Bulk E-Juice Root Beer Float Review

October 29, 2013 by · 6 Comments 

I have not had a Root Beer Float in years.

So when I was getting to place a new order from Bulk E-Juice, I decided to try the Root Beer Float from Bulk E-Juice.


And I am glad that i did!

In the past, I had tried a standard Root Beer flavor from another E-Juice supplier and sure enough it did taste like the beverage in question. But it was somewhat lacking, tasted more like RootBeer where the ice had melted and diluted the flavor a bit.

This one was a lot different.

Night and Day different.

As usual, I ordered in my preferred 60/40 mix with 18mg of nicotine. The order was promptly shipped and well packed as usual.

The color of the juice was the same as you would expect from Root Beer as was the smell coming from the bottle.

As Root Beer as I understand it is one of the juices that are on the suspect list of tank crackers, I filled my Kanger ProTank with a 2.5 ohm head, attached it to my Innokin SVD, set it to 8 watts and took a hit.

I was actually a bit startled by the flavor which was a very rich Root Beer flavor as well as a nice hint of creamy Vanilla to top it off.

But what really surprised me was it actually tasted “Fizzy” as well! Something I have not experienced before.

Quit a bit of Throat Hit as well and a very respectable amount of vapor which also had a very mild Root Beer flavor to it.

I will be ordering this again!

SMOKTech ARO Pyrex BCC Clearomizer Review

October 3, 2013 by · 8 Comments 

I was pretty excited to see this device while trawling through madvape’s website, fellow babies — for one main reason.  And when the order arrived, I was excited to have them for a number of reasons.  So let’s kick the tires, as it were, and take a look at the Smoktech ARO Pyrex BCC, shall we?

SMOKTech ARO Pyrex Clearomizer

Yes, as you can see from the picture, this is a Kanger T3 form-factor BCC; and as some of you know, I was an early-adopter of the T3 and have continued to use them to this day along with the myriad other toppers I’ve acquired in this 2 1/2 years of vaping.  The main reason I did not hesitate to order some of these is simple. Pyrex! In a T3 form factor! Did I mention Pyrex?

I used (notice the past tense action, there, fellow babies) T3s for those times when hauling a bunch of Phoenix drippers and bottles of juice (or even Genesis-type atties) around is simply out of the question.  I never enjoyed the time I spent using cartos for the most part (or those nasty CE clearos) for many reasons.  So when the T3 appeared, it was the perfect tool for the job…the job being to deliver a convenient vape that holds a lot of juice that doesn’t leak while driving, walking, being busy at work, whatever.  Sadly, until now, that meant not being able to use certain juices in those circumstances because of etching, cracking or melting. Not anymore, fellow babies.  Did I tell you about the Pyrex?

So how does this thing compare to the latest iteration of the Kanger T3/M3?  To my surprise, it compares very well…in fact, in some aspects, the Smoktech ARO outshines the Kanger.  Since I compared the new T3 heads with the heads from the ARO (almost identical with extremely minor variation), the most glaring difference to me is probably the main reason:  the ARO coil and wick seems to be built way better than the Kanger counterparts.  They seem to use a 3mm wick instead of 2 or 2.5, and on the standard res head (2.4 ohm), I saw a perfect 9 wrap coil with closely-spaced wraps, complete with no-res legs leading right to the wick.  Maximum heat to the coil where it needs to be. It sports the same pair of 1 mm filler wicks otherwise.  On the Kanger T3 head I’m looking at that measures 2.5 ohm, I see a 6 wrap of much thinner wire with no-res wire that doesn’t go all the way up to the (thinner) wick.  Of course, I believe I mentioned the Pyrex tank, correct?

At this moment I’m vaping a 40/60 pg/vg DIY juice that isn’t easy for the Kanger T3 to deal with.  In the T3, I can only get away with vaping this sauce at 7.5 watts (with a primer puff every couple of toots) because the wicks can’t keep up if I go much higher, resulting in dry hits.  No such issue with the ARO; I’m vaping this at 8.5 watts and have yet to get a dry hit.  I went so far as to jack it up to 10 watts and was able to pull 3 consecutive back to back toots before getting a skanky dry hit.  The stock T3, as much as I like it, simply can’t deliver such action.  Vapor production is great for a BCC device and flavor is a noticable, if not drastic, step up from the Kanger.  The draw is airy — similar to the T3 — and so far, after one tank I’ve encountered no gurgles ot leaks.  Like the T3, it holds about 2.5 ml and you have no option of using your own mouthpiece, but that doesn’t bother me in the least, especially since, in case I forgot to mention, it’s a T3 form-factor with Pyrex.  The mouthpiece is, in fact, a metal chrome-plated job that is actually quite comfortable.

