Its been a great year!

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Well I have been smoke free for going on a year. My doctor ran many tests at the time that I quit. Some of those results are starting to come in. Next month we will do the lung test again.
Well lets see, what all has improved to date?
1. I can breathe better and walk further.
2. Blood work now has no red flags.
3. Bone scan actually showed improvement on the hips. (haven’t got the full report just what the tech said. Next month is my year and the final tests will be done)
4. Taste is back.
5. After spring cleaning I have found it easier and faster as all the yellow junk isn’t there.
6. Clothes smell better (or so i am told)
7. I am actually saving money now.
8. Chest x-ray is clearer
And just think this is only 10-11 months. Think what a few years will do. Or for that matter how many years I may have added to the quality of life.

All that aside finding ECA has been a true blessing. I hope one day to meet those i have made friends with here. I so appreciate all the advice and sharing I have found here.
I am still learning new things. Many things to try yet even.
Thanks to all of you for your support and helping me stay analog free for almost a year.

hugz to all

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  1. slap_maxwell says

    Awesomeness, Kelli! I cannot for the life of me understand the idiots who continue to make claims that e-cigs are harmful and that there is no evidence they are beneficial as a harm-reduction strategy. Each and every vaper in existence is all the evidence these nitwits should need. Of course, we all know by now that these Nannies have an agenda, which is power and control, not health or harm-reduction. Good on you!

  2. kelliperkins says

    Thanks my friend. Further testing as you know is going on. Yesterday bone scan results were a little loss in back (have bad discs) hips improved. Bone loss is caused by smoking also. I gained some bone back since i have quit ciggy’s.
    I agree why can’t they take people like me with proof and consider that in the equation?

  3. unclerj says

    And I agree my friend!

    Why do people/organizations ignore the obvious and continue to fight what they do not understand?

    Can you say funding by Big Tobacco?

    Sure, I knew that you could!

    AKA Mr. Rodgers

  4. kelli perkins says

    When they said it takes money to make money…not true…E-cig was started by a man who wanted to help his mother quit smoking. The little business made it what it is. Six yrs plus later….
    The union made the country better…hence unite…united we stand divided we sell out to the big rich guys.
    so lets be united in our cause…we have the net to spread the word….don’t know about you but I mute commercials 😛

    And very true Uncle rj

  5. kjp Kendal says

    How does a person get their records submitted? Oddly mine show nothing but improvements. Being disabled I would think that speaks louder than words.

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