Just a Mini Rant

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First off, this is not directed toward any person.

So, when we decided to vape, we did it to save our health, others health, save money and social reasons. Maybe not in that order, maybe more reasons, maybe less…

Either way, the thing that is driving me mad, is the amount of  stuff that people have.

For example I read a post (not on the great ECA) where a person bought a $100 or so attachment to a mod. They where selling said attachment brand new due to the fact that they did not like the mod anymore…

Am I the only one that is thinking WTH??

Yes vaping is better than smoking

Yes it is fun

The community is awesome

I really feel like there are a growing number of vapers that are making this lifestyle change more than that, they are making it their life!  Spending all their time shopping for vaping stuff, talking about new items, making reviews ect. ect. Knowledge is great, helping new people is good too, I just think there are people that take it over the top.

I also saw another person that was selling nearly 30 trippy tips. If you are not aware trippy tips are very pretty glass tips that cost about $30 a piece… So what this person was able to part with was over $800 worth of tips… TIPS!!! this makes me wonder how many more tips they have, I doubt that they decided to part with over half of their stock… I guess maybe if they had a sudden bill come up, but why let yourself get in that type of sitution?

luckily these are not the same people that complain that they do not have any $$…

I guess that I just do not understand “collecting”. To me it seems more like hoarding, reminds me of the TV show….

Now if you are the person that has $1,000 worth of tips, 30 mods and you only use 2, I am not saying you should give them away sell them or whatever, I am rather trying to understand why??

Why does a person need more than 3 PVs? Are you attempting to make them match your purse? Then again I have heard some of these same people mention that they don’t let their expensive mods leave the house, so why bother.


If you agree or disagree let me know why.

I am not trying to start any arguements, so you should not either in the comments.

I guess that I am thankful for the horders, so that they can compare the mods to eachother… but wait reviewers….  either way, thanks for reading!

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  1. DemonFire says

    Yep I’m thankful for those that keep a collection. They make great deals and reviews! I’m not so much of one myself as I try to live on a budget. I think my biggest collection has to be of different juices. It took me quite awhile to figure out what I really liked and of course there are always new flavors coming out. But I do trade those off that I don’t like or PIF to someone just starting. So no I’m not so much a collector but there is always this little voice that says Ooooo that’s neat. I just have to keep it on a choke chain LOL.

  2. chuckss says

    Just people using it as a hobby as well as a cigarette alternative.

  3. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    I understand your point but I initially sarted vaping to save money as well as my health and it has turned into more of a hobby that I love. Buying expensive vaping gear is like buying an expensive purse or pair of shoes. The cheap ones work too but are not nearly as pretty. Sure I could just use an Ego Twist and a Kanger T3 but what would be the fun in that. I would get bored. I love trying all the new vape gear and getting a nice new shiny mod or atty to drool over. It is all about what works for you. Just like some people are fine buying a pair of $20 tennis shoes from Walmart, there are others who just have to have the new Air Jordans or new Prada purse.

  4. bybees3 says

    I understand both side, or however many sides there are. I guess vaping has the ability to fill multiple needs for different people.
    Many of those who only buy the essentials, as well as many who buy ‘everything, probably look at the other group and wonder why.
    Live and let live, I suppose.

  5. Hannah says

    great rant!

  6. Tyler says

    Awesome post i see where your comming from

  7. slap_maxwell says

    As in everything, vaping attracts many different people. Those who see a value in and are happy with a couple of egos and a few cartomizers, and those who enjoy the more esoteric side of it…the new gear, the gadgetry, the hobby. I enjoy music, but i also collect 78s, 45 and vinyl albums. I have no real need for the thousands of pieces of vinyl I’ve collected over the years, but each piece means something to me beyond the music it contains. Same same, I guess, with vaping.

  8. Aaron says

    I vape to save money and for health. I see why people like to spend alot on vapeig because it is fun and to alot of people it grows into a hobby. Rite now for me, I do not have the money to spend on the newest mods and all kinds of juice. Glad ECA is here and their point system allows us t get some free things. To each their own is my opinion on this.

  9. morrinb says

    You know, I get it, but honestly, if I had more free cash, I’d probably be buying like some of these folks do. I really do enjoy the high end toys, but I can’t justify the price with my budget, so I go the cheaper route. I have more than I can use as it is. I guess you could say I have a collection. There are weeks when half my stuff never gets touched. Most of it isn’t worth it to me to sell it, even if it became necessary. I just don’t see the need in worrying about what other people do, as long as they aren’t trying to bum money off of me.

  10. brock says

    its a hobby what people do is up to them

  11. TheCrookedOne says

    I understand the rant, …That being said , I understand the collecting…Some peeps collect music, shoes, Mods, Art….
    If they have the money that allows this collecting , then why not?
    Most of the time …peeps that collect also share the love…..(most of the time) at least with vaping ….

  12. tiffjamesnjj says

    yahoo this is why i love ECA, no hate
    just other ideas and thoughts!!

  13. Flux83 says

    yeah if you really want to get mad go look at the facebook trade groups One guy tried to sell me a used zap for $175 his reasoning is they are sold out so he should get more for it. being sold out does not make it a collectors item.