Wrap-up: the ARO rocks, fellow babies — nice clouds and tasty vape-age, plain and simple.  I ran another ARO with 70/30 PG/VG at 9 watts without ever getting a dry hit the entire tank.  As far as the physics of how these BCC devices work, (negative pressure keeping the juice from running out the bottom) you will likely encounter the occasional bit of bottom leakage & gurgling if going from a very cool room to the hot out-of-doors or if you let the juice level get below about the 1/5 mark or so, just like the Kangers.  For me, though, the fact I finally have a T3 style device with a Pyrex tank is awesome.  The somewhat better performance is just icing on the cake.  Get yourself a few of these bad boys and forget about tank-cracking forever. $7.99 at madvapes; replacement heads are $1.49 each. Note there are two versions of the ARO; one is Pyrex, one is not.  Make sure you order the correct one and rock on, citizens!

Alice In Vapeland

May 13, 2013 by · 6 Comments 

first off, alice in vapeland is kind of hard to get, either way you have to be patient, and most people love this company!

This is one of the reasons, you get a VERY nice looking box with a playing card, confetti and it’s decorated!





so i got 11 little bottles, cost about $25 with shipping.

So here is what i think of the flavors.

mind you i dripped all of these at 4.0V and i got these all at 11mg.

first is B&W cookie.

i get a really nice cocoa cookie. lightly sweet.  The more i vape it, the more it tastes like an oreo cookie. i like it, not going to kill anyone over it, but good vape!

next is white rabbit, people have been know to LOVE this flavor. Mind you I am vaping these as I type. WTH is this flavor? It’s like a coconut cookie? smells mapely?  now that i typed maple i taste it…. i turn up the volts and it’s nice and creamy. really reminds me o an almond joy minus the chocolate. Good complex flavor!

next is cupcake city.

to me this is a IMO a pretty generic cupcake flavor, it is not bad at all, but compared to the other 2 flavors, this is not a big WOW. If you have tried TVRs cupcake, these 2 are close enough.

Next is crunkberry, i took this to work with me, it really tastes like crunch berries with milk. My only issue is that the flavor is VERY light, BUT none of these flavors have been steeped, so tht might be the issue.

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The Volt v.s The Blu (For the Mini Style Vaporer)

April 23, 2013 by · 13 Comments 

If you are just wanting to get into the vaping world or maybe you just prefer the mini over a larger e-cigarette, odds are you have many options to choose from and have had many companies wanting you to try their products for various reasons. And with every brand saying that they are the best it is a very confusing time trying to search for the right starter e-cig.  The VOLT by Smokeless Image and The Blu are two e-cigarettes I feel that any newbie vapor has probaly come by before.  So I decided to give them each a test and to review my personal opinion on the two.

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The Blade Review

April 17, 2013 by · 21 Comments 

The Blade

A very nice mod that has a unique look and densest break the bank. I picked up mine from a Co-Op for $37. It is made from chrome plated brass and uses a brass contact to contact the positive battery post to the center post on the 510 connection. The way to activate this mod is by pushing up on the center post that holds the battery. This is a larger clone of Apex’s Alpha Ultralite Mod. The difference between the two are of course the size of battery that can used, and the materials there made from and of course the price tag.

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Done with Premade!!

March 25, 2013 by · 36 Comments 

ok, so i have been using pre-made coil and wicks for my RBA’s… they can be pricey, but they are good to have around, so I have heard…

I installed a brand new premade on my phoenix RBA, and it was a big fat MEH, the draw was to airy, and I haven’t had this muted flavor since i was vaping on the T system lol. decided that I had to do something about this!

either way I made an order awhile ago and got some kanthal and silica wick.

BTW i have no idea what gauge this kanthal is.. it came with the igo mini.

