About the Community Blog

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The Ecig Advanced Community blog is designed to give you, our members, a better way to share information about e-cigarettes. In blog format, your content is more accessible to search engines and passing readers.More importantly, the great content created by our members can be shared where it belongs, on the front page of the site. On top of that, the blogging format allows our best producers from the community to really shine and get much deserved credit for their actions.

On this page you’ll find a quick description of how the blog works, how to use it, the general rules, as well as advice on blogging and topics.

How it Works

-You may log into the Ecig Advanced Community blog using your Forums username and password (provided you have logged in once in the past week or so)

-You can begin posting immediately. When your post is approved and published, you will receive 15 points towards top contributor status.

-If we select your post to run on the homepage of the site, we’ll give you bonus points.

-The net result: Ecig Advanced becomes an even better place for vapers to learn and share information.

How to use the Community Blog

 Some Ground Rules

 – Posts of very poor quality (incoherent, extremely short or full of errors) or bearing no relevance whatsoever to e-cigarettes or vaping will not be published and the member will not receive any points towards Rewards store items.

 –  All posts must be the author’s original work though quoting and paraphrasing sources are encouraged as long as sources are cited and do not constitute the majority of the post.

 – In addition, Ecig Advanced may refuse to publish a post for any reason and reserves the right to delete a post for any reason.

 – Any posts containing excessive linking for obvious advertising or search engine optimization value will not be published.

Please do not repost content you have previously posted in the Forums as this can cause problems for the site. If you’d like to use your previous content for blog posts, please contact us and link us the post you would like to re-use.



Anything related to vaping is permitted. Whether it be vaping news, reviews, commentary, opinion, it is all allowed with us. Even if your topic is only related to vaping through analogy or comparison, that’s okay too. A simple litmus test for your topic is asking “Will this offer any value to a person interested in e-cigarettes or learning more about them?”. Of course you can always contact us and ask before you write.


Community Blog Guidelines

WordPress has a great wealth of resources including this introduction to blogging with WordPress. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, but your answer may be located faster with a quick search of the WordPress site or a Google search of WordPress + the question.

– Please write quality posts and refrain from posting very short or low value posts in an effort to gain points. If your post is less than about 250 words, considering expanding your ideas to make for a better post.

– Images are a great, but too many, too large or irrelevant images will take away from the message of your post. Please don’t use any images with a width or height greater than 500 pixels, or re-size them using WordPress’ built in tools. See WordPress’ guide to using images in posts.

– As mentioned above, if you’d like to post content you have already posted in the Forums, please contact us and link us the post you would like to re-use in the Community Blog so we can avoid creating any technical problems for the site.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

We welcome them! Please use our Contact Us form or message Brad or Kevin on the Forums with any of the above. All feedback is deeply appreciated.



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