Smoktech R Tank Review & How to

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The Smoktech R Tank (or Hyper SRT II if purchased from GotVapes) in the approximately 4 months that it has been out. Seems to be one of the few overlooked RBA’s. Even now I can only find very few mentions of it on the internet. I can not understand why this is so. Since first purchasing it 3 months ago. this has become my favorite go to tank. So much so that I find myself vaping 2 tank fulls a day. Not only does the flavor and vapor match my Genesis RBA’s. The ease of building or rebuilding my wick and coil is unmatched.
Here is how it comes packaged.


It comes ready to fill with a 2.0 coil and silica wick and 3 extra wick/coils in 2.0,2.5,&3.0 ohms in a nice box.
I used the factory wick/coil for about a week and was very satisfied with the results very good vapor & taste. It appeared to be wrapped neither to tight of loose as they sometimes are. But after that first week I was eager to see how well it worked with other materials. This is where it seemed to really shine. After trying various wick and coil combinations I seemed to have found one that for me combines ease of use, reliability, and great flavor. Without having to modify the RBA itself.

While I will admit it doesn’t look as sleek and sexy as some of it’s RBA cousins. I think of it along the lines of a faithful workhorse type RBA known for its reliability instead of looks. That’s not to say I don’t like the way it looks because I do. Here are some samples of how it looks on various PV’s. I do not yet own one of the tube mods so can’t show you on those but I would think it would look even better.





Of course as with any man made item there are a few negatives.

1, They need to design a better fill hole plug. It comes with a very small & slippery silcone piece. It is very easy to misplace (which I did about 2 weeks in and have never found). I had to replace with a jury-rigged item. It needs to be bigger or connected to the tank somehow.

2. Sometimes when I remove the top cap to refill. When I have screwed it back on I see a little seepage of liquid around the gap between cap and tank. I wipe it down and no more leak. Seems to be condensation from inside cap. Maybe a better o-ring seal is needed.

3. The bottom cap is very tight and sometimes hard to unscrew by hand. But when you put it back on you have to tighten it down as much as possible other wise no positive connection. Maybe they need to make center tube just a hair longer.

4. The box it comes in and some of the sites that sell it claim it’s a 4 ml tank. The most I have been able to put into it is right around 2.5 ml. I have a feeling there counting volume of the entire RBA including the top cap which can only hold air and vapor not the tank itself. Some of the sites have started to put actual amount in their ads.

None of these negatives have prevented me from using it everyday tho.

Here is a picture of what it looks like disassembled.

Recently I have seen a post (by I believe BuffaloBob) asking about what specialty tools are needed to re-wick and coil. I had put this kit together for myself a while back and with it have been able to build,rebuild,and repair just about any type i have come across. It is nothing special but it works for me.


Here is what my kit contains

Silica Wick
Cotton Embroiderer thread
Cotton makeup pads
Peaches and Cream Cotton yarn
Cotton Balls
Stainless Steel Mesh 400 & 500 (Not shown)

All cotton wicks are boiled with 3 water changes. Hung up to dry overnight and stored in plastic bags until ready to use (Some people seem to taste the cotton after boiling it but I am not one of them. Even on a brand new wick all I taste is a clean and very strong flavor of my juice. Because of that along with cost and ease of use my wick of choice seems to have become the Peaches And Cream Yarn.)

3 sizes of kanthal wire (28,30,&32)
Small nail clippers
Wooden toothpick and plastic toothpick
Push pin needles
A type of dental pick
Set of Jewelers Screwdrivers
Allen Wrench (For DID Clone)


What follows is what works the easiest and best for me (YMMV). After much Trial and only a little error I have found that 1 strand of peaches and cream yarn, paired with 1.3 ohm coil of 30 gauge wicks the best and gives me the most vapor and flavor on the majority of my PV’s. But with taste being subjective you might want to experiment and find what works best for you.
(I recommend you have a multimeter on hand to double check yourself that you didn’t inadvertently short your coil wires together. Also be aware of the limits of your PV some have protection and some don’t so you might not want your ohms so very low). That of course is easily remedied by adding more wraps.














As you can hopefully see it is the easiest Rebuildable Atomizer I have come across so far. That includes the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers also. And this one comes with a tank.

