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Vaping is still relatively new, and completely unknown by many people. A recent hospital stay really showed me the spectrum of education. It started in the ER, I immediately asked for my bag with my vape, asked if it was ok, and the nurse told me it was fine, she had a friend that vaped. She even asked me where to get one. I was in the hospital over 2 weeks, and most of the time it was fine. I vaped in my room. Something very scary happened to me while I was in the hospital and I don’t know if it was the doctors covering their asses, or complete ignorance of vaping.

A nurse noticed my oxygen level was dropping and got nervous. They apparently decided it was because I was on too much pain meds and decided to put something in my IV. When the nurse gave me a couple drops I immediately felt my blood feeling like it was turning to ice throughout my whole body. I asked the nurse what the hell she was giving me and explained what was happening and all she said was “really?” before she gave me the rest. The next thing you know I’m calling 911 on my phone IN A HOSPITAL because the nurses freaked out and left the room. I was screaming for help, I don’t even remember what was happening but I was very scared. I woke up in ICU with double pneumonia  The doctor decided to blame this on my vaping! He demanded my bag and asked why I carried it around with me. I explained it was just a backpack, I kept everything in there, it was no different than a woman having a purse. He wanted that bag. I told him I’d show him what was in it because he told me I was using drugs. When I pulled out my vape that was his cue to act shocked, all the nurses played along, oh my god, what is that, he’s using drugs.

Whether they really knew what it was is a mystery. I think they wanted to blame that on some fuck up they made. The insisted that is why I almost died and got double pneumonia. I wouldn’t give them the bag, security came in and ripped it out of my hands and I back handed (lightly) slapped him on the arm as if to say “asshole”. They decided to baker act me and take my bag.

So how some people knew what it was, and others were THIS ignorant, in the same place is beyond me. Again I think this was an act to blame me for their fuck up, but it could be just complete ignorance.

The bottom line is people need to be educated on what vaping is. So when we are vaping in a non smoking area, people don’t stare and point and tell us there is no smoking. I do understand some people may see us vaping and say “well if he can do that I can smoke” and create a scene by lighting up. Or vaping on a plane and people freaking out thinking it is a terrorist attack. But, nonetheless, people need to be educated as much as possible. Talk about it to your friends, post about it on facebook. The more people that know about it, the better off we all are.

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  1. Michelle says

    I am so glad you are feeling better and I’m so sorry for the Hell you went through while in the hospital.
    You are so very right that people need to be more educated!!!

  2. slap_maxwell says

    Glad you’re out of the death-trap (hospital). I’m afraid I don’t trust establishment AMA doctors as far as I can throw them any longer. Almost every doctor I’ve ever talked to has heard of vaping; whether they are educated about it is another story, but to make a diagnosis on something you know little about is crazy.

  3. LOVE2VAPE says

    That is freakin crazy guy. I wouldnt of let them take my device, but at the same time i’m sure you just wanted to cooperate and be done with them.

  4. MrsCasey says

    Sounds like they were covering their butts. I would get a copy of all medical records and tests from that stay! My Mom was diagnosed with metastatic cancer given an Oncology appointment for a month away and released from the hospital. I tried and tried to get her an appt with an Oncologist earlier but I couldn’t, even by taking her back to the ER. She was dead 3 weeks later, before her Oncology appt. When we got the medical records they showed she saw an Oncologist before she was released…. A Lie, Straight Up, Not a Shread of Truth, LIE. Anyway, back on subject. I agree that medical professionals need to be informed about ecigs and tobacco harm reduction but I think that may be a long time coming and even when they do have evidence of harm reduction you will have differing opinions. I hope you are feeling better.

  5. Aaron says

    Sounds like to me they were trying to cover up their mess like you said. I agree 100% people need to know more about vaping. When I vape in public, women start walking faster with their kids away from me like I’m smoking crack. Always get stares from tons of people as well and I don’t like attention so it makes me not want to vape around too many people.

  6. morrinb says

    Pretty typical in my experience.

  7. bybees3 says

    That’s just crazy! It’s scary to think of these type of things. How horrible that we can no longer trust many of the ones we are sometimes forced to trust with our lives.

