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Common Arguments by the ANTZ heard at the NYC Counsel Meeting 12/4/2013

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On Wednesday, December 4, 2013, New York city had a hearing for a bill to include e-cigarettes (referred to as e-cigs) in the Clean Indoor Air Act which prohibits smoking in public places. Both sides were able to voice their opinion of the issue. Vaping celebrities, Russ Wishtart, host of “Click Bang” radio on Vaper’s Place, Greg Conley, and Jenee Fowler, known as “Vape Girl” on Youtube were present at the meeting. There were many vapers present in the audience to show support for vaping and opposition of the inclusion of e-cigs in the smoking ban. Yesterday, the council unanimously voted in favor of the bill. As vapers, we know vaping has improved our health. I have personally introduced friends and family to vaping, and all of them have said how much better they feel after converting from combustible tobacco to an e-cig. Jenee Fowler remarked that vaping in public has introduced her (and many smokers) to how effective e-cigs can be in their attempts to stop smoking and relapsing to combustible cigarettes. The Anti-Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots (referred to as ANTZ) have common arguments we need to address whenever a ban on e-cig use in public is placed in any of the state and local jurisdictions across the United States. You can view the entire hearing on Mandycat Campbell’s Youtube page. It is four hours long, so it’s divided into  five parts. You can find it here to watch in your leisure:

Throughout the entire hearing, seven points were continuously brought up by the ANTZ. These are the points with  rebuttals to their claim:

“We can’t trust the Tobacco Industry.”

A representative for Blu Ecigs, as well as Logic and NJoy brands testified at the meeting. Blu Ecigs was the only company that is part of the Tobacco Industry on the panel. NJoy and Logic are independent e-cig companies. ANTZ complain that advertisements mimic ads of combustible cigarettes, and BT are using these ads to peddle their products to youth. ANTZ claim this industry was started by BT to hook the children and adult non-smokers to a lifelong addiction to nicotine.

E-cigs were not part of the Tobacco industry until 2012 when Lorillard (makers of NewPorts) bought Blu Ecigs. E-cigs were invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, named Hon Lik, who invented it to help his father who was dying of lung cancer. E-cigs were first made available in the U.S. in 2009, which means this fledgling industry was created by smokers who wanted a way to enjoy the act of smoking without the harm. Big Tobacco (referred to as BT) started selling e-cigs when they saw their profits drop due to the increase in e-cig sales by smaller companies. In fact, RJ Reynolds has pushed several states to ban online sales, tax e-cigs, and require small businesses to get more licenses to sell their products in hopes to eliminate competition with the smaller businesses. The ANTZ are funded by Pharmaceutical companies (referred to as Big Pharma) that make traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy products. They do not disclose this fact in their statements. They know as e-cig usage rises, sales of these NRTs ( as well as fewer sin tax monies from states) will suffer. The Councilmen/Councilwomen and ANTZ are merely protecting their financial interests.

“…’s for the chiiiilllllldren!”

ANTZ claim that the variety of candy, fruit, and dessert flavors were made to attract children into a life long addiction to nicotine. They cite the recent CDC study which surveyed Middle and High School students usage of e-cigs found here:

What vapers and e-cig advocates point out is that the survey failed to mention whether the students were tobacco smokers before they started using an e-cig. The survey also failed to mention that it only studied the students who experimented with e-cigs, NOT habitual use. There were two male high school students who claimed that they have seen e-cigs being used in the classroom and hallways of their school and none of the teachers, principals, and staff have tried to stop them from using e-cigs on school grounds. They claimed that including e-cigs in the Clean Indoor Air Act would keep kids from using e-cigs. Vapers at the meeting expressed that laws will not stop teens from doing things they shouldn’t be doing, and it should be dealt with by school officials and parents of those teens, NOT the government.

“There’s not enough studies to determine the safety of e-cigs.”or “The FDA study shows there are trace amounts of Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNAs) present in the e-liquid and vapor.” or “There’s anti-freeze in e-liquid!”

