Burnin’ Down The House

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By Rich Peirce

Earlier this year, a young man sat on his front porch enjoying a cigarette before going to bed for the night. As part of his nightly ritual, he flicked his cigarette butt away after inhaling his last drag. The next thing the young man remembers was being awakened by his father, a local police captain, and carried to safety outside. The father re-entered the house to save his 2 daughters and wife. The coroner said all 4 died from breathing smoke and carbon monoxide.

Located in Hawaii, on the island of Maui, lies the Kula Forest Reserve. At an elevation of 6,200 feet and situated in a fog belt, this forest’s natural beauty has led many to describe it as a magical, misty forest. In 2007, a fire raged for 7 days and destroyed close to 2,300 acres of land. The fire was traced to a cigarette butt, which had been improperly disposed.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, upwards of 90,000 fires in the United States alone are caused by cigarettes. Because of these fires each year we see 900 people die, 2,500 injuries and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damages. The question one must ask here is, why?

Why would someone put themselves or their family at risk? Why would someone risk burning down their home or, even worse, their neighborhood? Why would someone put nature and its innocence at risk? They do it for a stimulant. They do it for nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternate way to consume nicotine. Switching to an electronic cigarette will not only prevent the scenarios mentioned above, it will save you thousands of dollarsimprove your health, and keep you from being outcast by society. E cigs are similar to tobacco cigarettes in appearance, but the similarities end there. There is no smoke, therefore there is no fire or combustion needed. A mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water, flavoring and nicotine is heated via a battery-powered coil to a temperature where the nicotine and flavoring are vaporized. A smoker, or vaper, inhales this and the body absorbs nicotine. There are no ashes, staining of the fingers or teeth, nor is there harmful second-hand smoke.

The physical switch to e cigs is the easy part. They are designed to look and feel like a tobacco cigarette. Some models offer a soft tip that imitates a filter, and most brands have an end with an orange LED that lights up when the nicotine is being inhaled. Smokers have trouble escaping the psychological habits and patterns associated with cigarettes. There are very few, if any, reasons to stay loyal to tobacco cigarettes. Smokers should invite their friends to a restaurant or pub and have an open discussion about the pros and cons of switching. Keep in mind there is a high probability you are not allowed to light up there.


Rich is a writer with White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, covering e cig industry news and developments.  Contact Rich:  [email protected]  Facebook.com/whitecloudcigarettes. Twitter.com/wccigs

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  1. tiffjamesnjj says

    i think that most of us who have switched, forgot about the firehazard that these little thingies possess.

  2. MorrinB says

    Years ago, I had a boyfriend almost burn our house down because he forgot to put out a cigarette completely and left it burning in an overfull ashtray. We were lucky I saw the flame before it had a chance to spread or we probably would have lost everything. Smoking is way more dangerous than just to your health. It amazes me every day that it took me as long as it did to give up cigarettes.

  3. saboinia says

    burning down the house is a fear of mine…..so glad i do nott have to worry about it anymore

  4. Johnathan Brown says

    They are totally dangeorus. Back when i was a smoker there was multiple times where i actually fell asleep WHILE smoking because i was intoxicated. Could have turned into a disastrous event. The worst thing that i could do now is fall asleep with my gennie and have my juice run out of it 🙁

  5. Anthony Delahoussaye says

    Leaves a scary thought in my mind..

  6. expshady says

    Cool article

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