Google Before You Buy

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It seems to me that just about every day I hear about a new supplier of vape gear or E-Juice.

And they are normally linked to a very, very good deal on a new or popular device.

While the device may be well known, what about the company?

Personally, I like to deal with companies that are well known for great products, reliable shipping and a commitment to customer service. But sometimes my favorites just do not have the object of my desire.

So I do some due diligence and research in advance of placing an order.

Two Google searches normally does the trick.

Type in the company name followed with the word “Reviews” and hit enter.

This will give you some insight as to the companies reputation.

For the second search, type in the companies name followed by “Complaints” and then enter. With this search, no news is good news.

With each of these searches, go through at least three or so pages.

And if neither of these searches seems to offer nothing other than links to products for that website, you might want adopt the wait and see approach before betting you hard earned vaping dollar and taking a chance on a company that may or may not deliver original quality merchandise in pristine condition.

This cautious approach has served me very well in the past.

Vapeing and your pets

September 25, 2013 by · 14 Comments 

While quite a good many Vapers own household pets, dogs cats, and the occasional guinea pig.

and thay  bring us joy  comfort,and even the occasional amusement.

And since we all Love our furry  friends
(well most of us do)
It has recently come to my attention that vaping around your cat,and or other household animals, may not necessarily be in his/her best interestyou will
Propylene Glycol,( PG) has been known to be quite harmful for cats.

Propylene glycol is used as a moistening agent in many animal food applications, but not in cat food. Although
propylene glycol is not used in cat food, TheU.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
still considers it “generally recognized as safe”
(GRAS) for use in human food and all animal foods other than for cats1

Most cat food producers stopped using propylene glycol in 1992 when data indicated a
unique sensitivity of cats to propylene glycol. Specifically, studies found that large doses of propylene glycol when fed to cats can produce an abnormality known as “Heinz body” in the cats’ red blood cells. Although Heinz bodies
only appear to shorten the lives of feline red blood cells, FDA expressed concern that the bodies could cause anemia in cats.
In a final rule in 1996, FDA declared propylene glycol in or on cat food not generally recognized as safe.
Some of the Common signs to watchout  for:
• Severe sedation
• Walking drunk
• Seizures
• Tremors
• Panting
• Anemia
• Lethargy

Animals[edit source | editbeta]
Propylene glycol is an approved food additive for dog food under the category of animal feed and is generally recognized as safe for dogs,[35] with an LD50 of 9 mL/kg. The LD50 is higher for most laboratory animals (20 mL/kg).[36]

Veterinary[edit source | editbeta]
In veterinary medicine, Heinz bodies are associated with the consumption of onions by cats,[10] dogs, and various primates, and a symptom of paracetamol poisoning in cats. Thiosulfate compounds in the flesh of onions have been identified as the cause.
Propylene glycol was once a common ingredient in soft moist cat food. According to the FDA “It was known for some time that propylene glycol caused Heinz Body formation in the red blood cells of cats (small clumps of proteins seen in the cells when viewed under the microscope), but it could not be shown to cause overt anemia or other clinical effects.Symptoms include fever, sudden weakness, loss of appetite, dark colored urine, pale mucus membranes in the mouth, and skin discoloration. However, recent reports in the veterinary literature of scientifically sound studies have shown that propylene glycolreduces the red blood cell survival time, renders red blood cells more susceptible to oxidative damage, and has other adverse effects in cats consuming the substance at levels found in soft-moist food.[11] In light of this new data, CVM amended the regulations to expressly prohibit the use of propylene glycol in cat foods.”[12]

From <> … age=GetDoc

From <>

Similarly, propylene glycol is an approved food additive for human food as well.[37] The exception is that it is prohibited for use in food for cats due to links to Heinz body anemia.[38]
From <>
Just love your pets
don’t vape in their furry faces
and your cats, and other pets  should be okay.!!

show them the same consideration you would another human being.

Smoke Without Fire

April 23, 2013 by · 14 Comments 

I ran across this little video and thought i should share. ECIGbans are going around the states, sometimes we forget that they are also going on around the world. this little video is about “A documentary to find the truth about e-cigarettes.”  when one person in the video said, this is the future, i just think he summed up ecigs for me. and we all started different times and reasons,  but i feel for those of us who do vape agree with him.  Here is a link I recommend going there, but feel free to watch the two videos first, but i guess you dont have to.  Here is there Facebook group if you miss it in the video

Honestly when i read “The “Smoke without Fire” documentary project will create a series of short films that explore both sides of this fascinating phenomena called VAPING…” i was hooked, and hope we get to see it in the near future. so here is the link right to the video:


also check out the youtube video they made, little differnt, but about the project etc. these two are great videos. Enjoy:

Smoke without fire: Our Story Part 1

some of you might notice a familiar face. lets give them our support!

P.S. i tried to put the videos up but apparently im able to due to their size

Vape Strong


The Volt v.s The Blu (For the Mini Style Vaporer)

April 23, 2013 by · 13 Comments 

If you are just wanting to get into the vaping world or maybe you just prefer the mini over a larger e-cigarette, odds are you have many options to choose from and have had many companies wanting you to try their products for various reasons. And with every brand saying that they are the best it is a very confusing time trying to search for the right starter e-cig.  The VOLT by Smokeless Image and The Blu are two e-cigarettes I feel that any newbie vapor has probaly come by before.  So I decided to give them each a test and to review my personal opinion on the two.

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Resistance Compare

April 17, 2013 by · 13 Comments 

This whole thing about mechanical mods and the different resistance between a high end mod and a cheap mod doesn’t make a lot of sense. I have two mechanical mods that I will be using during this experiment, the first is the Poldiac made from stainless steel and the contacts are made from silver plated brass contacts worth about $250. The second mod is the Blade from tobeco made from chrome plated brass with a brass contact, paid $37.