E-cig advocates and vapers presented the council members with many studies which showed that the vapor emitted were not harmful to bystanders. You can find those studies on ECA’s blog by Klaus Kneale here. Vapers pointed out the false information in the press release the FDA made to the public. The e-cigs tested in the study were of only two companies and only 1 cartridge out of 17 found trace levels of diethylene glycol (or anti-freeze). Dr. Gilbert Ross from American Council on Science and Health, as well as, Dr. Michael Siegel from the Boston University School of Public Health said that the study was conducted using older technology and could not be replicated in later studies. Quotes by Dr. Michael Siegel, Dr. Thomas Eissenberg of Virginia Commonwealth University, and Dr. Igor Burstyn were also used regarding the efficacy and safety of e-cig usage. A letter to the NYC Council is posted on CASAA’s blog here.

“E-cigs will re-normalize smoking.”

Advocates cheered when VapeNY and Greg Conley said vaping will normalize NOT smoking. ANTZ referred to the AFLAC duck by saying, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must by a duck.” in reference to vaping looking like smoking. This suggests that the inclusion of e-cigs in the Clean Indoor Air Act goes beyond public health. It is to demonize e-cig users and smokers.

“It’ll be hard to enforce the smoking ban.”

Advocates stated that there is no side stream smoke, no ash, no smell (or short whiff of a pleasant smell), and the vapor dissipates quickly. There were three representatives in the hospitality industry (restaurant/bar owners and hotel managers) who said that e-cigs would greatly reduce the number of noise complaints from residents if e-cig users were allowed to use them inside. They explained that there would be a security issue if e-cig users were included in the smoking ban, because of the extra security they needed to search patrons going outside to vape and coming back inside to drink and socialize. Furthermore, the bar owners stated that it should be up to the owners discretion as to how they wanted to handle vaping in their establishments. One e-cig user even said that vapers would be able to vape indoors without anyone knowing just by holding their breath for 10 seconds after inhalation (also known as “stealth vaping”). As vapers blew plumes of vapor into the air, two councilmen stated that they noticed that the vapor disappeared quickly and it did smell pleasant.

“E-cigs are being used to smoke illegal substances.”

Advocates say it would be easy to tell if someone was using an illegal substance due to the smell of these illegal substances. Moreover, banning e-cigs just because some individuals are using e-cigs with illegal substances is insane. Marijuana smokers have used apples to smoke marijuana, yet apples have not been banned. Dr. Gilbert Ross also mentioned that a college roommate used to empty his Marlboro cigarettes and stuff marijuana into it, yet Marlboros have not been banned.

“E-cigs have been known to blow up.”

ANTZ stated two stories regarding a battery exploding 1) in a car and 2) in someone’s face. Advocates replied back that any product that uses Lithium-ion batteries have been known to explode. They cited cases where cell phones and laptops exploded due to user error. Basic battery care should be applied with any product that uses Lithium-ion batteries, including e-cigs.

While watching the hearing, I realized that, despite the opposition to e-cig use in public, vapers and the public health community (American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, and American Heart Association) both have a desire to protect people from the dangers of smoking. The public health community refuses to see it this way. They equate vaping to smoking. They continuously ignore anecdotal evidence, both by vapers themselves and non-vapers, as well as, studies conducted by large Universities and prominent physicians and scientists. They cling to the fact that if people quit smoking, they need to quit nicotine, too. ANTZ stated that the inclusion of e-cigs in the smoking ban in New Jersey reduced the number of smokers in New Jersey. As vapers, we know vaping has helped us from going back to combustible cigarettes. As more studies come out in favor of e-cigs, the ANTZ will deny the validity of these studies. It is imperative that we stay vigilant for any legislation that would impede our rights. I recommend all vapers to become a member of CASAA to help in fighting these bans and promoting public health.


SMOKTech ARO Pyrex BCC Clearomizer Review

October 3, 2013 by · 8 Comments 

I was pretty excited to see this device while trawling through madvape’s website, fellow babies — for one main reason.  And when the order arrived, I was excited to have them for a number of reasons.  So let’s kick the tires, as it were, and take a look at the Smoktech ARO Pyrex BCC, shall we?

