Rebuild a Dual Coil Vivi Nova

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This is kind of a sequel to a tutorial I posted on how to rebuild a Vivi Nova head. Enjoy!

Sitting around rather bored this evening I decided to try and build something I caught a glimpse of on the old intraweb! I have never vaped a Dual Coil anything before this evening, so I had no idea what the heck I was in for. Anyways, here it is:

I started off with two pieces of cotton wick #1/0 and two pieces of 32 guage Kanthal A-1 resistance wire.


Just like in the other tutorial I have here on rebuilding the Vivi Nova head I used a needle to help me hold the wick and I wrapped the coil around it. Instead of 4 or 5 wraps though, I had to have 7 wraps to get my resistance wire on par. What I learned is that by adding the second coil my resistance dropped in half. Okay, lesson learned ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I wrapped two coils on both pieces of wick.

And I ended up with these:

I know this pic is a little blurry, but I hope you can see the important part of this build. When you lay the two wicks down you will see one side has the wire on top of the wick and the other side has the wire running underneath it. You want to make sure that both wicks are laying the same way. Keeping a little distance between the two wicks, so they touch each other. Take one side and twist the wires together.

Once that side is down go ahead and twist the other two legs together. This will leave you with two legs that fit down inside the head for your positive and negative connections.

Once that is done you need to carefully insert the two legs down into the head:

Then you very, very carefully need to slide the wicks down into the slot without letting the coils touch the sides, or each other! HAHAHAAA I hated this part!!!

Then you pull one leg over to the side, insert the grommet, then pull the other leg to the other side and insert the final metal piece locking down both your connections. I didn’t show each and every little step here. If you need to know those steps I would recommend you take a look at the other tutorial I have here on building the head. It’s pretty much the same with a few differences like the ones I have posted here.

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  1. VapeMogul says

    I have never tried one. Heard good things though.

  2. michellebastin says

    Thank you so much for this I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy a vivi but know I know I am!

  3. Johnathan Brown says

    That is a good walk through. I have never tried to make one dual coil though. I’ve done plenty of single coil rebuilds on them, never had the thought to do Dual. Of course, i’m not a huge fan of dual on regulated devices though.

  4. Shub says

    Definitely a good idea. Going to be trying this in like 10 minutes!!! I like rebuilding my nova heads, and this is a cool variation of it. And now I have a good powered mod, it should be feasible to give it a shot!

  5. Roni says

    this is great information to have if anyone wants to re-build! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Gorg the blacksmith says

    sweet write up, makes it look easy

  7. expshady says

    Kinda cool, I like

  8. slap_maxwell says

    Good job! Now, if those parts were really that large, it would make things soooo easy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Todd says

    I’ve been a resident vivi nova fanboi around here for ages and love building my coils – very cool to see this posted! Thanks for the share!

  10. Chad says

    Glad you posted this. I will get some use out of it, but not until I have a way to gauge resistance.

  11. Philippe says

    I do the same, but with hemp wick! Next, i will try stainless steel wick in vivi nova

  12. The Crooked One says

    I will j=have some of these sooner, rather then later …The best thing about ECA is all The INFO from folks , and the blogs …
    Great INFO!!!

  13. muertala says

    Excellent review keep up the good work

  14. muertala says

    Sorry I meant tutorial, not coffee yet

  15. Nathaniel says

    Sounds cool would like to try one!

  16. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    Great tutorial. I have never done it because I do not own one. Seems similar to doing a T3.

  17. Michael says

    I love the idea. Do you think using a slightly thinner wick and adding a third piece that is uncoiled between the two that are would help with the coils not touching? I think that might even improve the amount of vapor if the uncoiled piece is touching both coils. I am going to have to try both ways now. I never thought of doing a dual coil in my nova. Thanks for the idea.

  18. WindLvr says

    You know Michael that is an excellent idea! I have some more wicking material on the way and it’s quite a bit thinner than what I have. That will also make this build easier. I have found that this really works well, but it is a warm vape with those coils so close to your mouth. I am thinking I might try one of the longer drip tips in the VFF store and see if that cools it down a bit! Glad y’all like the tutorial!

    By the way the SS mesh wick works extremely well in the Vivi Nova! I have done it myself, but I like to switch things up all the time. Everything has there pros and cons to it.

  19. Anthony says


  20. slap_maxwell says

    Broke out the VN Mini I’ve been neglecting the past few months and followed your tutorial and threw in a DC with extra wick in there per Mikael’s suggestion. Works awesome!

  21. Cherryblosom says

    Looks great, i love rebuilding my Vivi Nova tank.

  22. mongrel says

    Nic work, so how are you liking the DC vape? I’m a big fan of DC anything.

  23. John "Shub" Fellhoelter says

    I managed to pull this off at 1.1 ohms… gonna have to try again so I can get it to work on my vamo.
    On another note, I will also need to get some NR wire because I am now noticing that burnt grommet taste… Yuck! It works on my lavatube at 3V pretty good… but the burnt grommet taste is horrid

  24. mrcrunch08 says

    I’m Michael from the extra wick post. for some reason it keeps changing from mrcrunch08 to michael and back. Idk. Have you tried doing the extra wick? If so have you been having any problems with the ohm rating. I’ve done 3 that way and one performs great but the other 2 seemed to be inconsistent. I ended up doing like I said but then wrapping a very small piece of nonresistance wire around the whole thing on each side of coil to keep it snug together and it seemed to make it much better. I did have to mess with the tightness with it because it seemed to cut off the ability to wick when I had it too tight.

  25. mrcrunch08 says

    I’m sure the ss mesh kicks ass. I have yet to try anything with that though.

  26. robowvape says

    great walkthrough, thanks for the info! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. tiffjamesnjj says

    you make that look pretty easy!!
    saving money ๐Ÿ™‚ nice and thanks

  28. Lincoln Pennell says

    Awesome Thank You

  29. brianwilson says

    Im pretty good with building things, but you make me look like a guy working at radio shack! Nicely done, ima try it, hope it works. You got a like from me! Now can someone like me please? Lol.

  30. WindLvr says

    I have been having a lot of fun mixing this build up with everyone’s suggestions. I am using 1mm silica wick now. 1 piece in each coil, and a piece in between them to help keep the wick nice and wet. I have gone to using non resistant wire for the legs. This has allowed me to measure out my resistance on the Kanthal wire before wrapping which is just awesome! No more guessing what my coil is going to end up being. I also got rid of that nasty rubber grommet, and I ordered some new insulators from avid: These insulators really have made a huge difference in taste for me. When I combined the capabilities of the higher temperature handling insulators with no resistance wire my flavor has really kicked into full gear here! Glad people are enjoying this!!!

  31. Flux83 says

    I need to try this as soon as I get my supplies in.

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  33. Thomas says

    Great post! Have nice day ! ๐Ÿ™‚ ahwjw

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