Cancer and E-cigs

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When you think about cancer caused from smoking, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Most likely lung cancer. Lung cancer is a fatal disease that affects your lungs, obviously. Not only does lung cancer affect your lungs, but it also affects your life. One of the most important things required to live a long, happy life is health. If your goal is to be happy, then why would you ruin your chances by picking up on cigarettes?

If you prolong the amount of time in which you smoke (generally, a person does not quit smoking unless they come to their senses about the situation) you are increasing your chances of getting lung cancer and dying a slow, miserable death.

Lung cancer is devastating to not only the one suffering, but the family and friends of that person. Imagine if you had lung cancer, and you had children or grandchildren that had to witness you suffering every minute of every day for the short time that you will be alive.. It not only affects you, believe it or not.

(Personally, my great grandfather had smoked his entire adult life.. starting when he was 20. My grandfather died when he was 71 years old. That’s 51 years of smoking. Now, back then, cigarettes were not nearly as harmful as they are now.. which is probably why he lived as long as he did. He developed lung cancer when he was around 67 years old. My entire family and I had to watch him slowly die.. as he refused to give up cigarettes because of his nicotine addiction. He simply would not stop smoking if it would save his life. …Literally. It killed all of us having to see him like that. …Slowly dying. He had to spit this disgusting crap into a milk jug and he ended up losing all of his teeth and wouldn’t eat anything but McFlurries. It was all very depressing. …It was like he was already dead.. just conscious. Terrifying, to say the least. Imagine doing that to your entire family.)

It saddens me when I sit down and think about all of the people in this world that are suffering from this, or even the ones that have to see someone else close to them suffer. It’s a very sad thing that I think no one deserves to go through…

The saddest thing is that people know what’s going to happen to them if they start smoking, but they do it anyways, just because they can. I’ve never really felt that smoking decreased stress by much.. It didn’t help me, nor anyone else I know that smokes. Most of them say it gives them something to do, or that they have an oral fixation, or simply because they enjoy the taste.

This brings me to my next conclusion. Would you rather inhale something that tasted like tobacco and poisonous chemicals, or would you rather inhale something that tasted like strawberries.. or a french vanilla coffee? Maybe even your favorite candy? This is the alternative that e-cigarettes provide.

E-cigarettes give you the choice to live a better life. A happier one. Why would you pass up this opportunity? You’re giving up a miserable life with a sooner predicted death for a long, carefree life and more money in your pocket. I find that e-cigarettes are a healthy, and even better alternative to cigarettes.. and I would definitely recommend one to people I know that smoke.

And to all that are reading this, I encourage you to do the same. You could extend a life or two. (;

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  1. bybees3 says

    Good stuff, Jason. It is a tragedy, only compounded by the fact, like you said, we know what will happen.

  2. bybees3 says

    oops meant Justin, sorry

  3. TheCrookedOne says

    I lost a dear Relative a few years back from lung cancer…… Horrible way to go…Great post …

  4. tiffjamesnjj says

    it’s is insane that people would rather inhale over 2k cancer casuing chemicals, rather than inhaling something that actually is plesant, to everyone.

  5. RCO67 says

    This would be a great way to talk to a smoker about a better alternative.

  6. Flux83 says

    Thanks for sharing this with us cancer is a terrible way to go.

  7. MrsB3 says

    As a nurse, I see the consequences daily. It is horrible.

  8. Tyler says

    Thats so sad im sorry for your loss, im really trying to get my parents to stop! they have been smoking for 25 years each

  9. saboinia says

    all i can say is nice…you make a great argument

  10. Tony says


  11. ManuDawg says

    I lost my grandmother to lung cancer and it was a very painful, prolonged death for her. She continues to smoke….. and so did I. It is amazing that smoking can have such a strong hold on you that you can walk away from the deathbed or funeral of someone you loved dearly and light up a cigarette knowing you could suffer the same fate. I am so thankful for ecigs.

  12. slap_maxwell says

    Great blog post! Thanks for reminding us why we’re all in this thing together!

  13. Mike says

    Great post!!

  14. mrscasey says

    Great post Justin. I am so thankful that I found ecigs and I will convert anyone and everyone I can.

  15. Mike Z(WindLvr) says

    I am lucky to have found vaping when I did. I choose not look back on it anymore, and to only move forward from here. I no longer have any desire to smoke a cigarette. I used to get a craving here and there for about the first year. This past 6 months has been a lot better. Probably because I turned it into a bit of a hobby. A lot of times when I say I am vaping I am either building a coil, cleaning equipment, building a mod, or mixing some juice. Vaping to me is so much more than taking a puff on some PV. I feel lucky to be vaping, and even luckier to find this place to help me keep moving forward. Cheers.

  16. morrinb says

    Very good post.

  17. VapersWin says

    The sad part is, that back in the day they all thought it was cool to smoke. Brings me to a point. People think its cool to kill themselves. They branded it into us. Remember Camel Joe. How cool was that.

  18. Aaron says

    Cancer is terrible. getting people to make the switch to Ecigs is a very good feeling. Spread the word to all you know and help out.

  19. Shannon says

    Saddest part is you mentioned how there were not nearly as many carcinogens in cigarettes in the beginning. Which means if the industry never added all those horrible things you grand father may have lived even longer and of course healthier.

    The biggest slap we can give the industry is to all switch to ecigs. Support the local small shops before the tobacco industry takes over ecigs too.

  20. slap_maxwell says

    Vape long and prosper! 🙂

  21. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    reat blog. It is amazing how strong the addiction to nicotine and smoking i. Even knowing it will save you life people can not give it up. So happy to have found vaping.

  22. Nev NYC says

    thanks for sharing

  23. kelli perkins says

    Which is the main reason that i have taken up vaping its scarry to think. have also seen many on oxygen still smoking…recently someone I know died in a house fire due to oxygen tanks blowing up and she was still smoking…the sad part is i told her daughter about vaping but it never went anywhere. I really feel bad now that i did not push it or offer a set or something.

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