Can Energy Shisha Give the E-Cig World a Kick of Caffeine?

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Can Energy Shisha Give the E-Cig World a Kick of Caffeine?

Electronic cigarettes have been with us for several years now, and other than new e-liquid flavours and different coloured LED tips, there really aren’t anything new and interesting being offered in the e-cig world. Energy Shisha, however, is a definite new kid on the block, offering caffeine hits rather than nicotine hits. The device offers an energy booster in the form of a purple, crystal tipped electronic flavoured cigarette with a caffeine and taurine typically found in energy drinks. People most likely to use this product are students, truckers, clubbers, and anyone who needs a boost when burning the midnight oil.  But will Energy Shisha really appeal to people in the same way that electronic cigarettes have?

Caffeine Infused Electronic Shisha: The best boost we’re looking for?


Electronic cigarettes have been successful (Forbes, ‘Electronic cigarettes Sales Pass $1bn’ 2013) because they fill a need – the need to continue the physical act of smoking whilst avoiding any of the dangerous chemicals inherent in regular tobacco cigarettes. The explosion of the e-cig market has yet to challenge advances made by the energy drinks leviathan. Red Bull – just one of the many energy drinks on sale recorded US sales alone of $3.433 billion dollars, between July 2012 – July 2013 (Energy Fiend, ‘The Top 15 Energy Drink Brands’ 2013).

Energy Shisha are in the business of providing energy and helping to relieve fatigue, just as energy drinks are. Unlike e-cigs, they are not skulking in the shadow of the Food and Drugs Agency in the USA (FDA) and MHRA in the UK.  Shisha sticks, like energy drinks, contain no nicotine and no carcinogens, and carry a greater concern with the regulatory bodies as much as energy drinks carry. According to the Energy Shisha website, 300 puffs on a shisha stick is the equivalent affect of drinking 15 regular cans of energy drink (15 standard energy drinks at 80mg/can is 1200mg of caffeine).  Smoking caffeine means it goes straight into your system though you’ll notice that the packet cautions “no more than five 3 second puffs per session”.

So what is the low-down on Energy Shisha? First of all, the facts and figures.

Energy Shisha Box

Energy Shisha Box
Each Shisha stick contains:
  • propylene glycol,
  • Glycerol,
  • caffeine (0.3% per ml) and taurine.
  • Nicotine free
  • Sugar free
  • Calorie free

According to the manufacturers, Energy Shisha can boost your performance and keep tiredness and fatigue well at bay. Its ability to enhance sensory activity and increase alertness should certainly benefit students who are up all night studying for coursework (or out nightclubbing), and anyone on the graveyard shift who will appreciate a caffeine kick during break time.  It remains to be seen if Energy Shisha will catch the minds (pun intended) of coffee and energy drinkers, but it may have a wide reach considering the device is free of sugar and calories.

The Energy Shisha is available in many nightclubs and music venues throughout the United Kingdom. Expect to see them floating around an all-night dance floor near you. And it won’t just be the clubbers – DJs will no doubt find the devices handy as well as a fashion statement.

The question remains whether or not Energy Shishas will become as commonplace as electronic cigarettes. The energy drink industry has exploded in recent years, with more and more people relying on the quick caffeine hits to help them fight fatigue and conquer the night. The electronic cigarette continues to grow, fighting the regulatory bodies trying to capture the market for cigarettes whilst the energy drink market thunders on. Will the manufactures of e-cigs learn the lesson from the caffeine-hungry masses and jump on the Energy Shisha bandwagon?

This article was written and submitted by David Benjamin from Vape Club, an electronic cigarette brand, with view to becoming a online store for a wide range of e-cigs from individual disposables to fully kitted cig-a-likes starter kits and vaping paraphernalia in the United Kingdom.


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  1. slap_maxwell says

    I’ve always wondered how caffeine behaves when vaporized; in any event, here’s hoping the scumsucking politicians don’t go jabbering ape-shite about caffeine e-juice like they did with Four Loco, etc.

  2. slap_maxwell says

    Man, after this long week, I could use an energy boost right about now! lulz….

  3. Buy E shisha online says

    Thanks for sharing this article about “Can Energy Shisha Give the E-Cig World a Kick of Caffeine?” in these days shisha is top brands in smoking items. I like and smoke Apple and mint flavor mostly and left normal cigarette now. and this shisha is not effecting on health, therefore this is best for smoking and a fun in parties and other functions for youngsters.

  4. kelli perkins says

    The only one I had seen is great if you aren’t a coffee…drinker. If you are big on coffee you really don’t get the kick but its all good.

  5. kelliperkins says

    So has anyone gave it a try would love to see a good review on it.

  6. David from VapeClub says

    Slap_Maxwell: Unfortunately those with big pockets have the ears of our politicians. We will keep on fighting the cig fight here in the UK. Make sure you sign up to as many petitions as you can and vote every chance you get.

    buy eshisha online: Good for social situations. I learn this in Israel where it is very popular. Was surprised by the lack of understanding about nicotine and tar though. But certainly has better impact than smoking cigarettes for that matter.

    Kelliperkins: You can find them online either through the site or ebay. I think they are good but not sure about the buzz. I followed the instructions but others I know have goner passed recommended levels and say they loved it. I think I will check them out again soon.

  7. kelli perkins says

    Hmmm thanks I think Imight try one and use it before coffee in the am and just see 😛

  8. kelli perkins says

    Hmmm don’t know about ebay but I think I will look it up and give it a shot. Hey if I don’t like it…can always trade and share.

  9. Christian says

    I ordered two of them and while they taste a little bit like red bull, the flavor is not very good. It tastes like a can of red bull that’s been sitting out in the open for a week or two. As fara a the caffeine effect I could hardly notice it. Honestly seems more like a placebo

  10. VapeClub says

    Yes, they have been getting mixed reviews. I think they do remind me of an energy drink flavour, somewhat like a sugar-free version. The sugar equivalents taste different.

    As for the caffeine boost., again mixed bag. Some reviews I have seen have sworn by the effect and others question the effectiveness of vaping for soaking up the caffeine. The jury is out for the time being. My personal experience was good, but mellow. Way I like it. Someone looking for a more powerful kick could try their e juice.

    May take some refining the device before it catches the hearts of the public. (literally – in a good energy sort of way).

  11. kelli perkins says

    Well if it has a wicked flavor it would all be good think I will try it. After all if I need a kick I am a coffee hound. lol

  12. emily aaron says

    Generally Caffeine is a stimulant and it energies the body. Shisha pens uses the vaping technique and not smoking which means its free of tobacco. This vaping is said to enhance the sensory activity and added with caffeine proves to be really energetic!!!

  13. silvrcraze says

    If this actually worked count me in for a huge bottle of liquid caf!

  14. steffijude says

    Energy shisha makes the leisure activity more pleasurable. Their flavor and fragrance are too good to relieve a vaper from temporary stress and offers better relaxation.

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