Electronic Cigarette Dripping Guide

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I see plenty of people that have lots of questions about dripping.

For me that is pretty much the only way i vape, i prefer the taste, and the act of dripping.

First off, why should you learn how to drip.

Dripping is the best way to try new flavors. also, it can save you on juice, so that way if you have a tiny amount of juice, you can use it slowly. Also, the flavor is so much better!

I drip because I think it tastes better and i can change the flavor very quickly. Plus i believe that it has saved me on juice.


Now here is how you do it, to me it is VERY simple, so if i miss anything, let me know!

you can do it the VERY easy way, get a pack of atomizers and a nice drip tip or two. When you pick your flavor, you might want to drip about 4 drops, then drip one or 3 more when the flavor and vapor drops off, BEFORE you get the burnt taste. Doing that takes a bit to get the hang of.

There are different types of attys. I have personally only used regular 510 attys, and bridgeless attys. I prefer bridgeless. i understand that the h357 is a drippers dream and last a long time, but they are about $20 a piece, so I have not tried one yet.

When it comes to drip shields IMO they are more for fashion, but are useful I have never needed to use one.

There are diffferent types of drip tips. Drip tips come in many different materials and shapes. It mostly matters to how it looks on your PV and how it feels in your mouth. My 2 favorites are a clear glass, and a stailness steal vase one.

Now onto RBAs once you feel comfortable with dripping and have something that can read ohms ( i use my vamo for this) you can and should go onto RBAs.

I feel that RBAs are cost effective and surivalistic. plus they are customizable.

The one that is recommended to new people is the phoenix. It’s a great starter, and is not expensive. The only issue with it is that the holes are very small, so if you have bad eye site, you might need a magnifying glass.

Right now i use the igo mini ss with kanthal and ss mesh.

I prefer rbas that have holes in the posts…

There are so many different materials that you can use to make you wick and coil.

on the coil, most people use kanthal, some use nichrome. I have not use nichrome yet, but is is cheaper. When it comes to the guages, it is what is easier to work with , most prefer 32.

For the wick, silica is a favorite. It is easy to use and wicks well. I have heard that long time inhaling silica is not good for you, so if you only use RBas, i would not use silica all the time. Good news is you can use LOTS of other things. I have used boiled cotton yarn and ss mesh. You can also use hemp cotton balls bamboo and plenty of other things. Before you use other materials please ask around to make sure it is safe and that you prepare it correclty.

when it comes to mesh, oxidizing it made me nervous, building my own coils sounded hard at the beggining to even. Trust me if I can do it YOU can do it! There are plenty of videos out there.

What i do with my mesh is soak it in unflavored juice, and burn that off 3 to 5 times. It gets rid of possible ickies on it and gets rid of that metallic taste.

Now if all of this sounds like too much, but you still want that clean flavor, you can try contraptions like the D.O.D. they IMO look funny, but can are designed so that you don’t have to drip, and sometimes you might get liquid in your mouth, this makes sure that NEVER happens. When it comes to getting hot liquid in your mouth it happens to me VERY infequently , so IMHO there is no need to really worry. When you drip, if you do not take off the tip like me, blow into it and wipe off the top.

Plenty of people think that dripping is a pain while at work or in public. I have found ways around that.

I have a little keychain pouch where i keep 2 2.5ml bottles of juice and an extra atty. I personally do not care what people think, drug test me lol i have not done any drugs in 3+ years, so a UA would mean getting paid to pee. oh, and when it comes to leaking, only drip a couple of drips then vape, then a couple more. This might be when a dripshield is useful.

I hope that this helps! I think that knowing how to drip will making vaping more enjoyable!


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  1. slap_maxwell says

    Dripping has been my preferred means of vaping for well over two years now; nothing can beat it with the exception of Genesis-style atomizers. But for simplicity, awesome flavor and the ease of effortlessly switching between flavors, dripping wins every time!

  2. kelliperkins says

    Great article I have asked the question many times but this was well put together.

  3. slap_maxwell says

    Just don’t waste your time with an Octopus RDA unless you like aggravation. So far my favorite dripper remains the tried and true Phoenix.

  4. kelliperkins says

    Still learning about it but seems after changing a few juices its getting a bad taste so now what?

  5. slap_maxwell says

    Depends on what type of atomizer you have, Kelli. For RBAs, just clean and rebuild. For other types, like 510 atomizers, it’s almost impossible to get every last bit of old taste out without a bunch of putzing around…but it can be done. Just don’t expect easy. 😉

  6. kelliperkins says

    So how do you do it?? And rebuilding seems hard what are the secrets to getting it right? is there a good video on it. So many out there and so many ways I just want cheap quick and easy.

  7. kelli perkins says

    Hey why don’t you do a video on it for eca?

  8. Silvrcraze says

    Yeah, a vid would be a great addition to this post. I’m about to get into the RBAs so I’m trying to learn as much as possible about them before I buy one.

  9. kjp Kendal says

    I keep getting a burning taste on a new one what am I doing wrong?

  10. Charles Hallman says

    I thought that “Me drip Heck no ” curiosity got the best of me and so I’ve been dripping for 1.5 years . Of all the high end expensive products on the market , I would put my inexpensive IGO-L up against all the products I have seen for over 2 Years how -ever I did make a custom cap for my IGO base It is my favorite ! Works Great better yet Excellent ! Nothing against new tech products , I’m saying you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have an excellent RDA . Simplicity is the best way in my opinion ! I wish I had realized this 1.5 years ago , I would have saved lots of hard earned money ! If this post helps just one person save some money it will make me happy ! Thank goodness for freedom of speech !

  11. Instantly Ageless says

    Hey, you used to write fantastic, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your great writings. Past several posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

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