SMOKTech ARO Pyrex Clearomizer

Yes, as you can see from the picture, this is a Kanger T3 form-factor BCC; and as some of you know, I was an early-adopter of the T3 and have continued to use them to this day along with the myriad other toppers I’ve acquired in this 2 1/2 years of vaping.  The main reason I did not hesitate to order some of these is simple. Pyrex! In a T3 form factor! Did I mention Pyrex?

I used (notice the past tense action, there, fellow babies) T3s for those times when hauling a bunch of Phoenix drippers and bottles of juice (or even Genesis-type atties) around is simply out of the question.  I never enjoyed the time I spent using cartos for the most part (or those nasty CE clearos) for many reasons.  So when the T3 appeared, it was the perfect tool for the job…the job being to deliver a convenient vape that holds a lot of juice that doesn’t leak while driving, walking, being busy at work, whatever.  Sadly, until now, that meant not being able to use certain juices in those circumstances because of etching, cracking or melting. Not anymore, fellow babies.  Did I tell you about the Pyrex?

So how does this thing compare to the latest iteration of the Kanger T3/M3?  To my surprise, it compares very well…in fact, in some aspects, the Smoktech ARO outshines the Kanger.  Since I compared the new T3 heads with the heads from the ARO (almost identical with extremely minor variation), the most glaring difference to me is probably the main reason:  the ARO coil and wick seems to be built way better than the Kanger counterparts.  They seem to use a 3mm wick instead of 2 or 2.5, and on the standard res head (2.4 ohm), I saw a perfect 9 wrap coil with closely-spaced wraps, complete with no-res legs leading right to the wick.  Maximum heat to the coil where it needs to be. It sports the same pair of 1 mm filler wicks otherwise.  On the Kanger T3 head I’m looking at that measures 2.5 ohm, I see a 6 wrap of much thinner wire with no-res wire that doesn’t go all the way up to the (thinner) wick.  Of course, I believe I mentioned the Pyrex tank, correct?

At this moment I’m vaping a 40/60 pg/vg DIY juice that isn’t easy for the Kanger T3 to deal with.  In the T3, I can only get away with vaping this sauce at 7.5 watts (with a primer puff every couple of toots) because the wicks can’t keep up if I go much higher, resulting in dry hits.  No such issue with the ARO; I’m vaping this at 8.5 watts and have yet to get a dry hit.  I went so far as to jack it up to 10 watts and was able to pull 3 consecutive back to back toots before getting a skanky dry hit.  The stock T3, as much as I like it, simply can’t deliver such action.  Vapor production is great for a BCC device and flavor is a noticable, if not drastic, step up from the Kanger.  The draw is airy — similar to the T3 — and so far, after one tank I’ve encountered no gurgles ot leaks.  Like the T3, it holds about 2.5 ml and you have no option of using your own mouthpiece, but that doesn’t bother me in the least, especially since, in case I forgot to mention, it’s a T3 form-factor with Pyrex.  The mouthpiece is, in fact, a metal chrome-plated job that is actually quite comfortable.

Wrap-up: the ARO rocks, fellow babies — nice clouds and tasty vape-age, plain and simple.  I ran another ARO with 70/30 PG/VG at 9 watts without ever getting a dry hit the entire tank.  As far as the physics of how these BCC devices work, (negative pressure keeping the juice from running out the bottom) you will likely encounter the occasional bit of bottom leakage & gurgling if going from a very cool room to the hot out-of-doors or if you let the juice level get below about the 1/5 mark or so, just like the Kangers.  For me, though, the fact I finally have a T3 style device with a Pyrex tank is awesome.  The somewhat better performance is just icing on the cake.  Get yourself a few of these bad boys and forget about tank-cracking forever. $7.99 at madvapes; replacement heads are $1.49 each. Note there are two versions of the ARO; one is Pyrex, one is not.  Make sure you order the correct one and rock on, citizens!