  14. bybees3 says

    That is cool, tiff. Probably, if you would post this in most blogs or forums, people would try and rip you to pieces and call you everything under the sun.
    Kudos to ECA folks!

  15. Tony says

    It’s a hobby.. People do that.

  16. Ralph Tirella says

    some people are idiots and entire goal is to oppress others. vape strong

  17. mongrel says

    I was a bit shocked when I started vaping by the cost of some of this stuff, but at some point I realized even the most expensive mods were less money than I’d spend in a month of smoking.

    I’ve kept myself on a budget since I’ve started, and although if I wanted to I could have spent half as much, I’ve also gotten to learn what I really like in the process. I still have not bought a high priced mod, some of the stuff, such as the atomizers I don’t think I’ll ever buy.

    However I do look at a couple devices that just have a real nice look to them, and I’m sure at some point I’ll end up getting one.

    Much of this stuff is easily resellable, especially the higer-priced, limitied production items.

    So I do think some people have taken it overboard, but if you look at any hobbyist, you often think they may spend too much money on their hobby. It’s a part of life I guess.

  18. brock says

    it doesnt bother me not much does peace yall

  19. MrsB3 says

    I’m not into buy all the gadgets. Got to watch my hubby, though!

  20. Donald Hammond says

    It is a hobby. I think some people do go overboard but that is there choice. Some people just like to have the best of everything.

  21. Sarah says

    Karla is one of the girls who is non stop buying stuff, she probably has enough stuff to open up a store! She is always getting free things on eca and I don’t think that it’s fair, it’s very greedy and eca needs to implement a limit on this. Every site has a few greedy people, we all know them and she is one of them!!!

  22. NonFat says

    I think part of vaping is collecting gear, fortunately the 2nd hand market is thriving so people are able to screw up, get too much stuff, and then offload it to other members of the community.

    I have already made a few mistakes in 2 weeks, and have found some people to make trades with me, they get what they want and I get released from stuff I had.. everyone wins..

    though 30 expensive drip tips that are “extra” does seem a bit excessive

  23. imtheboss says

    Just a big hobby.

  24. brianwilson says

    I like that they do it, It gives me more info on all the stuff.

  25. tiffjamesnjj says

    love seeing that people agree with me…
    hope that the person that says about others being greedy can back it up…. just sayin”

  26. Mike says

    Guilty here!!!!!! I hoard and hoard anything shiny or 808 affiliated 😉 Then give it to someone who vapes or wants to. Yeah, I got an addiction of buying,trading,giving away vape stuffs.

  27. Nev NYC says

    2 months in and I can see how it might be viewed as hoarding lol.. I’m definitely guilty of stockpiling.. If there is anything worse than running out of cigarettes in the middle of the night it’s definitely running out of juice.. Can’t run to the nearest gas station and grab a bottle.. I’ve got 3 bottles of my fav juice on hand after running out once.. Yeah I had other flavors but if you’re spoiled to your fav who wants 2nd best?? I’d keep cases of it if it wasn’t $20 a bottle and wouldn’t go bad.. I’m going through a 30ml bottle a week o_O My vaping habit is currently costing me about the same as smoking because I’m still in the “beginner” stage and feel the need to order everything I see but hopefully I’ll get it down to no more than 60% of what I was spending on cigarettes.. I try and justify my spending by saying “well cigarettes in NY are $12 a pack” so spending $300+ a month on vaping isn’t bad.. Yeah sure buddy, keep telling yourself that.. Lol..

  28. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    Some people are just crazy. But like anything fun, you have people on all ends of the spectrum… from those with just what they need.. to those redonkulous collections that would make a person who truly needed a setup cry. Like those 30 mods that cost $50+ and only use 3-4… meanwhile some poor bastard out there isn’t happy because he only has a 650mah with a ce4. Or an old carto.. Sucks to see some people gorging while others are starving.

  29. Ms Puffinstuff says

    I know collecting anything can become its own addiction. For people who can afford it, more power to them. For the rest of us, moderation is a must. One thing that contributes to the situation, I’ll bet, is the fact that, like with other types of personal technology, there is so much rapid development. Look what happens when a new iPhone comes out. People line up to buy something that’s going to cost a fortune and those are the exact same people who lined up to buy the last version, which probably still works just fine.

    I just read a glowing review, from someone who is a bit of an expert, of a vaping product that, IMHO, looks more of a rip-off than anything else. Thing is, that review was almost two years old. Two years ago, that thing might have been a big advance. Don’t know. Wasn’t vaping then. So, I kind of understand it, but I sure have to avoid that syndrome. Cannot afford it at all.

  30. muertala says

    I agree with you that some people take it way too far, but I compare it to Star Wars and Star Trek fans, that dress up as the characters and collect a large amount of fan stuff. Now don’t get me wrong I’m saying its wrong, I’m a Star Wars and Star Trek fan myself but you will never catch me dressing up as the characters and collecting a lot of fan stuff. I say each to their own, I may not understand it but if it makes them happy more power to them.

