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I was sent an A7 atomizer for review to be published in the monthly newsletter of my friend Les Garrett’s e-cig store in the UK. Thought I’d put it here as well for grins (altered slightly to remove too many store specific details and to reflect dollar costs vs pound) but left UK spellings ’cause I’m lazy.


Before wandering into this review, it should be known that I am and always have been a hard-core dripper. Once I knew anything at all about vaping, dripping was my delivery method of choice. It was as close to mainlining nicquid as you could get; full bore all-over-your-taste-buds flavor, massive plumes of vapor and a satisfying smirk for the people who were blowing out little wisps from their tea-bag mod cartridges or cursing some burnt carto taste. But before going off the rails in another direction entirely, let’s get back to business. Les was kind enough to send me an A7 dripping atomizer for purposes of review. In exchange, all I had to do was regale you newsletter subscribers with its alleged awesomeness and either help push these babies off the shelf or cause Les to have to eat the cost and toss ’em out. So let’s see which way the wind is gonna blow, fellow babies….

What It Is

The A7 is a rebuildable atomizer meant for dripping. This means that when the coil pops you don’t have to toss the bugger out; you either build a new coil and wick or buy a pre-made, install it, and continue vaping. This also means you can’t blame Boge, Joye, Bauway, Kanger, or whoever else might have built your 510 or 901 or Other Type of atomizer in the past. If it sucks, it’s on you. There’s a slight learning curve to making your own wick and coils, but that’s for someone else to tell you about. I’ll assume that you’ve already researched rebuildables or perhaps have even done it already.

This atomizer is a three piece unit much like the Phoenix…a coil base, a cover tube and a drip-tip. I’m taking Les at his word that these are totally stainless steel (except for the Delrin drip tip it came with), as I didn’t want to ruin the sleek appearance by scratching or gouging it to see what might be underneath. It does, however, fell solid, has a bit of heft to it and looks very well made.

The atomizer base is 510 threaded and features two connector posts as well as a centre-positioned  air-tube. This means, unlike the Phoenix, you can presumably use this with a bottom feeder mod; it also means, unlike the Phoenix, if you overfill the thing juice will leak out the bottom connector onto your battery.

How It Works

The unit came with a wick and coil preinstalled; the coil was placed at an angle between the connection posts sitting right above the air-tube. The ends of the wick were placed into the small “cup” of the base. The coil resistance of the test unit measured 2.02 ohms on my Fluke DMM. Before vaping, I screwed the base onto a Twist set at 3.2 volts, dropped some juice onto the coil and checked for hot spots. All was well, so I jacked up the voltage to 3.6 volts and burned off the liquid , repeating three or four times to burn off any funk that might be on the coil and/or wick. Finally I screwed the cover on, dripped about 10 drops of Sweet Caroline into the thing and commenced vaping.

At 4.1 volts the taste of the juice seemed clean and without any weird funkiness. The vapor was outstanding; what’s nice about this atomizer compared to the Phoenix is that you don’t have to putz around trying to line up the air-hole of the cover assembly with the coil. That also means, of course, if you want to jack up the throat hit a bit by offsetting the air-hole slightly from the coil, tough luck. However, this was of no concern to me as everything was perfect (I am not a big throat hit kinda guy). It screwed on and worked just like it says on the tin with every 510 device I had…Twists, Spinners, Silver Bullet, eGo C batteries and even an old box mod I made myself about a year ago.

While having a coil base ever so slightly bigger than the Phoenix, this is still a small little beastie which will require Good Eyes or magnification…maybe both — and great dexterity — to rebuild. However it isn’t all the hard to do. I took the old coil and wick out, made a new one with cotton wick and Bob’s your uncle; I was back to vaping in about 4 minutes. Sadly, I do not own a bottom feeder mod with which to test its effectiveness in such a mode of operation.

Bottom Line

This is a very nice looking unit; not quite as plain-Jane looking as a Phoenix, and performs just as well; some might say better due to the fact it has the potential for bottom-feeder use. As far as vapour, taste and ease-of-rebuilding goes, it’s great on all counts. I did notice that when dripping straight down into the thing that juice would usually fall into the centre air-tube and get on the battery connector — but such is the nature of any open center post designed atomizer.

All-in-all, this is an outstanding dripping atomizer that will hold about 10-12 drops of juice without leaking if you’re careful. For $25 or so after shipping from Your Vendor of Choice, there’s no good reason to deprive yourself of this bad little fella.

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  1. saboinia says

    kewl where can i get one and will it work with my ego battery???

  2. The Crooked One says

    Great review Slap….

  3. Kristina Pennell says

    Nice review

  4. mongrel says

    Nice review, I’ve heard good things about the A7. These dripping RBA’s are certainly money well spent for the quality vapor they produce.

  5. dino perris says

    I’ve had one for over a month now & I love the clean
    hit it gives you. The ht is a little airy so basically you
    don;t need to really inhale as hard as the visions or vivi novas. It has a small learning curve, but with the right patience it’s not that hard. Overall great buy.

  6. zorbathgreek says

    I’ve had one for over a month now & I love the clean
    hit it gives you. The ht is a little airy so basically you
    don;t need to really inhale as hard as the visions or vivi novas. It has a small learning curve, but with the right patience it’s not that hard. Overall great buy. TY

  7. muertala says

    I’m personally not a dripper, but this was a very good review, thanks slap_maxwell

  8. Cherryblosom says

    I have been thinking of getting one of these. Thanks alot for the review. &)

  9. Sgtpandybear says

    I don’t think I like the idea of juice leaking all over my battery.

  10. slap_maxwell says

    It doesn’t if you’re careful to drip down the side of the atty cover instead of straight down. Even then, it’s just a little bit. No major flooding to report! 🙂

  11. GhOsT DoGg 79 says

    Great review…you did it justice, I’m glad you liked it.

  12. slap_maxwell says

    I’m assuming I get to keep it. 🙂 It is a great little atty.

  13. Lincoln Pennell says

    I’m not Familiar with all this but willing to learn

  14. Chad says

    Can’t wait to get into something like this! Great review.

  15. Chad says

    So, do you like the Phoenix or the A7 better?

  16. Anthony says

    thanks for the information~

  17. mrcrunch08 says

    Nice review, I haven’t got into the world of dripping yet but have wanted to try it. I think I might have to order one.

  18. robowvape says

    still too stocked up on supplies to be able to justify ordering new toys like this to try out… someday, though…

    you said it can be used as a bottom feeder… that’s like a tank you screw it on top of right?

  19. Johnathan Brown says

    Awesome review slap. You don’t review near as much as you should 🙂 Thanks bro.

  20. Anthony says

    Thanks slap. 😀

  21. Courtney says

    Thanks, id like to try something like that. dripping seems to be the way to go.

  22. Donald Hammond says

    Great review. Love the A7 on my Bottom feeding Reo!

  23. Sylvie says

    i keep seeing you mention this A7 on forum and although i love the phoenix rba’s, i now really want to get a bottom feeding MOD just so i can get this A7 rba!! i will be blaming my next i must get MOD even though i do not need one on you and this A7 lol . thanks for the review on it 🙂

  24. Anne Fincher says

    Thanks Your reviews are always clear and precise. Very educational.

  25. Karla Lyle (MsV8PR) says

    I love my A7. Great review.

  26. slap_maxwell says

    I’ll take the heat for you Sylvie! 🙂

  27. ghostdogg says

    I have 3 now lol

  28. imtheboss says

    Is the a 7 THAT good?

  29. Chuck says

    Nice review, definitely looking into one.

  30. tech says

    It’s exhausting to seek out knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you understand what you’re talking about! Thanks

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