  8. MrsB3 says

    Having worked it the medical field for much of the last 30 years, I know things have changed drastically as far as the quality of care and the way doctors care for patients. Many are afraid of being sued and it show in the type of care they are willing to give. A vicious circle…

  9. Danielle says

    Wow.. Nice how they freaked out and left you there ..not like saving people is their job or anything. I’d find a new hospital!

  10. Danielle says

    Oh….and glad you’re okay! what a freaky experience.

  11. Hannah says

    lol this is insane

  12. RCO67 says

    They were worried about getting sued and your vape was their escape since so little research is available (though improving).
    I’m sorry to hear of such a poor experience with a medical “professional”. I’m curious as to what hospital this occurred so that I can be sure to avoid it at all costs. 🙂
    Thanks again for all you do on Facebook with Vape Contest Central.

  13. NonFat says

    more ppl need to learn about ecigs!

  14. brock says

    that is freakin crazy though

  15. Mike says

    WOW. I hope you get bettttter! Thats crazy that happened.

  16. chuckss says

    Wow, hope you feel better.

  17. Mike Z(WindLvr) says

    Education is important in every facet of our lives. With some of the mods people carry they need to be really focused on that fact that some people are going to be frightened by it. I personally have a mod that looks noting like a vaporizer at all. When people see me exhaling the vapor I can only imagine what they are thinking sometimes. Most of the time I find people are extremely inquisitive about the whole process. Sorry you had to have the hospital stay, and hope all is well now!

  18. tiffjamesnjj says

    seriously i wish that doctors knew more about vaping…
    kind of pisses me off that doctors and others assume that becasue it looks like you are smoking that it must be as bad…

  19. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    Damn. That’s some hospital drama for sure. People in the hospital especially need to become more educated on this matter because it’s a safety net for many of those who want/need the nicotine. Nice post Jon, glad you’re feeling better

  20. brock says

    lol i still cant believe

  21. Flux83 says

    Wow that’s crazy well glad your doing better and thanks for sharing.

  22. Tyler says

    great post!

  23. Avon Jon says

    thanks for all the comments. I agree, some of the devices used now are quite curious looking. This was at Broward General in Fort Lauderdale.

  24. DemonFire says

    Definitely glad you are out. Did you get your bag back?

  25. manudawg says

    Wow, I’m glad you’re ok.

  26. Nev NYC says

    that’s crazy!! yes education is very important. I guess for those of us who use a mod, ppl dont have a clue what they are or what we’re doing. most ppl are becoming more accepting of the cig-a-likes but we’re still a long way from the day when even people will really know that there are larger and more pwerful versions of an ecig. glad you’re ok and thx for sharing!!

  27. slap_maxwell says

    I always get bug-eyed stares when I bring my Vamo out on the street…everyone assumes it sone kind of dope device. Sadly, a lot of herbal PVs are beginning to be made that look a lot like ecig mods….

  28. Gretchen Tona says

    Wow, sounds like they were defo trying to cover their own tracks. I do think though, that we can’t get mad at people in public when they look at us funny for vaping. Just like anything that’s “new”, it takes time. If I saw someone vaping and hadn’t heard of it (like if I was never a smoker even) I’d be are you doing?? There’s a small vaping group at my university, and they set up their booth in our commons building and it’s pretty funny watching them vape away and students pass by giving them the funniest looks! You are right though, we should spread the word…less for our own sake of vaping in public, but more for the health of smokers who may switch once they knew! I am not a huge fan, but I did see an episode of Jersey Shore once where one of the girls on it was using an E-cig! Gettin’ there!

  29. kelli perkins says

    I get a lot of looks and sometimes actually run into someone who knows what it is. I pass out cards or something even have written down sites…ask for the email addy so I can send info and invite to eca….but to date no one has said that I can’t vape anywhere and I think thats good.

  30. kelli perkins says

    I think I would have pulled my hospital records the more i think about this article…its beyond just needing education.

  31. kelli perkins says

    Just yesterday went out to eat and was told not to smoke. For goodness sakes It was a z-max not a ciggy look a like. So I educated them a bit. That is where education first starts. Hope everyone does their share.

  32. Britta Kimak says

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