  31. snake94115 says

    Just speaking for myself here.When I decided to make the change to vaping I bought what I felt was a pretty good starter kit & some juice samples from various places.I have plans to make my kit a bit better looking by getting a custom Phiniac for when I’m out on the town.However for when I am just running errands or lounging at home I’ll use the 1 that came with the kit or the poly pro premium tank I just got.I also have a Kanger MT3 I’ll be using while at my computer.
    I probably will not get much of anything else though.Maybe a couple more Kanger MT3’s.That way I can change out juice if I get bored with whatever I happen to be vaping and of course a couple cool drip tips.The rest will all be juice.Unless I win the lottery then I would get a Provari for sure.

  32. Danielle says

    I’ve kind of turned into a collector, I don’t think I qualify as a hoarder though. I can fit everything I own in a tool bag with room to spare so, I don’t think I have a problem..yet. Saving money is one thing I’m definitely not doing. I vape more than I ever smoke. (I switched to vaping before I was fully addicted to smoking)..For some reason, the more I got into vaping, the more junk I wanted to buy. There was a period when I was buying a lot of juice and cartos/clearos ..my reasoning at the time was because I had extra cash, and i figured there may be a time when I don’t have extra cash, and I’ll be glad I have them.

    I was laid off recently so I guess you could say that time has come..and I’m definitely glad I have plenty of back up. (Although, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy more stuff.. I just dont right now). ..Truth be told, if I had more of an income, I’d probably turn into a vape-supply hoarder :/

  33. Gretchen says

    I kind of agree, my husband is obsessed with ecigs. He spends a lot of time doing the reviews, and the forums..ect..but it doesn’t bug me– he enjoys it! I know if he had a lot of money, he’d have a plethora of ecig things he doesn’t need; but it is his hobby. Since ecigs are relatively new, he also likes to find the newest things, get the best vape and that sometimes leaves you with some stuff you don’t like and want to get rid of. He also enjoys the community of people involved with ecigs, and although I thought it was annoying before..I think it’s all pretty important because there are people trying to stop our exposure to ecigs– and that’s not fair given the health advantages to switching. Not only has my husbands obsession kept him smoke free for over a year, he might convert me soon too and it could save my life 🙂

  34. MrsCasey says

    My husband and I did not start vaping with the intention of saving money although it certainly is a perk. We rarely go over what we would have spent on cigarettes and we are improving our health. But we do collect, to some extent. Although some might argue that a Provari is unnecessary and a Lambo could do the same thing, I would argue that you might have to replace that Lambo 3 times before I have issues with my Provari. Just recently my husband purchased an iHybrid. We wanted a mechanical mod and rebuildable genesis type atomizer in case the FDA bans the sale of ecig models not in existence before 2007. That way if something goes wrong with our Provaris we will have a mechanical mod/genesis to fall back on. Call it paranoid if you will, I call it being prepared. Yes, we are collectors, we are hobbyists and we spend more than is probably necessary but we enjoy the hobby and are passionate about e-cigs and the changes they have helped us make in our lives. We like to have nice APVs and RBAs but we definitely don’t buy to impress other people, we do it because we enjoy it. We are involved in the community and do spend a good amount of time on a couple forums but that has allowed us give complete 2 ecig kits with Cartos, Clearos, juice and instructions to 61 new Vapers to get them started and we PIF juice, mods, batteries, tanks, drip tips and gift certificates to Vapers often. We love to help others break the addiction to tobacco cigarettes. Yes, some people do make Vaping a lifestyle and spend a lot of their free time reviewing, going to meets or on the forums. Then again, many people have been able to turn e-cigs into businesses, having B&M, starting e-juice lines, profitting from ads on their review sites, selling mod stands, etc. if they can make money doing something they are passionate about, more power to them. I guess in closing I would say that, yes there are those who seem to take Vaping or APV collecting, reviewing and forum life to an extreme but…… Live and let live. If they are happy then more power to them. Now, to check on that new APV I want. 😉

  35. LOVE2VAPE says

    Yea I believe do whatever it takes to stay off cigs, even if it costs more money. One thing that has kept me off cigs is trying new mods, juices and accessories. Its a renewed novelty every time I get some new trinket. I understand what your saying, but it could be worse, and who are we to judge.

  36. ManuDawg says

    Some people like to have the biggest and the best. Some want to be the first to have a new device. Others only want to buy or can only afford to buy the most inexpensive e-liquid and devices they can get. Either way, it’s none of my business. Unless someone has a need for Vaping supplies and they voice that need so I can help, it is none of my concern what others purchase or use. If their supplies are working to keep them off cigarettes then they are doing what is right for them.

  37. slap_maxwell says

    I’m not into the hobby aspect of vaping, nor am I into the realm of vaping as rocket science. There will likely come a time soon when I probably move on from vaping like I’ve moved on from tobacco. So whatever is easy, gives me the flavor I want and allows me to do other things without laying out big bucks on trinkets and experiments is cool with me. I’ve been putting away a good chunk of change from saving on smoking to take about a month off this year and get back to doing some serious traveling!

  38. djpunjab says

    Your home is valueble for me. Thanks!…

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