China Quality V1-V1000

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I am so tired of the quality control issues. The designers must not vape at all. Dont get me wrong. Its nice of them to make an effort to “Improve”. But whats up with improving one thing about a product, only to let other aspects fall off. I am talking about honestly easy to see issues.

For instance. I had a VV Gripper until the battery door kept coming open on its own. I loved that thing even with no VW. IMO it had awesome electronics. The fit and finish was great as well. This PV IMO, had it all (Except for the door issue).

Then came the Groove.  OMG, what a fail. The Gripper stood up just fine. So why does the groove not stand up? When the battery died on the Gripper you could just put another one in. With the Groove you have to wait 4 hours for it to charge! Why not at least make it a pass thru? The finish for the gripper was nice and soft like an ego. Why is the Groove such a finger print magnet?

All of that should be obvious design flaws to any self respecting designer. Dont add VW and skimp on 3 other main issues. Its retarded. Even when they made the first prototype, do you think they knew it would fall over so easy? You bet they knew.

On to the AGA-T. It was great. The only single issue I had with it was that the top cap was screw on and the hole did not line up. So they changed the tank to glass (A not needed improvement). Then they fixed the cap. But they also changed something that the first run had. The center post and the nuts that go on top of it. They are so small that you might as well be making a “U” wick. What where they thinking? I would have stuck with the V1 had I known before hand. But I sold my V1 to help fund the two V2’s I ended up with. I am not happy with them at all.

What are they thinking? Is it so hard to just make sensible changes to the things we have issues with and leave the things we like the heck alone? Apparently it is.

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  1. tiffjamesnjj says

    ha! i have noticed that some mods don’t make sense… or there are some things about it that are just dumb.

  2. VapersWin says

    I agree. In hindsight. It must be nice to work for an ecig manufacturer. They get to see it before they buy it.

  3. slap_maxwell says

    Quality control when you’re using damn near conscripted labor is never going to be all that great. And when you know you have a lock on a particular market with little competition, why put out high quality stuff when you don’t need to?

    I’m hoping that once tobacco companies get more heavily into the market and provide some serious competition to the Chinese status quo things will improve all the way around.

  4. bybees3 says

    While e-cigs were invented nearly 50 years ago, the mass production of them is a relatively new thing. We are in the growing pain stages of these products. Everyone wants to invent and product the next ‘Big Thing’ and in doing so, the time from concept to public use is rushed and results in inferior quality.
    As long as the manufacturing group is so small and the vaping community is so quick to buy all the new toys, this problem will continue.

  5. VapersWin says

    I agree to an extent that ecigs are new but to try to some how excuse that for why they seem to go backwards on common sense issues? I dont buy it. You have to be retarded to make a Ecig that you cant stand up, or vape for 4 hours while its charging. IMO, there is no excuse for issues like that. The groove is not an ego. It does not come with two. What, you end up with two, then that cost $140, yet they wont even stand up?

  6. stogismkr says

    This is very eye opening to me. I yet have to experience some of these design flaws, but then again, I am new to the community.

  7. Tony says

    Good information….

  8. bybees3 says

    I agree, it’s not an excuse, but it seems to be the norm. QC is very lacking with most vaping stuff.
    The bottom line is this, without a reason to change, there will be no change. As long as we continue to buy this stuff as soon as it hit the sites, there is no reason to change.

  9. Flux83 says

    I agree we need to get some better designers that vape to start making hardware. If only I had the correct machinery.

  10. morrinb says

    If it’s from China, be lucky you aren’t being poisoned.

  11. slap_maxwell says

    Lately I’ve been treating e-cig stuff the way I treat software. I never get version 1.0 of any damn thing. 🙂

  12. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    You have to admit though that they are starting to have much better quality than they use to so they are getting better. Personally I love the AGAT 2’s. Sure there could be some improvements but they are way less expensive than most other genesis atties on the market. They are made of solid SS and glass now with a pop off and the ugly knurling was gone which i think were the big complaints with the fisrst AGA T so they are trying to make improvements. I also just got teh new AGI made by the same company and it is awesome! Love it. For the price you have to realize they are pretty nice. If you want perfection and great quality control it is probably best you stick with the higher end atomizers like the Hellfires, Cobras, and Dids. You can’t pay $25 for an atty and expect to get a Hellfire or Z-atty. LOL

  13. VapersWin says

    I agree with you Karla. Some changes, while for the better are nice. But for the performance side of that atomizer, they went backwards x2 if you like low resistance. I happen to be that guy. I would much prefer the issues V1 had over the issues v2 has for that reason. Then we have people like Phil posting reviews saying he drilled the wick hole out to solve one of the issues with v2. I bought two of them. Drilled one out by a half size SAE VS MM. It ruined the atomizer. Drilling in a hole thats already been drilled just to make it larger is the easiest way to go. You have no chance of drilling the hole sideways. But just going half a size up, the threads for the center post are now gone.

    To make it clear. I dont care what something looks like, or if it has a glass tank or not. The plastic tank on my old one never broke or fogged up. So none of that matters to me. In a nut shell. I got a new version that ended up being worse than the old version. No way around it.

    On the Groove. The two main issues are so elementary that its hard for anyone that owns one to be happy about it. How would you like a PV with a Genesis atomizer on it that wont stand up? How would you like to spent $80 on a PV that you have to wait 4 hours for it to charge before you can take a vape? Would you like to spend another $80 to have a second one so you dont have to wait for the charger? when in the mean time, it still wont stand up?

  14. VapersWin says

    Oh and also. The same company that had plastic that would not break on the first run aga t. Just came out with the carto tank (made from plastic). My plastic carto tank has a crack in it. Two steps forward, five steps back. Its hard to be happy.

  15. MrsCasey says

    I agree with Slap, I never buy version one of any APV from China.

  16. Dale Van Droof says

    I think they are trying to follow in the footsteps of Apple and Microsoft by taking advantage of the greedy nature of humans and just throwing something new on the market every 2 months. Who cares if it works right, there will be a new version coming along in 5 minutes! Slow down… give it your best… if you have a great product it will sell forever!

  17. RCO67 says

    I got over being an early adopter many years back. I truly believe that up to this point, the industry is growing so fast that it isn’t necessary to put out your best design at first. I think planned obsolescence is part of the industry’s marketing plan.
    Through it out on the market, highlight any new features and create a buzz amongst the beta testers that happen to be us, avid vapers.
    Look at the crap when the smoktech telescope came out without venting. Enough people raised enough stink that they had the add venting.
    Granted we shouldn’t have to pay top dollar to discover that the latest revision of something is crap. Things may be getting better, but until the vaping industry matures a bit there will be opportunists taking advantage of a hungry marketplace.

  18. FloridaVaping says

    I agree. But most of those companies ask for feedback from people who buy their products and actually listen and respond to feedback to make their items user friendly for everyone.. Any time i ever have an issue i will contact the company and actually get a reply..

  19. Timothy M Sullivan says

    I had an ego passthrough that I loved with an awesome.. but like a couple weeks into it.. some glue or something came undone and this annoying rattling happened. Sent it back for replacement.. they had it back-ordered,,, that was 2 months ago.. :\

  20. kelli perkins says

    I still find it hard to believe that no one has put a patent on the idea…

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