Smoking, The Changing Landscape

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Smoking has gone digital. This is going to have effects reaching all over the place that I’m going to blog about here. Originally written in Oct 2012

First of all, you have the public perception. E-cigs look like a real cigarette. I’ve already been told on a plane that I can’t use my electronic cigarette on the plane even though the e-cig companies advertise you can smoke virtually anywhere, including on a plane and in the airport. I have since just gone in the bathroom on the plane, and it doesn’t set off the smoke detector. No big deal right? The other day I walked into a grocery store with my south beach smoke and the security guard told me “there is no smoking in here sir”. Well duh, yeah, and there hasn’t been for what, 20 years? I told him I wasn’t smoking, showed him the e-cig, he smiled, and continued on my way. He tracked me down and wanted to see it, smiling, saying he was just curious what it was. I use my south beach smoke in the office, it has no odor, and everyone has become accustomed to it. I love being able to “smoke” at my desk and walk around the office with it in my mouth or hand. I think as this new way of “smoking” because more popular, eventually it is going to be banned in places where smoking is prohibited. Why? Because there is one in every crowd. Someone is bound to complain, and people are going to whine they don’t know what is in the vapor and are concerned it is harmful to them even though there is no harm to the environment or surrounding people.

A little sidebar to the “no smoking” bit here is now we have gone from e-cigs with a choice of nicotine strength and menthol or non, to vaping from larger devices with ENDLESS flavor choices! While the e-cigs are virtually odorless, these new juices come in everything from pumpkin pie to peach champagne. And with all these flavors comes the odors, while pleasant, they certainly bring more attention to the vaper. Non smokers have been pushing smokers to the curb for decades, now to see us “smoking” indoors again? Some are just not going to have it regardless of how safe we say it is. Some may forget about it, since the vapor quickly disappears and has no odor, but to be reminded of it with an odor off and on, they are going to start second guessing how “safe” it is. trust me.

As more and more people ditch tobacco for a healthier way to get their nicotine fix, the government is going to be losing some serious money. The government is not going to like this, already having planned on spending this tax money and you can bet your first born the government WILL find a way to tax electronic cigarettes, e-juice, and accessories.

A quick google search for “e-liquid”, “e-juice”, etc, will bring up over a million hits. Everyone and their mother is whipping up batches of juice and selling it online. So there is no regulation going on here, nobody knows exactly what is in this juice. For the most part you have basic ingredients, but, there is no standard recipe. The FDA is already trying to regulate this for “public safety”.

Finally, and probably most importantly, is Big Tobacco. You can rest assured that the tobacco industry is already on this, because they are. Lorillard, makers of Newport Cigarettes, have already bought out the “Blu” e-cig company. Big tobacco has had smokers litterally by the balls for decades. Now, with this new “healthier” alternative to smoking, big tobacco is shaking in their boots!

The bottom line is here is hold onto your seat. This temporary “reprieve” us FORMER smokers have from taxes and restrictions on where we can get our fix, won’t last forever.

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  1. Michelle says


  2. Aaron says

    Big Tobacco dosn’t have me by the balls anymore!

  3. morrinb says

    Great post. Thanks!

  4. bybees3 says

    DIY!!! Stock up on the Nic NOW!!! VG, PG, and flavors won’t be affected.

  5. Danielle says

    I dread seeing what the future of vaping is, but i hope it’s positive. ..I’m sure the FDA is real concerned about ‘public safety’ ..meanwhile some of the stuff they put their stamp of approval on is astonishing.

  6. Tyler says

    great post man

  7. Mike says

    Awesome blog post. I usually don’t vape around people. IDK, I rather not explain myself. But I guess thats how everyone will eventually learn about them.

  8. chuckss says

    Thanks for the post, very insightful.

  9. tiffjamesnjj says

    i hope that when the fda steps in hard it’s a good thing.. i have to keep this in my mind or i might loose it!

  10. slap_maxwell says

    I’m not looking forward to the FDA getting into e-cigs at all, really. It’s always been my experience when the government steps in, things go straight to shite. Time to learn how to extract our own nicotine from tobacco plants (which are pretty easy to grow, btw). 🙂

  11. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    Good post Jon. Reminds me of an article in a magazine for the new age or something

  12. Flux83 says

    Ok interesting article but I do have some thoughts on this I don’t think its a good idea for the government to tax ecigs or at least not the customers but they should regulate the sale and production of them, I am vaping to be healthier then I was smoking and I don’t want to spend $20 from a juice producer that is using sub par ingredients that might do more harm then other juices.

  13. Avon Jon says

    wow thanks for the comments everyone. I’m shocked this made the front page!

  14. LOVE2VAPE says

    FDA blows anyway. Great blog post.

  15. DemonFire says

    I’m stocking up right this moment just for this issue.

  16. Nev NYC says

    it won’t be long before there will be ecig boot legging.. thx!!

  17. slap_maxwell says

    Very good post! I’m not against smokers; hell I was one for a long time by choice. And by choice I’m now a vaper. I’m glad there’s a choice all the way around; I always hated the anti-tobacco nazis and still do. 🙂

  18. Chad says

    good stuff.

  19. MrsB3 says

    If there’s money to be made, the government will be there with their hands reaching out…

  20. manudawg says

    Nice blog avonjon. I was at a Nascar Race over the weekend and walked by a Police Officer who looked right at me as I vaped off my Provari with Tuxedo Tank and he didn’t say a thing. I think it is becoming very prevalent in California so a lot of Police, Security and Store Employees know what you are doing without asking. Obviously the fact that it is becoming more and more common every day is not stopping the Lawmakers, Anti Tobacco Activists and the good old FDA from going after ecigs to ban them as if they were cigarettes, tax them as if they were cigarettes and probably give control of production and sale to a couple large tobacco companies. I hope these things don’t happen but if they do I’m ready.

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