Decided to break in the igo mini SS.

And fyi the igo is pretty good, vaping on it right now, good draw and easy to put together!


so i scowered youtube, and rewatched optimos video.


I really like optimo, IMO he is right up there in my top reviewers!

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The Dream RBA

March 8, 2013 by · 33 Comments 

So, at one time I was happy vaping with my egos and standard clearos, then I found out how much I love dripping…. then the world of RBA’s, then the VAMO….

I at one time loved my phoenix, but when I got my vamo the 2 didn’t work together. So I sought out to get a new dripping RBA, and alas I found the dream. The dream fits perfectly on my vamo  and is super easy to work with.

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Ms T’s Sweetener must have for all Vapers

March 5, 2013 by · 23 Comments 

This review is not about a juice but more on a additive that makes vaping better!
So I got some of Ms. T’s juices in the other day and I am in love. She sent me Snickerdoodles(loved it reviewed by Phil a while back and he was right), Blueberry Muffin(Review Coming Soon), Banana Fosters Coffee with Cream(Review very Soon), Vanilla Custard(oh man its good and of course i am going to review it, and some of Ms. T’s Sweetener or blood of the Pillsbury dough boy lol. This stuff is great, all you need to do is add a drop(or more, like five 😉 ) for every 6ml of juice and it adds more sweetness to it and for me it saved some of my juices that I wasn’t found of. Now I am not saying you need to go buy all of their juices right now…. wait yes I am Go, Go Now! But I have been very happy with the juices that I have received so far from Ms. T(why Ms with juice like this I might propose to her. Wait….Researching….I failed I cant find anything oh well. 🙁

So if you have a juice that needs to be sweeter go to Ms T’s site and pick up some Sweetener.

Review of The iTaste MVP

February 27, 2013 by · 28 Comments 

Today I visited Old Pueblo Vapor Lounge brick and mortar store and was pleasantly surprised on the amount of mods and good juices that they carry, they had the normal variety of eGo’s, handmade wood mods, some of Joyetech’s other mods and innokin mods but most importantly they will be selling the iTaste MVP soon. After talking to them for a bit I was offered the iTaste MVP. The iTaste MVP is a variable voltage mod with a 2600 mAh battery and a very simplistic menu system.  If you would like more detailed information you can visit http://www.innokin.com/itaste-mvp.html.

So with this review I will first talk about the structure of the device. the case  is made from metal not to sure what kind maybe stainless steel or aluminum but it is made very sturdy, looks like you could run it over with your car and it would still work(DO NOT TRY THIS). It is a rectangle that is 41mmx22mmx107mm and is available in different colors like Silver, Titanium Blue , and Black. The top and bottom are shiny, could be a chrome or a very polished metal. The sides are painted or maybe powder coated but are not silky smooth as the top and bottom which is a good thing. On the top of the device is the 510 connection with eGo threading as well, now I have heard some other reviews that they were not able to use the Kanger T3 but I had no issue with mine. on the bottom is your micro USB input port for charging your device, and it is a passthrough meaning you can use it while it is charging as long as the unit was not dead when you started charging it(only when the green light is on). This device also has a USB output port for charging other devices such as your cell phone if you have to, it also has a switch to turn the output on or off. On the back and right side is nothing(besides a logo printed on the back). On the right side is the VV Display that shows what voltage you are currently set at(3.3V-5.0V) and your puff counter(eh) as well as a minus and add button. Now the front is where the button is at as well as a ring of LEDs that will show you when its charging, being used, and when the battery’s power level.

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The Vamo by SmokTek Review

February 19, 2013 by · 46 Comments 

As per request of a few lades and gents in the forums I have decided to post my review of The Vamo in the members blog.  So here ya go!

A little back story behind getting this device. I finally got tired of having my eGo batteries die after not even a full day of use. I also didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t control the vapor production of different liquids because I could change the voltage or power going through my cartomizers. After doing a TON of research I finally settled on The Vamo from Smoktek.com. There are several different factors that drew me to this device. Since this is a device this review will be much longer and more detailed. I also wanted to give this device a little more time than just a day or two like I do with liquids so I can completely understand the device inside and out.

This review can be found at my blog as well: http://utopianvapes.wordpress.com

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