Brick and Mortar Stores

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If you’re as much of a nerd as I am, you spend a LOT of time browsing the internet for good bargains… especially when it comes to vaping. I bought my first PV from a tobacco store several months ago and ended up paying double for a Joyetech Ego C Twist. Since then, I’ve almost exclusively bought online to avoid getting ripped off again.

But when Nashville Vapor opened up in Nashville, I was pleasantly surprised by how often I was at the store. I end up paying a few dollars more with everything I buy, but the community is worth it.

And let’s be honest. Getting started in the vaping world can be intimidating. Nobody wants to spend several hours researching when they can easily light a cigarette and watch Family Guy again.

So let’s support our Brick and Mortar stores. Not just for our vaping friends, but also as a way to bring in new vapers.

If you don’t know of a store near you, you can check PBusardo’s site for locations.


If you know of a store that isn’t on the site, contact him and let him know!

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  1. Flux83 says

    Great idea

  2. slap_maxwell says

    Amen. I don’t mind the extra couple of bucks it might cost me for stuff at my B&Ms; I’m not paying shipping, I’m not stalking a mailman like a whimpering dog, and I get to use what I bought right then and there. All bonus!

  3. bybees3 says

    VaporKings is the closest to me. Of course, they are also online. They are one of those that is usually more expensive than most, but 1 out of every 10-15 things is cheaper.

  4. slap_maxwell says

    The more brick & mortar stores open, the cheaper things will become due to the competition. There are a number of B&Ms in the Central Florida area; many just opened in the past few months, and already I’ve seen a downward tick in prices. Good news, at least for me. 🙂

  5. RCO67 says

    I agree ninjanp and while I am most definitely a bargain shopper, I do support brick and mortars as often as I can.
    BTW, I want to say welcome to ECA. Did you know that you were the 3000th member to register on ECA? Well you were/are 🙂 Glad to have you here and contributing.

  6. Canderson180 says

    Great advice, I paid $100 for my eCo-C starter kit with just plain 650mAh batteries. I wish I had known to trust online vendors.

  7. tiffany says

    the sad thing is having a REAL B&M is few and far between from me, there are 2! each is 200+ miles but sadly the REAL ripoffs i.e. the mall ones are more abundant, and the mall ones here don’t even sell fake egos… yes if there where more stores around i would shop there…

  8. NinjaNP says

    I agree, mall vendors really get angry! I wish those guys would stop trying to cash in on the vaping bandwagon.

    Wow, 3000th member? I’m honored!

  9. slap_maxwell says

    These mall shysters are the worst. I wonder how many potential vapers have been turned off from vaping by being gouged for crap kit and went back to the chokes? Sad….

  10. ManuDawg says

    Nashville Vapor is a great online vendor and their B&M looks really nice. Here in So Cal there are a lot of B&Ms so it really takes away the possibility of someone opening a small start up. If any ECA Members are in an area that needs a B&M maybe it could be you who starts one up! I like to visit my local B&Ms for at least 1/4 to 1/3 of my purchases and I love that I can refer smokers interested in Vaping or new Vapers I set up with kits to the nearest B&M.

  11. MrsCasey says

    I love having so many local B&Ms and I try to support a few of them whenever possible. I look forward to the day when ecig shops out number tobacco shops.

  12. Mike says

    Very cool list. They missed a few jersey ones. But whatever. Not many are good. Bloog is in jersey though, an they do allow walk ins at their warehouse spot.

  13. sandi says

    AW I wish there were stores near me 🙁

  14. slap_maxwell says

    Support your local B&M stores!

  15. kelli perkins says

    Have you seen how they are shutting many of them down now slap?

  16. kelli perkins says

    Just starting to get some stores near me. The one in Ashland i couldn’t find a juice I liked. Shared some i had with me and they wanted to know company it was from…Bet they look up Hella vapor lol

  17. justine says

    The Lexington ky store is awesome. A company that I have used online. So glad to see more opening up.

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