Smoke Without Fire

April 23, 2013 by · 14 Comments 

I ran across this little video and thought i should share. ECIGbans are going around the states, sometimes we forget that they are also going on around the world. this little video is about “A documentary to find the truth about e-cigarettes.”  when one person in the video said, this is the future, i just think he summed up ecigs for me. and we all started different times and reasons,  but i feel for those of us who do vape agree with him.  Here is a link I recommend going there, but feel free to watch the two videos first, but i guess you dont have to.  Here is there Facebook group if you miss it in the video

Honestly when i read “The “Smoke without Fire” documentary project will create a series of short films that explore both sides of this fascinating phenomena called VAPING…” i was hooked, and hope we get to see it in the near future. so here is the link right to the video:


also check out the youtube video they made, little differnt, but about the project etc. these two are great videos. Enjoy:

Smoke without fire: Our Story Part 1

some of you might notice a familiar face. lets give them our support!

P.S. i tried to put the videos up but apparently im able to due to their size

Vape Strong


Vaping has become an addiction all on it’s own. LOL

April 16, 2013 by · 23 Comments 

I recently started vaping again since having a bad run in a few years back with a store bought E-CIG. Needless to say there are thousands of more products on the market today than there was a few years ago. Now you have choices between mechanical and Variable Voltage.  Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Plus there are so many to chose from regarding size, height and just about everything else you could imagine. I personally like the Ego when I am fishing because if I happen to drop it in the water I won’t be disappointed.

My goal is to have 20 Mechanical and 20 Variable Voltage by the end of the year. To me it’s like collecting and who knows what the value of some of these will be in the future. I promised myself that I would budget this like I do everything else from bills to monthly spending money, but it is tough to do when you run across a co-op and can save over 90% from a product.

I am also getting into the RBA’s and will be making my own coils and more than likely my own MOD’s. There is actually a lot of money to be saved when you can build your own things especially coils. When clearo’s and such start costing over a $1.50 a piece it makes sense to build your own coils for your tanks or drippers for pennies on the dollar versus shelling out the cost and shipping fee’s.

Anyways, my name is Chris and I am a VAPOHOLIC!


Smoking, The Changing Landscape

March 20, 2013 by · 26 Comments 

Smoking has gone digital. This is going to have effects reaching all over the place that I’m going to blog about here. Originally written in Oct 2012

First of all, you have the public perception. E-cigs look like a real cigarette. I’ve already been told on a plane that I can’t use my electronic cigarette on the plane even though the e-cig companies advertise you can smoke virtually anywhere, including on a plane and in the airport. I have since just gone in the bathroom on the plane, and it doesn’t set off the smoke detector. No big deal right? The other day I walked into a grocery store with my south beach smoke and the security guard told me “there is no smoking in here sir”. Well duh, yeah, and there hasn’t been for what, 20 years? I told him I wasn’t smoking, showed him the e-cig, he smiled, and continued on my way. He tracked me down and wanted to see it, smiling, saying he was just curious what it was. I use my south beach smoke in the office, it has no odor, and everyone has become accustomed to it. I love being able to “smoke” at my desk and walk around the office with it in my mouth or hand. I think as this new way of “smoking” because more popular, eventually it is going to be banned in places where smoking is prohibited. Why? Because there is one in every crowd. Someone is bound to complain, and people are going to whine they don’t know what is in the vapor and are concerned it is harmful to them even though there is no harm to the environment or surrounding people.

A little sidebar to the “no smoking” bit here is now we have gone from e-cigs with a choice of nicotine strength and menthol or non, to vaping from larger devices with ENDLESS flavor choices! While the e-cigs are virtually odorless, these new juices come in everything from pumpkin pie to peach champagne. And with all these flavors comes the odors, while pleasant, they certainly bring more attention to the vaper. Non smokers have been pushing smokers to the curb for decades, now to see us “smoking” indoors again? Some are just not going to have it regardless of how safe we say it is. Some may forget about it, since the vapor quickly disappears and has no odor, but to be reminded of it with an odor off and on, they are going to start second guessing how “safe” it is. trust me.