For this experiment I will using a AW IMR 3.7V 2000mAh battery that is freshly charged that reads 4.13volts, as well as a in line volt meter and a multimeter.

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There is a First Time for Everything…

April 3, 2013 by · 36 Comments 

I pull up to the end of my driveway, yet another end to yet another workday. As usual, I open my driver’s door and step out into the street. The standard grunt and groan as my back and legs are stretched shortly follow.  I walk over to my mailbox to fetch my daily junk mail, already keeping in mind that spot on the floor of my truck where it will no doubtingly end up.

What’s this? A strange plastic envelope-like container rests in my box, clueless as to what it may be, I reach in and examine it. There must have been some mistake, I hadn’t ordered anything. A quick look over of the package and oddly, it is addressed to me. A series of possibilities flash through my confused mind, to no avail.

I then recall that strange text I received from my father the week prior, asking for my exact address with no explanation or reason. Hmm, two and two go together easily enough I suppose, but what could this object be? The sender was some company whose name I had never heard of, and no other clue was presented externally.

Wanting to get home to let my dogs out back, I climb into the truck and crawl up the hill to my house. Once inside and my pup’s bladders emptied, I open the package to reveal an item I knew of but had never seen before.

An electronic cigarette.

Ugh, I remember my parents talking about them to me over the phone some time ago, this odd techno fad in which I had no interest. But what the hell, I open the box, read the instructions and plug the battery in.

Plugging in a cigarette, what a foreign concept.

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Cancer and E-cigs

March 28, 2013 by · 24 Comments 

When you think about cancer caused from smoking, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Most likely lung cancer. Lung cancer is a fatal disease that affects your lungs, obviously. Not only does lung cancer affect your lungs, but it also affects your life. One of the most important things required to live a long, happy life is health. If your goal is to be happy, then why would you ruin your chances by picking up on cigarettes?

If you prolong the amount of time in which you smoke (generally, a person does not quit smoking unless they come to their senses about the situation) you are increasing your chances of getting lung cancer and dying a slow, miserable death.

Lung cancer is devastating to not only the one suffering, but the family and friends of that person. Imagine if you had lung cancer, and you had children or grandchildren that had to witness you suffering every minute of every day for the short time that you will be alive.. It not only affects you, believe it or not.

(Personally, my great grandfather had smoked his entire adult life.. starting when he was 20. My grandfather died when he was 71 years old. That’s 51 years of smoking. Now, back then, cigarettes were not nearly as harmful as they are now.. which is probably why he lived as long as he did. He developed lung cancer when he was around 67 years old. My entire family and I had to watch him slowly die.. as he refused to give up cigarettes because of his nicotine addiction. He simply would not stop smoking if it would save his life. …Literally. It killed all of us having to see him like that. …Slowly dying. He had to spit this disgusting crap into a milk jug and he ended up losing all of his teeth and wouldn’t eat anything but McFlurries. It was all very depressing. …It was like he was already dead.. just conscious. Terrifying, to say the least. Imagine doing that to your entire family.)

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Done with Premade!!

March 25, 2013 by · 36 Comments 

ok, so i have been using pre-made coil and wicks for my RBA’s… they can be pricey, but they are good to have around, so I have heard…

I installed a brand new premade on my phoenix RBA, and it was a big fat MEH, the draw was to airy, and I haven’t had this muted flavor since i was vaping on the T system lol. decided that I had to do something about this!

either way I made an order awhile ago and got some kanthal and silica wick.

BTW i have no idea what gauge this kanthal is.. it came with the igo mini.

Decided to break in the igo mini SS.

And fyi the igo is pretty good, vaping on it right now, good draw and easy to put together!


so i scowered youtube, and rewatched optimos video.


I really like optimo, IMO he is right up there in my top reviewers!

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March 20, 2013 by · 37 Comments 

Vaping is still relatively new, and completely unknown by many people. A recent hospital stay really showed me the spectrum of education. It started in the ER, I immediately asked for my bag with my vape, asked if it was ok, and the nurse told me it was fine, she had a friend that vaped. She even asked me where to get one. I was in the hospital over 2 weeks, and most of the time it was fine. I vaped in my room. Something very scary happened to me while I was in the hospital and I don’t know if it was the doctors covering their asses, or complete ignorance of vaping.

A nurse noticed my oxygen level was dropping and got nervous. They apparently decided it was because I was on too much pain meds and decided to put something in my IV. When the nurse gave me a couple drops I immediately felt my blood feeling like it was turning to ice throughout my whole body. I asked the nurse what the hell she was giving me and explained what was happening and all she said was “really?” before she gave me the rest. The next thing you know I’m calling 911 on my phone IN A HOSPITAL because the nurses freaked out and left the room. I was screaming for help, I don’t even remember what was happening but I was very scared. I woke up in ICU with double pneumonia  The doctor decided to blame this on my vaping! He demanded my bag and asked why I carried it around with me. I explained it was just a backpack, I kept everything in there, it was no different than a woman having a purse. He wanted that bag. I told him I’d show him what was in it because he told me I was using drugs. When I pulled out my vape that was his cue to act shocked, all the nurses played along, oh my god, what is that, he’s using drugs.

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The Dream RBA

March 8, 2013 by · 33 Comments 

So, at one time I was happy vaping with my egos and standard clearos, then I found out how much I love dripping…. then the world of RBA’s, then the VAMO….

I at one time loved my phoenix, but when I got my vamo the 2 didn’t work together. So I sought out to get a new dripping RBA, and alas I found the dream. The dream fits perfectly on my vamo  and is super easy to work with.

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