tools I use, because some people might find one or two of them to be useful things to own.

Thanks for your time, and keep on vaping.



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  1. toweknee says

    Great guide ! great job ! Im just going to be fiddling with building wicks soon enough. This is going to help me big time.

  2. Johnathan Brown says

    Thanks for all the info, the advice, and planting the idea in my head 😛

  3. Nathaniel says

    Thanks for the guide!

  4. mrcrunch08 says

    thanks for the tips. I’m going to have to hit up the local tackle shop cause they look like they could save me a lot of trouble.

  5. Anne Fincher says

    These are very useful I am all for easier ways to accomplish a task, Never would of thought of the bobbin threader I really like that idea

  6. slap_maxwell says

    Brother, I ran out tonight and nabbed me a bobbin threader. I was kinda doing smething half-ass similar with a needle threader, but this is easier. My eyes, coils and atomizers thank you.

  7. Philippe says


  8. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    Awesome post Mongrel

  9. Amanda says

    Great use of resources

  10. mongrel says

    I’m sorry I hadn’t shown you the bobbin threader sooner Slap. I’m glad to see people are finding this stuff useful.

  11. Michelle says

    I’m not ready for all this fun stuff yet but when I am your guide will help Thank you

  12. steve says

    nice guide thanks

  13. saboinia says

    thank you for de info…..i bookmarked da links

  14. dandelionwings says

    i’m so not inclined to tinker, but excellent blog write up and many appreciations for putting together such great work 🙂

  15. muertala says

    Excellent, guide

  16. RCO67 says

    Thanks for the guide mongrel. I’ve been fooling with RBAs for a few months myself and not being a fly fisherman, I didn’t know some of these tools existed.

  17. Alex says

    Nice guide!

  18. MrsCasey says

    Great guide! Thanks for the info Mongrel. 🙂

  19. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    My husband does a lot of fishing. may have too raid his fishing gear.

  20. ManuDawg says

    Nice, quick and informative videos. Thanks for the info Mongrel. I’ll be picking up a Bobbin Threader this weekend.

  21. brisn says

    Ive never been fishing, but now might just go.

  22. tiffjamesnjj says

    cool post!!
    dig how you linked vaping to fishin 🙂

  23. ghostdogg says

    Ya gave me some ideeers Mongrel. Gonna have to go to Dicks out at the mall.

  24. Flux83 says

    The bobbin treader seams usefull. Thanks for the ideas.

  25. robovape says

    awesome info, way to find some extra use for the stuff you already have

  26. Ralph Tirella says

    damn that was ingenious

  27. Holden says

    Looks Great.

  28. Holden says

    Looks Amazing

  29. Tyler says

    great guide!

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