As more and more people ditch tobacco for a healthier way to get their nicotine fix, the government is going to be losing some serious money. The government is not going to like this, already having planned on spending this tax money and you can bet your first born the government WILL find a way to tax electronic cigarettes, e-juice, and accessories.

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Thoughts on wattage/voltage control

February 14, 2013 by · 31 Comments 

Well, its been awhile since I have had time to sit and do a whole lot of anything vape related.  I thought maybe I would share my thoughts on the topic of control.  Namely the control we have over how we vape.

Some of you know that there are several converts where I work, it’s a production plant and there are a lot of smokers(and now a growing number of vapers).  Most are using blu, green smoke, jasper and jasper or some other cig-a-like, but there are a few using v2’s and ego twists if I got to em before they purchased theirs.  I get asked a lot of questions at work about how they can improve their vape, and I mean A LOT….

So with the understanding that they may not be able to go out and buy a (new) PV right now, I try and help em make what they have work. With the cig-a-likes its hard but there are several pointers I give that help em, and it works for them. But when its all said and done I tell them they have to make a choice, either

a) get a decent pv(ego type batteries may not be the prettiest thing in the world but they get the job done cheaply)

b) find a different way to quit if that is your goal.

c) keep smoking…. this option is not what they want to hear, but options a and b will save them money and their life, not with out taking time and effort though. So its up to them what they want to do, if the cig a like works then great, but I can’t turn crap to gold 😛

So with the twist and spinner guys it turns into getting good atty’s and showing them how to take care of their devices.  It’s pretty easy with these guys, most of em have been trying to quit for years and have the drive to do it just need someone to show them how to get the most of out of the equipment.

And now finally I get to the topic I wanted to start with.

How do you control your vape? Do you like to be able to tweak your voltage/wattage on the fly? Do you like to spend a little more time to setup but in the end have a setup that can not be tweaked easily and really doesn’t need it?

I, personally, carry a couple pv’s to work that are pretty much locked in to what I enjoy through the day.  I enjoy 11 – 15 watts with quick heating coils(low resistance), so with a mech mod I’m looking at about 1 ohm on my coil. that works for me.

I’ve sat with people vaping and watched em do a little tweak there, then a little tweak here, here a tweak, there a tweak, everywhere a tweak tweak….oh wait we’re not on a farm right?  I don’t remember being like that 9 months or so ago when I started vaping, maybe I was and I just didn’t notice it.  Anyway the point is. Do we start out as tweakers and (hopefully) end up where I am, that is a person knowing what works for them and not needing to do on the fly adjustments?

Even with using my Provari or my eVic or a kicked device I don’t adjust em much. I find the voltage I want and they stay there, only bonus I gain from em is a regulated vape(which in it self is awesome).

So are you a tweaker or have you found a nice steady vape?


How to easily build a Variable Voltage Dual 18650 Wood Mod

February 5, 2013 by · 34 Comments 

As promised. Here is a tutorial for building a VV wood mod. Using a OKR-T 6 amp switching regulator, Voltage display and dual 18650 batteries. This one will be referencing back to the other tutorial I posted before for the Majority of the basic build. So If you have not read it (What the heck is wrong with you ) here is a link to that post.

How to easily build an Inexpensive 3.7 volt Wood Mod

It may Seem very large and complicated to some people. But if you give it a try I think you will be very happy with the performance.

Here is what we are building


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Spooky Reviews – Corrupted Conversations “To RBA or not RBA??”

January 4, 2013 by · 37 Comments 

They see me buildin, they be hatin....

Dream, A7 in Black Chrome, AGA-T w/ glass tank on a chrome TEC Mod, Pegasus, Phoenix, DID w/ glass tank a U-Can ready to roll.

