Modifing the AGA T2 Center Post

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So after watching Todd’s video where he showed the AGA T2’s center post with a spring. I thought I could do that myself, so I looked around couldn’t find anything.

Then I found a screw with a spring attached it was small and strong and I found it on my video card after I removed the heat sink and fan to replace it with a water cooling block. Then after a failed attempt at finding a washer small enough to work at my local hardware store I was looking at my coils for the Vivi Nova and there was a small metal cap with a hole on top. The hole is a little big for the center post but that’s not a bad thing, it makes it easy to move it closer to the coil less hotspots and you can also change the resistance a little(like .01 of a ohm). The only thing I had to do was trim the spring so it would fit in the cap. I hope this helps the other AGA T Users or anyone else.(Sorry for the blurry pics they are very very small)

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  1. Mike says

    You guys are so handy at finding stuff to re-use for mods.

  2. morrinb says


  3. slap_maxwell says

    I haven’t seen Todd’s video — what’s the idea behind this?

  4. mongrel says

    @Slap, it allows you to quickly capture the positive wire with no tightening of nuts. The added diameter also helps a bit to remedy the hot-leg problem which the AGA-T is a bit problematic with.

    Flux, we spoke the other day about this, I had used a pen spring, and had a smaller washer, but I think I may have to pull a viv head apart and add it to my rig to get that larger ring to shorten the wire length.

  5. Danielle says

    Wow, that’s awesome 😮

  6. tiffjamesnjj says

    the final frontier, modding your rbas 🙂

  7. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Just curious what the advantage is obver the regular post. I love my AGAT 2’s anything to make them better would be an added benefit

  8. brianwilson says


  9. Tyler says

    awesome blog!

  10. muertala says

    Very nice

  11. Sonar505 says

    Pretty snazzy. Great thinking on your part

  12. slap_maxwell says

    Thanks for the reply, Flux; saves me from having to look through Todd’s channel tonight to find the video. makes sense. One could also use no res wire for the top leg, but I can see this working instead.

  13. Flux83 says

    Glad you guys like it I do have extra screws just pm me and ill send some out.

  14. RCO67 says

    I like the ingenuity. Still, I wonder why the manufacturers cannot get this stuff right to begin with. They rush stuff to market, we snatch it up and pay for the privilege to be beta testers.

  15. Flux83 says

    true but at least I only paid around 30 for it not 150 and still have to do stuff like this.

  16. ManuDawg says

    Nice posts. I’m gonna go check out Todd’s video too.

  17. bybees3 says

    cool flux. Big boy (or girl) Tinker Toys. I love fiddlin’ with this stuff.

  18. Tony says


  19. MrsB3 says

    Great, something else for hubby to ‘improve’. 🙂

  20. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    Where would I find a nut like that. I absolutely love my AGA T 2’s. I have 3 of them I like them so much. I would love to try this. Although I haven’t had too much issue with the hot spots. i just pull the wick a little closer to the center pin but I would love to try this. I would not know where to find a tiny nut like that though.

  21. LOVE2VAPE says

    I hate hotspots!

  22. Chad says

    cool beans! Thank you!

  23. MrsB3 says

    He doesn’t have one like that yet…YET

  24. bybees3 says

    She’s right, YET!!

  25. RCO67 says

    This is an excellent fix to a common problem. Another solution is to go to an Ace Hardware store as they have a section with small metric sized flat washers. An m3 or m2.5 flat washer should fit on most center posts to shorten that top leg and reduce the chances of the dreaded top leg hot spot.

  26. bybees3 says

    My new atty is on its way. Poor thing will get tired of me messing with it. It won’t stand a chance.

  27. vapeman spiff says

    Anyone have trouble with the post that runs through the tank not screwing into both ends? it seems like the washers have expanded over time, now i can only get my aga t2 to work if i 1) remove top washer an DON”T TIP IT OVER. or 2) push down on mouth piece to complete the circut.

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