I definitely plan to buy some more (with the added bonus that the prices have continued to drop since they first came on the market).

Just for your info I use same kit to rebuild other types with some modifications,

Thank you for reading. If you have any comments or critiques please feel free to post. I welcome them all.

P.S. If it seems that people enjoy or learn from this. I do believe I will do some follow up How to rebuild one’s like CE3, Vivi Nova, CE4, phoenix, and others. .

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  1. conqwest says

    awesome post.. very insightful and you got me thinking about trying this rba out in the near future

  2. chuckss says

    This is a sweet review, thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  3. Johnathan Brown (Sepsis) says

    Thanks for the review. I may have to try that yarn. Currently I have been finding cheesecloth to be very nice (from the craft section at walmart). Thanks for the tutorial/review.

  4. Courtney says

    Great mod, and even better tutorial!

  5. jimpo42 says

    Great tutorial. I like the pictures you mix in, they really help.

  6. mrcrunch08 says

    I have one of these and I hated it but I didn’t rewick it like what you have shown. I will have to pull it out and give that a try. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Ralph Tirella says


  8. Flux83 says

    Some good tips you got there.

  9. morrinb says

    Thanks for the review. Lots of good information there.

  10. slap_maxwell says

    A true rebuildable vivi nova instead of rebuilding something not meant to be rebuilt! 🙂 Great tutorial as usual.

  11. Chad says

    Thanks. I’ll check that tank out. Looks cool.

  12. The Crooked One says

    Great post….I will be trying one of these soon 🙂

  13. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    This is their version of an A8

  14. Michelle says

    Thanks for sharing

  15. RCO67 says

    Thanks for taking the time to post pics. They are nice to help visualize exactly what is being expressed.

  16. tiffjamesnjj says

    think i’ll stick to premade coils still lol

  17. robowvape says

    another great tutorial… i’ll bet you could make a great how-to video…

  18. Donald Hammond says

    Great article. I have never tried wrapping a coil with a toothpick. May have to try that. Looks like it may be a lot easier.

  19. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Looks like an interesting RBA. I prefer SS mesh personally but great to have lots of options and love your indepth tutorial.

  20. imtheboss says

    wish I could do stuff like that

  21. brianwilson says

    Very nice. You must have put a LOT of effort into this the details and step by step are for sure going to help the people that come across this. I wish I could rate articles. 5/5

  22. Todd says

    One heck of a detailed write up. Good job and thanks for taking the time on this!

  23. Philippe says


  24. bybees3 says

    Great job. Outstanding pics. Thanks

  25. mongrel says

    I have to admit I considered buying this only with the intention of modding it into a genesis style. That was around the time a couple real cheap genesis attys hit the market, so I never gave this a second thought.

    It’s good to hear you’ve been enjoying it, thanks for the very good review and detailed information.

  26. Ken says

    Thanks for the pictures! My first RBA, I’ve been playing with this for about a week and just was not happy with the stock prewound wicks. I ordered some wire and cotton wick that all got here recently so I have been going to town trying to dial in the setup. Your pics made everything click in my head as to how I should be doing things and now I have a perfect coil vaping away!

  27. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    nicely done

  28. crystal harris says

    Wow a very detailed write up !!!! fabulous 🙂

  29. Zane says

    Whoa thats badass.

  30. the walking dead season 3 free online says

    I wanted to take the time and say that you guys SUUUUUCK!Scot you are the worst.Talking dead is ten times better then all of you.Walking dead tv podcast is the real podcast.

  31. bybees3 says

    I have three of these. I love them. Ease of use, easy rebuild, great vapor and flavor. Not to mention, they look good on your mod.
    I wrap coil around small precision screwdriver and thread two strands of unwound cotton yarn. Perfect for my vape pace.

  32. RCO67 says

    Sonar505 tutorials are always of the highest quality.

  33. Bustedf00 says


    Great tutorials. I was just wondering could you please tell me what is the OD and the ID of the tube? I am thinking of replacing it with a pyrex glass tube. I just need to get the right OD and ID of the tube.


  34. slap_maxwell says

    Say, brother…hope all is well. Got any more awesome tutorials up your sleeve?

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