Wires, wicks, mesh, gauge size, wrapping, oxidizing…..oh my god man! Seriously?? I have to do all that? Putting that teeny tiny wire through that little hole. Making a wick that is mesh wrapped around silica. That’s right folks I speak of the world of rebuild-able atomizers, or RBAs. I myself…..I freaking love them. I was scared getting into them. So, I just dove right in. I had great teachers and it isn’t that hard. Many will tell you to start with a Phoenix. I say start with an A7. Mine is that black chrome one there. I got it from Empire Mods, it is straight 510 threaded on the bottom and it has an adjustable center pin. The work area is far more open than a Phoenix. Yes you are going to pay more for an A7, but you will find your RBA/Dripping experience much more enjoyable. The Dream, on the far left is a good little RBA, it has 3 air holes and a spinner that acts as a choke. I really dig it. It’s straight 510 threaded. The Pegasus is a nice RBA, its 510 threaded on the bottom but comes with a little metal skirt to hide your connections and make your PV even that much more chromed out. It is pretty much just an A7.

However maybe you would like to try your hand at tank style RBAs after you’ve gotten the hang of making a coil. On the the right is a DID, the tank on it is glass because I vape a lot of Pluid in that one. The one on the TEC mod is an AGA-T. Both usually have steel mesh wicks in them, sometimes I unroll my mesh wick once it is prepared and place a silica wick on the inside of it.

So once you have found the RBA you like, for me an A7. Youve found a device, I like the TEC mod, you gotta have some juice. Shit has to match, so I give you the U-Can. Keyring, Stainless, Excellent Threads, holds 10mls of juice, plunger bottom, rubber inside to protect needle tip. I like it. I have heard it may leak from the bottom for now works as it should though. It is however normal for it to drip when you turn it upside down and not press the button. No it isn’t heavy enough to “press its self”.

So get into RBAs if you have given it thought. Don’t be scared. All you need is the RBA some wick or mesh  and some wire. RBAs are very fun for me. I am so glad I received my first one from my Jedi Master. I being the Padawan decided to get fully into them and I hope you have as well now!

Vaping in Public…Dealing with Confrontations.

January 2, 2013 by · 29 Comments 

I can understand that some of us don’t want to be bothered while we are vaping. There are also those of us that are just shy or haven’t quite gotten over the hump and think that vaping is just another way of smoking. Some of us think that vaping in public will somehow hurt the “cause”. For the life of me I do not understand that line of thinking. My feeling is that if we hide or seem ashamed of what we are doing and let the government and the media and big pharma control the debate, there will be no “cause” left to hurt. For the public to truly understand they need to see it and get testimony from us first hand.

My previous blog presented a situation involving someone (John) who was vaping while walking through a mall. A lady (Jane) who was upset with him because she assumed that he was smoking confronted him and told him that smoking was not allowed in the mall. John was doing nothing wrong and made the choice to ignore this confrontation and moved on. That is a shame. I wish that he had taken a few minutes to explain to her what he was really doing. This type of encounter presents a golden opportunity to dispel all of the lies and misinformation about electronic cigarettes and convey the positive aspects of vaping. In the process it is quite possible that he could have converted a potential naysayer into an advocate that just might create a whole new group of advocates herself. And we need every advocate we can find.

I have had this type of confrontation myself and with very few exceptions I have had great success in turning the encounter into a transformation for the person who was upset. Many times I will find out that even if they don’t smoke themselves they know someone who does and would love to help that person to quit smoking. Take this advice for what it’s worth…the opinion of one man…here is an example of what I would do in a situation like this.

First of all I am going to assume that anyone who confronts me in this manner hates smoking and that they have no idea what vaping is really about. There is something else that this individual does not know…I hate smoking just as much, if not more, than they do. That is a huge advantage in turning a negative confrontation into a positive and even a sympathetic conversation. It’s a stunner and completely unexpected. Now no one wants to feel ignorant after making a false accusation and I do not want this individual to feel uncomfortable about his or her mistake. I want to let them know up-front that I am not an adversary…I am on their team and I want them on mine. I want to convey the message that I have had a lifelong struggle with smoking and great deal of experience in trying to quit and the best way I have found to accomplish that is Vaping.

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